Foreword: Legacy Hall of Fail 2.0

Generation One: The Age of Dewchebags
1.1 A Most Inospishus Beginning
1.2 Bachillerz 4 Lyfe
1.3 Evrybuddy Luvs Tewl
1.4 Broez Over Hoez
1.5 Da Betrayull
1.6 Identitee Crysus
1.7 Partay Rockerz in da Howse
1.8 Angellz ‘n’ Demunz
1.9 Glitchiffy!
1.10 Da Retern of Da Flayme
1.11 Goin’ Nowhurr Fast
1.12 Boyz Will B Boyz
1.13 Altur Egoez
1.14 Wildurness Esplorerz
1.15 Waffulmageddun
1.16 A Nyte 2 Rememburr

Generation Two: The Age of Warriors
2.1 Rising from the Ashes
2.2 Revenge of the Vaccinator
2.3 The Last Hurrah
2.4 Romeo’s Quest
2.5 The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors
2.6 Lancelot the Brave
2.7 The Darkling’s Crusade
2.8 Journey to the Fire Nation
2.9 Blood Allies
2.10 There Can Be Only One

Generation Three: The Age of Adventures
3.1 Terra Incognita
3.2 Gung Ho
3.3 Aficionados
3.4 Au Naturel
3.5 Mi Casa es su Casa
3.6 Les Nouveaux Riches
3.7 Al Fresco
3.8 Schadenfreude
3.9 Folie à Deux
3.10 Deus Ex Machina
3.11 Hasta la Vista
3.12 Ultima Ratio
3.13 Hakuna Matata
3.14 Eureka!

Generation Four: The Age of the Enchanted Dollhouse
4.1 Come Play with Me
4.2 There’s a Snake in My Boot!
4.3 Bake Your Cake and Eat It Too
4.4 Make Him Better or Get the Buzzer
4.5 Mrs. White in the Library with the Pipe
4.6 Makin’ Things with Light
4.7 Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Party
4.8 Taste the Explosion
4.9 I Love You, You Love Me, We’re a Happy Family
4.10 It Always Comes Back to You
4.11 I Am Mrs. Nesbitt
4.12 My Baby All Gone
4.13 Oh Boy, That Tickles!
4.14 Sing Me to Sleep
4.15 Gotta Catch’Em All!
4.16 Bop It
4.17 Robots in Disguise
4.18 To Infinity and Beyond

Generation Five: The Age of Contradictions
5.1 The Living Dead
5.2 Trouble in Paradise
5.3 Procrastinate Now
5.4 Accidentally on Purpose
5.5 Bittersweet
5.6 The Perfect Storm
5.7 When Hell Freezes Over
5.8 Lukewarm Enthusiasm
5.9 Well-Preserved Ruins
5.10 Alone Together
5.11 Anarchy Rules
5.12 Crash Landing
5.13 Simply Brilliant
5.14 Tentative Conclusion

Generation Six: The Age of Always Sleeping
6.1 Wake Me Up When September Ends
6.2 Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?
6.3 No Rest for the Wicked
6.4 Once Upon a Nightmare
6.5 They All Rolled Over and One Fell Out
6.6 Rockabye Baby
6.7 Boulevard of Broken Dreams
6.8 No Sugar Tonight in My Coffee
6.9 Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?
6.10 No Sleep Till Brooklyn
6.11 Don’t Blame It on the Moonlight
6.12 Beds Are Burning
6.13 Lazy Hazy Crazy
6.14 Enter Sandman

Generation Seven: The Age of Beep Boop
7.0 Quinnspiracy Decoded: A Prologue
7.1 I’m a teapot
7.2 Forbidden
7.3 Switching Protocols
7.4 Loop Detected
7.5 Temporary Redirect
7.6 Upgrade Required
7.7 Blocked by Parental Controls
7.8 This is fine
7.9 Checkpoint
7.10 Early Hints
7.11 Login Time-out
7.12 Continue
7.13 Use Proxy
7.14 Insufficient Storage
7.15 Payload Too Large
7.16 Enhance Your Calm
7.17 Multiple Choices
7.18 Conflict
7.19 Site is frozen
7.20 No Content
7.21 Too Many Requests
7.22 Permanent Redirect
7.23 Service Unavailable
7.24 Processing
7.25 Retry With
7.26 OK

Super Special #1: Exiled
Super Special #2: Vendetta
Super Special #3: Inferno
Super Special #4: Lovers
Super Special #5: Satisfaction

Generation Eight: The Age of Vampirates
8.0 The Life that Almost Was
8.1 Weigh Anchor and Hoist the Mizzen!
8.2 No Prey, No Pay
8.3 Shiver Me Timbers!
8.4 Blow the Man Down
8.5 Shark Bait, Ooh Ha Ha!
8.6 Give No Quarter
8.7 Drink Up, Me Hearties
8.8 Parley

Generation Nine: The Age of Curtain Calls
9.1 The Last Beginning
9.2 The Last Straw
9.3 The Last Unicorn
9.4 The Last Melon
9.5 The Last-Ditch Effort
9.6 The Last Goodbye

Encore Part 1: The Scorecard
Encore Part 2: Tales of Gen. 10
Encore Part 3: ???
Encore Part 4: The Ultimate Langurd
Encore Part 5: Final Thoughts

Heir Polls:
2: When Democracy Fails (Results)
3: Heir Poll, Round Two! (Poll)   And the Oscar goes to…  (Results)
4: Choose Your Poison (Poll)    Drum Roll, Please (Results)
5: Langurd Wars Episode V: Attack of the Face Clones (Poll)    Mmmm, pie. (Results)
6: Civil War: Generation Six Heir Poll (Poll)    The Ultimate Showdown (of Ultimate Destiny)    (Tiebreaker) Disaster Has Struck (Results)
7: Wake Me Up When It’s All Over: An Impossible Heir Poll (Poll)    Here at the End of All Things: The Big Heir Reveal (Results)
8: Recalculating: A Long-Awaited Heir Poll (Poll)     Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Fun! (Results)
9: Mutiny! THE LAST HEIR POLL  (Poll)     So you have chosen… (Results)

3: Langurd Birthday Bash Extravaganza! Part One
    Langurd Birthday Bash Extravaganza! Part Two
4: The Great Langurd Olympics (a.k.a. Not a Birthday)
5: Celebrating Five Years of Langurd: The Official Half-Decade Hepathlon
6: Happy 6th Birthday + Name My New PC!
7: Seven Years of Slacking
8: The Worst Birthday
9: The Great Langurd Psychoanalysis (Not Another Birthday…)
A Decade of Langurd: We’re All Langurds Here (feat. Quiz!)

House Tours:
Elemental House: Interlude: House Tour
Dollhouse: Interlude: Welcome to the Enchanted Dollhouse
Fancypants House: Interlude: A Legend of Langurds
Pirate Shack: Midway Through 8.1

Liebster Award // More Liebster Stuff // Tewl on the Red Carpet // Expecto Patronum! // Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow… // Golden Plumbobs & BNTM Season 11! // Look, a Distraction! // Update from Purgatory 

Misc. Posts: // 
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  1. Just to let you know that I’ve finally found time to check out this, your other work, when I’ve finished 5 portions of my SimSalad.


    Did you know that “indeks” is the correct way to spell “index” in the Indonesian language?

    Thought so~

    Well then, am on to reading and commenting, while busy typing out my outline for this commission work I’m giving to my fave illustrator. Multitask’r’us.

    You’re hereby *warned*, heh heh heh~

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