And the Oscar goes to…

Yeah right, like anybody in this legacy is getting an Oscar.

But if the show must go on, then the tribe has spoken…


Katana: Enough with the clichés.

So I guess this picture is kind of a spoiler, oops. Just pretend she’s still a teenager and not traipsing through a radically different house.

All the same, Katana is heiress! OMG shocker, plot twist, big whoop, etc.

I’m kind of a terrible person and already went ahead playing. It’s a good thing nothing changed after the first two days of polling because woooooow imagine the pickle I would be in then. XD

As most of you are aware, I will be getting madly in touch with the most prehistoric of EP’s this generation: good ol’ World Adventures. By the time Katana finishes her LTW, either we will be best buds or I will have incinerated the disc with a blowtorch. Wish me luck.

Speaking of EP’s, I recently installed three new ones (but still not the newest ones). It was a joyous experience, and I’ve made a meme to encapsulate my feelings toward my game recently:


Note: don’t ever get a Bonehilda. Maybe half of you have no problems with her and the other half have already learned this lesson, but still. She has wreaked nothing but havoc since I graciously welcomed her into the legacy house, the cadaverous bitch.

And finally, here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come (once I get a good kick in the unproductive arse):


Yeah, I’m not really sure either.

Happy Simming!


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  1. You tease! I thought we’d have a proper post! But it was still fun. And I loved your bonehilda meme.


  2. ‘Halp mah bra’s on fire!’


  3. I love Bonehilda and I absolutely LOVE Katana’s wardrobe malfunction at the end.



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