3.8 Schadenfreude

“Progress will continue” <— Hahaha. I love shooting myself in the foot, don’t I?

Has it been long enough for a recap? Oh, probably, but I’m too lazy to open a browser, so here’s my best estimate: after an underwhelming trip out of the country, Katana was sarcastic, Dax was a doormat, Azula was aggravatingly picturesque, Razabella were invisible (until one of them died), and the chapter culminated in the birth of a child. Come to think of it, that’s pretty much the formula for Chapters 7-9. Are you excited??


Oh, come on. I send you to France to get married and this is how you react?

Katana: The open air. It hurts my lungs.

And Dax over there?

Katana: I think he’s choking on a piece of cobblestone.

Brilliant. Also, I’m loving how Katana’s shadow is just a walking pair of pants.


The lesson I am slowly learning is to always, always bring a spare person on trips because editing out plumbobs is PAINFUL. Well anyway, as you can see, Daxtana had their adorbs little ceremony outside La Gallerie d’Art, and in a stroke of poor planning and utter appropriateness, our heiress became “Katana French.” Hohoho.


But there was no time to waste, so Mrs. French took off for some adventuring.

Dax: But… what about the honeymoon?

Katana: Sorry, pal. Try not to die while I’m gone.


Dax had to celebrate on his lonesome at the nearest watering hole, becoming the saddest man alive.


Dax: Yep, I just got married. Would you believe it?

Greenie: No. Where’s your wife?

Dax: Derrr… Um, uh… IT DOESN’T MATTER.


Said wife was currently walking into the most conspicuous secret passage of all time. Still in her “wedding dress,” I might add.


Katana: The fuck do you think you’re doing? Do I LOOK like an ant farm?

Her three days were largely spent battling mother nature.


Collecting obscene amounts of coin.


Sobbing over dead people she never knew.


And sobbing over this bottle of wine.

Katana: You’ve been alone down here all this time? How tragic. Let me drink you.

There were a few run-around missions, of course…


Hey, Dax— I think you just lost your “Saddest Man Alive” trophy.


Speaking of the groom, it would appear the solo honeymoon didn’t agree with him too well. Nor did three days of complete autonomy.

Dax: That’s what I think of you! Ha!


When he had successfully made enemies of all the locals, he abused the bathroom wall instead.

Dax: You did this, didn’t you? YOU took my Tannie away from me. You sucked her into those stupid green tiles like Sirius Black got sucked into that curtain thing at the Ministry of Magic. And now she’s in there screaming, “Dax, I was your father’s best friend, and you have to find the horcruxes before the prophecy comes true!” Well screw that! I’m gonna tear you down like Harry should’ve done to that curtain, and we’ll see who’s laughing then, punk!


Across town, Katana was spinning a similar tale closer to the truth.

Katana: Dude, my mom got sucked through a wall by the Grim Reaper and now she’s his bride in the underworld. Think I could crash for a night?

Gustave: C’est dur, bro.


He even fed her dinner at his fancy island counter.

Katana: Le salad is le good, garcon.

Gustave: You know that adding “le” to everything doesn’t count as speaking French, right?

Katana: Le obviously.


Meanwhile, her poor, helpless husband had to scavenge for his dinner.

Dax: Tannie? Are you coming back soon? I sold all my clothes and I can’t find the base camp and I’m scared.


Katana: One sec, just getting fried like a sausage.

I somehow thought France would be all frills and frog’s legs, but I’ll testify that Chateau Landgraab is actually the most terrifying “tomb” in the game. Everything is trying to kill you ALL THE TIME, like a fancier Australia.


Katana: Fuck this. I sleep now.


On the bright side, the flames of desire were still burning strong between Katana and all the shadystrangers of the world. Hot damn, are my puns on fire or what? 😉

(I am deeply sorry.)


Katana: Wait, what’s this? You mean there’s another whole wing I haven’t explored yet?

Or two… or three. This place is kind of huge.

Katana: Uh, NOPE. Peace out.


My reaction to that discovery was pretty similar, so I sent her to a cafe to recuperate from the high-voltage trauma.

Cashier: You gonna pay for that?

Katana: No.


And then, finally, she went in search of Dax. He had taken up residence in the countryside and was settling in for the long run, weatherproof gear and everything.

Katana: Nice place you got here, ya goof.

