Interlude: House Tour

The Langurds have landed in…



I know, I wish it were something fancy like Dragon Valley or Aurora Skies or what have you, but I need my worlds reliable and functional or I will fly off the deep end. That and I’m cheap.


So here we are at the new house, situated on the waterfront ‘cause I need pretty things to look at. A brief overview: the architecture and decorating are loosely structured around the four elements. For the most part, the right hand side is fire-themed, the left is air, the middle of the house is water, and the yard and peripheries are earth.

Be warned, I tend to go overboard on the tacky decorations. You may want to resurface for air at some point during this post.

Here’s the ground floor:


And the upper storey:


It’s sparsely furnished for now, mainly because no money but also to test the routing. I’m naively hoping doorway pile-ups will be a thing of the past.


Now let’s go inside!

…Not you, Arabella. You’re not supposed to be in these pictures yet.

The main entryway:


I added some memoirs of Sunset Valley. Overkill on the purple? No such thing.

Here’s a boxy little laundry room, off to the side:


A study for Arabella (featuring the first flowers Razor gave her, the pink diamond he found, and “Homage to Lost Unicorn”):


The inner hallway, including the Human Aquarium and a purely decorative life-ring, because if you drown in there you’re probably on your own:


The Sultan’s lair cozy living room:


The main bathroom, also fire-themed:


The most spacious kitchen ever, which will be ultra useful considering nobody in this family cooks:


A second bathroom, where hopefully no important events will happen because it’s impossible to photograph in there:


Extra space turned party room in a last-ditch creative effort:


The back door, where floor tiles like to float aimlessly in the sky and won’t let me delete them:


One super-duper fun and fruity backyard:


I’ve decided to plant a tree for every heir or heiress. The Chinese Maple is for Razor, and the Creepy Tree is for Tewl (I was far too excited when I found that in the catalogue). Katana will get hers when she passes on the torch.

I struggled on the air theme. Hopefully the balloons and windmill convey the message:


Fire was a little easier, but equally tacky:


The gnomes have a fine patch of grass out back:


I believe I sold their canine companions so we could afford this pad.

Aaaand I almost forgot about upstairs:


Another bathroom, another Rarity tribute (yeah, I’m a little bitter about the unicorn thing):


And a Boomerang tribute, too—in this spare bedroom, which will be Azula’s for now:


Over here we have Katana’s room, which had to be refashioned since it would have been Razor’s if they’d gotten rich sooner:


A nursery (hint hint, nudge nudge):


And a “retiring heir” bedroom which I’m sure Razor will be thrilled to inhabit:


And is that— why yes, it’s another Rarity tribute! I would have liked a “Death to Joanna Rodgers” placard on the wall, but we ran out of money.


And that’s it! From here on out, the Langurds are living the life. Hopefully I’ll churn out another chapter in my last three days of unemployment!

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  1. This makes me want to build. I suck at building. But mostly this is probably because I just assume I suck at building.

    I do want to know how this plays! It looks great. You say tacky. I say character. But then I have a kitchen wall that is royal purple in my real house.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Building is a massive guilty pleasure of mine. It seems so unproductive in the grand scheme of things, but I love when I can build for a specific purpose (i.e. this house) and I know I’ll make good use of the finished product. I’m sure you don’t suck any more than I do, and I’d love to see what you come up with!

      The words “purple kitchen wall” just caused me ridiculous amounts of excitement. You are my decorating hero.


      • Haha! Thanks! We repainted our kitchen last year, and we were SOOOO SICK of off white. I guess it’s a decorating style that’s getting to be en vogue around here — a single wall painted some kind of vivid color you could never get away with painting all the walls in. I have to say I *LOOOOVE IT*. We spent so much time with !@#$ paint chips and crap it’s embarrassing.

        I really want to model our house in Sims sometime, but it’s one of those Victorian houses with stupidly narrow hallways that cause sims to pile up and route fail in large numbers.


      • I LOVE the feature wall thing. My bedroom is bright white with one wall in pale lavender, and I would’ve gone more vibrant, but I had to capitalize on the light because the rest of my house is so dark. I’ll save it for when I have my own place. 😀

        Victorian houses are beautiful! Does it also cause real people to route fail in large numbers? 😛 I always joke about how my house would never work in the Sims… you could knock somebody down the basement stairs by opening the back door at the wrong time, and our one bathroom has toilet, sink, and shower crammed into about a single grid square. It’s a prime example of terrible architecture.


      • Amazing house.

        I LOVE the amount of love and effort you put into it.

        Let me bask in it awhile~

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks! 😀 I can barely remember building this one now, hahaha. I probably spent about 40x the time and effort on the most recent legacy house. XD


    • DAYM.

      I know it’s 7 years ago, but is it still royal purple?

      You got me curious.

      I really wish you have the pic still so we can view it here~

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love Riverview, so no worries about landing there! The house is fantastic. The Human Aquarium is awesome, and I want to see them all swimming around in there. Quite badly. I’m extra fond of the nursery and the over appearance of the exterior and landscaping. I can’t wait to see it play!


  3. I love the new house! I’m with you about liking building, but feeling like it’s a waste of time – I also don’t have the patience to decorate if I’m not going to use it for a specific purpose. And I really suck at landscaping, it often ends up as a house in the middle of a plot with outdoor toys scattered around. This makes me want to build a new house for my simmies…


    • Exactly! Landscaping is hard, man. I recently graduated from “let’s scatter lawn ornaments EVERYWHERE” to “prancing around with the elevation tool and pretending to be an artist.” I have come to the realization that you should probably landscape BEFORE you build, but well, too late for that.


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