When Democracy Fails


Okay guys, seriously. Look what a pickle you’ve put me in. We now have a tie between 60% of the candidates (accounting also for a pro-Star vote in the comments). We are an indecisive bunch, aren’t we?

I hate making calls on this kind of thing, but in the spirit of moving on with this legacy…


I’m thinking of just going with this old goof. SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE.

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  1. I’m good with that, as long as you continue…


  2. Wait… we could comment vote? Oh! Whoops… I didn’t vote because I had no clue how to work with the site thing… and I don’t think I have an account… so I just waited to see what would’ve happened… If I coulda voted… I would’ve voted for Rasor… is that the right name? Anyway I mean the dude up there… so I’m totally cool with your decision..!


    • Sorry for the confusion! I didn’t necessarily intend to collect votes by comment, but it was more a matter of somebody else couldn’t get into the site and since this isn’t super formal or anything I just went with it. Next time I’ll make sure there’s an option for people without boolprop accounts. I’m glad you like the result though! Razor has made a pretty good heir so far. 😉


  3. I was too torn between he and Star… plus I was still getting caught up when the voting went down, so I’m definitely cool with it.
    I did want to see Star be promiscuous though… and date her gay BFF. LOL


    • I was torn between those two myself! On the bright side, I kept the spares around for a little while after they aged up, and after that we still have Story Progression to keep an eye on them.

      Thanks for all the comments, by the way! 😀




    Moving on, I can’t wait to see HIS story!

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