Dax: Humph. Don’t expect me to be happy to see you, ‘cause I’m not. Deserter.


Luckily, they made up rather quickly. And then they pitched a tent in more ways than one and tried for another legacy baby.

And that was their fantabulous nuptial voyage to Champs les Sims.


Now let’s take the sky-high bliss of newlyweds and bring it crashing down. Because back home, Razor without his Ara is truly the saddest man alive. Look at him… I can’t even. And her side of the bed is still unmade, too. 😦 😦


He wasn’t the only one mourning. Azula, tasked with painting her own likeness before I kicked her out, was still producing only green blobs after several days’ work. So she thought: What would Arabella do?

Azula: Drink this questionable bottle of pink fluids, of course! It’s not like it could be lethal or anything.

She’s got the pink part right, but the poor kid obviously didn’t know her mother very well. The woman may as well have written a book called “1000 Surprisingly Effective Murder Weapons,” with “harmless-looking pink serum” clocking in at number 435.


But it’s all good, ‘cause Katana is shaping up to be a much more caring and attentive mother.

Katana: Once upon a time, there was a dumpy prince and a dorky peasa— SHUT UP, FLORIN, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.


Clearly able to manage one child at best, she sought out some cheap help—thus committing the biggest mistake of the legacy.

Katana: Rise, o dark spirit slave. Rise from the laundry hamper.

No, really. This mistake was bigger and costlier than the accidental twins. Bigger than adopting Larka. Bigger than losing the unicorn.


Bonehilda: Hey, bitches. I’m your worst nightmare.

You’ll find out shortly why.


Bonehilda: Florin, is it? You like ghost stories? Heh, you’re gonna have an interestin’ childhood, little boy.


Bonehilda: He’s all fed and changed and scarred for life, Missus Langurd. Anythin’ else wants doin’?

Katana: No thanks, Corpse Bride. Go take a lunch break.


Bonehilda: Lunch? But it’s nighttime, Missus. How do I eat lunch at nighttime?


Bonehilda: Missus? Okay, I’ll wait here.


Coincidentally, once Katana negated responsibility for one of her kids, she was quite willing to schluff the other one off as well.

Balboa: Are you my mommy?! 😀

Razor: No, but I am probably the best parental influence in this place. Come and learn the ways of the Mantis, young Balboa.


However, she must have spent some time in the nursery (and in the human aquarium) because here she is having birthday times up in there (in her swimsuit).

Katana: Hey Phyllis, I’m gonna get old and crusty like you!

Phyllis: You’ll never wear it as well as I do.


Katana: Take that, Phyllis!

Yep, Katana is rocking “old and crusty.” So much that her husband is literally jumping into bed at the sight of her.


I guess the tent Woohoo was unsuccessful or something, otherwise I wouldn’t have felt the need for this screenshot…? It’s been too long since I played and my notes are getting sparser and more illegible as we go. In any case, Daxtana tried for that third baby one more time and I really, really hope the snowsuit wasn’t involved because yikes.

Oh, and there was a jingle!


I’m in love with this balcony, so here’s a pretty screenshot of Daxtana surveying their legacy nation with the ever-trusty gargoyle guards.


Zombers: Rahr, your nation is under siege now. Be afraid.

The zombies in this game are so nonthreatening it makes me laugh. What kind of undead menace uses the front gate?


How’s this for nonthreatening? It’s good to see you, Grey Wind y’old fart. ❤


They grow up fast, don’t they? Just kidding, this took forever.

Katana: What’s with the one candle? I thought you were at least like, four by now.


Nope, just a young’un, but a cute’un. And he’s got his priorities straight.

Razor: Hi Florin, I’m your Grandpa Razor and I’m going to—



And then it was back to Bonehilda for him. The proud parents enjoyed some side-by-side skilling to keep up the appearance of a “funkshinul” relationship.

Dax: Hey, blue shirt guy! I’m over here! Can you hear me! Hang tight, I’ll get you out of that torture chamber!

Katana: Wanna keep it down, dorkface?


While Razor and his grandson did some side-by-side meditation.

Razor: Are you finding your inner peace, Balboa?

Balboa: No fair, I want the skeleton lady for a babysitter.


