Why Sims > Real Life

Seriously, is there even a comparison? If I were a Sim, I wouldn’t be drowning in stacks and stacks of reading right now. I wouldn’t be killing my back by lugging around said reading (along with a laptop, skates, and everything else I need to survive ten hours on campus). I would have a nice, lightweight blue notebook called “Homework” that I could complete in two hours flat. And I wouldn’t be crashing mid-afternoon upon walking through the front door due to my body’s inability to handle a full day at school.

Okay, so maybe that last one is pretty common in the Sims (I’d have a heck of a red plumbob right now, I’ll tell you). But that’s not my point. My point is that I WANT TO PLAY, GUYS. Like, soooo badly. But I can’t find the time right now.

After the disaster that was last semester, I’ve resolved to stay organized from now on—and I’m doing okay with that so far. I’m keeping up with my reading, and I’m prepared for every quiz they throw at me. It’s just that I have ZERO time for anything else. I had no idea this is what it felt like to be a good student. To be honest, it kind of sucks.

On top of that, an ordeal I had with a bunch of conniving dipshits (read: furniture salespeople) has resulted in everything I own being shoved into one side of my room, rendering my desktop computer virtually inaccessible. I don’t know how long it’s going to be like that and I’m too busy to get everything organized. Woe is me.

So that’s why I haven’t been around lately. I apologize for not letting you know sooner.

As for the fate of this legacy, have no fear! (‘Cause I know you were all so scared about losing Tewl.) I’m slowly working on getting my laptop cleaned up. Once it’s reloaded as a brand-spiffing-new machine that doesn’t take ten minutes to open an Internet browser, I’ll be able to throw all my barebones chapters on here so that I can work on them between classes, if, by some miracle, I run out of reading to do. I obviously can’t play (to put it simply, my laptop would explode) but I have all the screenshots up to the end of Generation One, so that’s something. Once things settle down, maybe I can try for biweekly updates. We’ll see!

Thanks for sticking around, and for updating your lovely stories so that I have something to keep me from going crazy. ❤

Happy Simming!

– Sam

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  1. Real life can really get in the way of sim time. I know. It really sucks. But real life/school is more important (it pains me to say it).
    Anyway good luck with all the reading/studying/being responsible and we’ll wait until your sims come back (to fill our lives with joy. Oh wait, this is Tewl; at least to entertain)


  2. Don’t need to apologize! I understand how life can get you so busy, you barely have the time to sit down and eat. Let alone catch up on sleep…. Just take your time and get your things together. When you do have time, I’d love to read your next posts. Also I have a new post on my blog and I’d love to hear your comments.


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