That night, Katana paid a special visit to my simself in her dark and creepy-looking mansion. She had recently hooked up with the old guy she was fangirling over last chapter and was soon to give Ezekiel a half-sibling. In short, this woman is not me AT ALL.


I rest my case.

Katana: …

Simself: Don’t judge me.


Katana: Okay, I won’t.

(Yeah, Katana is also pregnant at this stage, technically. So much shame on both of them.)

The special mission was a flop, and you’ll find out why in a bit.


Boa finally got his turn with Babysitter Bonehilda, what with Daddy working and Mommy boozing it up across town.

Balboa: Heya. I got a shiny new xylophone if you’re into that sorta thing.

Tewl’s eyebrows make even the sweetest face look pervy.


Azula: So where am I in the line of succession, exactly?

Razor: Sweetheart, that’s not how it works. The readers have to vote you in.

Azula: But hypothetically…

Razor: Hypothetically, you are your mother’s daughter and I do not want to put ideas in your head. Do your homework.


Ah yes, that mission I spoke of. I wonder if you’ll remember Weston Jolina-Sekemoto? His history is roughly as follows. Cue black and white:


Long ago, a pop-up foretold the romantic liaison of two of my favourite sims in the Valley: Jamie Jolina and Sam Sekemoto. Story Progression saw a casual flirtation; I saw an opportunity for spouse breeding. I pounced on it. I invited them to Tewlgana’s wedding, an awkward affair considering Tewl had just impersonated Sam to break him up with Vita Alto. Ah, the Smewl Saga. Good times.

The party proved the perfect environment to kindle their flame, and the pair did not part lips until the night was done. They got married, I high-fived myself, and then they gave birth to this:


My computer crashed. I had created a monster. But! A little nRaas interference and young Weston’s face and body were reunited. Oh, happy day.


He ultimately had “flings” with each of the third-gen Langurds…


…much to his distaste.


I was ready to set him up with Katana before the kids left for university, but non-Langurds are snatched up quick around here. And one of our very own bloodline, Kacey Gewf, staked her claim on Weston. They were married with a daughter before you could say “Potatoparty.”

Now, you all know I’m a terrible person not averse to breaking up relationships, but I was still undecided on his genetics, and indecision turned into “meh,” and that made for an anticlimactic ending to this story.

So why did I tell it, you ask?


Because, by complete coincidence, Weston tagged along to Riverview! He was apparently unable to cohabitate with my simself, so we found him in a pretty gothic manse… married to an old lady named Nellie Spenster.

Katana: Spenster, wow. That’s like spinster. You’re married to a spinster.

Weston: That doesn’t make sense.

Katana: You don’t make sense.

P.S. Baby bump alert! Of course I didn’t forget to screenshot it.


Dax was at home, oblivious. So oblivious that he missed his sports game because he was too busy playing make-believe sports games.

Dax: Wait, this isn’t my job?


And then his ten days were up, and for some reason he was really excited to say goodbye to adulthood.

Dax: What do I get to be next? A dragon?


Dax: I’m not a dragon…

He might just be the most pathetic-looking old man ever.


Dax: Hi Tannie!

Katana: Since when am I married to an old guy?

No joke—she immediately rolled this upon seeing him:


Followed soon after by:


I may have very few morals as a simmer, but I promise you—you can’t make this shit up.

With that in mind…


Katana: So the house is getting pretty full. Maybe we should throw Dax out, now that I’ve got two and a half kids out of him.

Razor: Don’t you mean one and a half?


Katana: *choke* What?

Razor: Please, Katana. You can’t fool me. Florin doesn’t look a thing like him.


Katana: But I didn’t sleep with any other guys. So there.

Razor: I didn’t say anything about guys.


Katana: Did I just have that conversation with my father?

Razor: *satisfied*

So yeah, breaking news:


1) Katana is a man.

2) Florin is her his lovechild with Sun Young Kim of China.

3) Only one of the above is true.


Dax: My wife is a man?!

Florin: You’re dumb, Not-Daddy.

You’d barely believe it by the blonde hair, right? But if you look at his skin tone, it’s actually somewhere in the pink-tinged spectrum, and he defs didn’t get that from Katana or Dax.


I should probably feel sorry for Dax, but he’s becoming an increasingly annoying presence as of late.

Razor: Dammit, Dax, that reeks.

Dax: No YOU reek. Heheh!

Razor: Did you learn that from Katana?

Dax: YOU learned that from Katana!


And then there’s Azula, who doesn’t do a thing to earn her keep and doesn’t give a shit about this family.

Azula: Fix the heiress’ portrait, you say? I would consider this an improvement.


In the family composite, she even lets Florin sit on the floor because her hands are clearly occupied.

Azula: You can eat sand, young man.

Moving on! It’s our second Spooky Day and the Langurds decided to throw a costume party this time, so as not to be one-upped again by a loser like Dax.


Razor: You’re early. I’m doing laundry. That’s not a costume. But you coming bearing tofu dogs, so I forgive you.


Katana’s “garcon,” Gustave, was indeed about two hours early. Those unpredictable flight schedules, y’know? If Katana’s love life weren’t already such a tangled mess, I’d recruit this one as a baby daddy. Coincidentally, Katana’s kindred spirit over at the Zale ISBI married him in the chapter I was just reading, so we’ll have to vicariously through her. 😉


Silly Gustave may have the face of an angel, but he ruined it all by donning a worse costume than Dax. Here we have “Vegan’s Nightmare” and “Nearly Headless Hash Slinger.”


But really. They ought to have finished what they started.


Next came “Inspector Not-Just-a-Pretty-Face.” …But he is just a pretty face.

Tommy: I take pride in that.


And I’m calling this guy “Gingerbread Man” because I have no idea who or what the heck he is, and all I see is that delicious-looking cake.


I’m sorry, but this is adorable. I legitimately did the little clappy thing when it came up, even though Katana would never in a million years emit a sound resembling “Teeheehee!”.


And look who else showed up.

Simself: Hello, Weston. Let me brief you before you go in. This is a setup. You must start wooing her while she’s still an adorable pregnant lady.

Katana: Oh, bugger off.


Autonomy lead the Hash Slinger into Tewlish activities, i.e. chatting up ladies with a toddler in hand. Funny, ‘cause it’s not even his toddler.

Dax: So the weather. It’s pretty weathery, right? I like weathery weather.

It’s also funny because I screencapped this one not too long ago…


That thing about Lance and Katana falling for the same guys? Yeah. It lives on.


Lance: Daddy, I want to marry Katana’s husband.

Razor: Are you serious, girl? He told you the weather was weathery! Is that all it takes to dissolve your honour?

Let’s not talk about how perfect Razor’s costume is.


And let’s not talk about Azula’s at all. Holy shit.


One minute, Katana was busting a move on the dance floor. Next minute, she busted her amniotic sac.

Simself: Oooh, you’re gonna like this one! I have a name ready and everything!

Katana: Stfu.


The father was nowhere useful.

Dax: Help me where am I


The brother was striking out with my simself.

Tommy: I think you’re pretty.

Simself: Eww, gross.

Further proof that she is not me.


Not to mention trying to taint the epic love story that is Razabella UGH THE SHAAAAAME


For the most part, bystanders seemed to assume Katana was just doing a really expressive dance with many sound effects.

Katana: Ooh eeh ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang!

The perfect soundtrack for childbirth.


We have a Spooky Day baby, born on the dance floor! And she’s… are you ready for this? Evil and Insane. Ah, the golden combo. This legacy has been waiting for you, Lira Langurd.

Lira is a Virgo born at 9:56pm. She enjoys grey, PBJs, and geek rock.


And she very much enjoyed her mother’s labour pains. If you know your German, you’ll see the reason for this chapter’s title. 😉


Razor: Where are you going?

Katana: Dropping it in the aquarium before it’s old enough to kill me.

Razor: I can’t let you do that.


Apparently everyone has decided that Katana is no longer allowed to parent.

Katana: Anything I can do?

Razor & Weston: No.

Katana: …Soooo can I go watch Survivor now?


Katana: Oh, Tommy, you mustn’t see me like this. I probably look like a dud mother.

Tomahawk: That’s because you are.


Katana: Well, parenting is hard. Ain’t that right, Grandma?

Morgana: Actually, I did fine. And how many kids did I raise? One, two— oh, that’s right, I’d need another hand to count.

Weston: I’m a cancer.


Katana: I don’t remember what the hell I am, but it’s compatible.

Weston: That’s good, but… don’t you have a husband?


Lance: Hey hey Dax, looks like you and me are compatible, too!

Dax: Dax as in me? Score!


Good god, this is a mess. Stay tuned for… you know, I’m so lost I don’t even know what to write here. So just stay tuned.


My phone just clicked to inform me that this site now has 50 followers! Music to my ears! Thanks, guys! ❤

It’s occurred to me that I’m not as involved in this community as I probably should be. I’m slowly catching up on all the legacies I started reading a while back, but if I’m not already following yours please feel free to hook a sister up. Also, consider this an open call for simselves. I need more to throw in this town, since my own is such a failure.

Happy Simming!



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  1. I’m not sure if I’ve ever commented before but I love your legacy! Your sims are hilarious and they make the greatest faces. Katana is my favourite so far.
    I’m doing a Backwards ISBI if you want to check it out: http://www.insanityfamily.wordpress.com
    Also I have my simself in my studio. Here’s the link, let me know if it doesn’t work: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=7311029


  2. Oh, a vacation wedding! That’s a neat idea, I never even thought of doing that! Of course, if the Eiffel Tower was explorable it would be the perfect spot for it. I think Azula looks like Michael Myers from Halloween; not original Clown-Child-Michael but reboot Broken-Family-Michael.


  3. I loved this, like always! It was so nice to see Gustave! He’s been a deceased Zale for quite some time! I laughed so much at Katana’s shenanigans and treatment of Dax. When he was digging through that trash can, ha ha ha!!


  4. Katana, you bisexual (wo)maneater!

    The idea of Katana divorcing Dax and him falling into Lance’s arms entertains me greatly. I love insane sims, though, and Dax’s patheticness (word?) charms me. But she should only do this if she plans to have another legacy kid with Weston. Ahh, those varied genes.

    I have a simself here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=6002223

    She even has a name that is NOT Simself, which makes her useful to drop in other people’s games. She has two Anubis hairs on her. I keep meaning to upload a CC-free version, then forgetting.

    I am a dork with too much Sims enthusiasm, and thus I have three challenge blogs.

    Serious(ish), The Samples: http://sims3sample.blogspot.com

    Absurd, We’re All Mad Here ISBI: http://wonderlandidiots.blogspot.com

    Infrequently updated, Waypoint NIF: http://sims2waypoint.blogspot.com

    I load simselves and legacy sims into the Samples game and report on their behavior. You’re welcome to join in if this idea entertains you :).

    Maybe if you come read the Samples, I’ll put up a second heir poll, since the last was a THREE-WAY-TIE. !@#$.


    • Yeah, these seriously twisted romantic entanglements entertain me, too… so, spoiler alert, I went for it. The saga of Westana and Lax (lousiest couple name ever) continues next chapter. 😉

      Your simself is all downloaded and set to join the chaos. Anubis is one of my favourite CC makers, so chances are I have the hairs anyway. 🙂

      I like your enthusiasm! I remember reading the Samples back in the day, but I’m obviously way behind. I’ll get my butt over there ASAP. And dude, I know the pain of a three-way tie. It was thanks to one of those that I panicked and picked Razor. One of my less regrettable heat-of-the-moment decisions, I think. 🙂

      And I would love to join your behavioural study! My simself is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/38fmyz6srmj6ndh/Sam_Pistachio.sim … although given the way she behaves in my own game, I’m a little frightened.


  5. Yes, I did just read every chapter you have up thus far within a day. You could say I’m hooked to your legacy!!
    I absolutely love your legacy family. I haven’t seen such a wonderfully dysfunctional and entertaining one like this in a very long time.
    I completely cracked up about Katana’s gender identity crisis. “My wife is a man?!” Had me in stitches!!

    Here is my legacy blog: http://audball2108.livejournal.com/
    I’ve currently began a new legacy, “My Own Personal Hell” since getting a new computer =)

    And you’re more than welcome to torture–err, use–my simself, if you’d like. http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=5314263

    Cannot wait until the next installment!!!


    • Man, that’s impressive! Some of these chapters are monsters, and I can rarely finish writing one in a day.

      WordPress must be stupid or something, because it marked your lovely comments as spam! Luckily, I get a kick out of spam messages (like the ones trying to sell me acid reflux treatment, wtf?) so I read them pretty thoroughly. This clearly does not qualify! Thank you thank you thank you for the high praise ❤ and I will be sure to put your legacy on my reading list. Your simself is downloaded and ready for the nuthouse, so watch out. 🙂


      • I was wondering why my comments weren’t being published! =P Well I’m glad you saw them anyway! You’re very welcome for the praise; you deserve it! By far my favorite legacy at the moment.
        I’m glad you have my simself to torture – she sure is fun to drive mad. 😀


  6. Ah, Katana gets married and divorced (well almost) in the same chapter. I know the pain of NPCs grabbing potential spouses, Heather’s simself grabbed the guy I had intended for the next heir pretty much two days after I moved everyone to the neighbourhood, and then she promptly became pregnant 😀 So next generation maybe :v

    Anyway, I know you’re already aware of my legacy so I won’t throw it in your face, but I must insist that you add my simself to your neighbourhood 8D I have a thing about seeing myself everywhere, it’s very important that this need is being met. *ahem ahem*
    I wanna throw your simself in my town too :O Please tell me you have her uploaded somewhere :3


    • I know right! I’m amazed at how much stuff actually happened in this chapter. Normally it’s like 200000 pictures of Katana making stupid faces. Ah, those mischievous simselves! That’s hilarious. I can’t wait to see what they all get up to in my game. 😛

      I just started (to continue) reading your legacy a few days ago! Prepare for likes and comments galore, because it’s been far too long. And don’t worry, I’ll make sure your simself gets lots of screen time. 😉

      Mine is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/38fmyz6srmj6ndh/Sam_Pistachio.sim but beware, she apparently likes old guys and names her children after the Amish.


  7. This is honestly the funniest legacy from all I have read so far.

    While I havent failed as many times as you (mostly because I only really started playing Sims 3 two years ago, and sims one for a month before that) But I’m catching up, with 4 failed legacy’s so far!

    Right now, I am getting a website set up for the legacy I’m making, so I have no link as of yet, however I do have an amazingly terrible depiction of me in sim-form, so here you go http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=8045263, do your worst!

    Can’t Wait for the next chapter!


    • Thank you! That’s so wonderful to hear! 🙂

      Four is pretty impressive! It’s honestly such a struggle just to get past the second generation, especially if you’re easily distracted by shiny new things… But I can happily say that once you find the right family, you’re stuck with them for life (is that motivational? It sounds like some kind of adoption campaign). I wish you luck on your next attempt, and let me know when your site is up and running!

      Oh, and I downloaded your simself, thanks!


      • She has no cc but some store and expansion/stuffpack stuff. If you don’t have it then it will just be something that you do, if its ugly you can change it. 😛 I cant’ wait to see me in my favorite legacy 😀

        also my blog is the same theme as yours, but it cuts my pictures in half. How did you make yours where you can see the whole thing?


      • Alrighty, will do! 😀

        Oh man, I struggled so hard with formatting this theme. I think it’s something you can change in the “Pages” section of your dashboard. Like, if you go to edit the main page that you have your posts on, there should be a menu on the right where you can change the layout to “one column, no sidebar” or something. I was too vain to get rid of my sidebar though, so I made my posts page a secondary page… which took me another five hours to figure out. 😛


  8. Thanks 🙂 I’ll work on it. I don’t know how to wordpress anymore D:


  9. ERMERGERD, I would love if you had to read my crappy ISBI. http://www.verygooseberrian.blogspot.com
    Much appreciate. Very thanks ❤

    Also, I freaking read a chapter of your blog everyday to savour it. I literally would read through everything in one go, but then I would have to wait for the next chapters 😦

    Weston is cute and I cannot believe Dax is already so old [O.O]

    Happy simming :o)


    • I would love to read it, and I doubt it’s crappy! *checks* Yeah no, I just read the intro and I like it already. Don’t sell yourself short XD

      I am so glad you like the Langurds ❤ I really need to write faster, otherwise you'll catch up and then you will have to wait because I'm a terrible slowpoke. I don't know how some legacy writers do the chapter-a-day thing. But I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters that are up!


  10. LOL, Katana’s shadow! That is hilarious, and I would not have noticed it if you hadn’t pointed it out. Great spotting.

    PMSL, poor Dax! He really doesn’t do well on autonomy, does he? Good thing this isn’t an ISBI, then.

    Woot, Australia mention! So true, everything does want to kill you. Except the locals, they generally like the tourists.

    Evil and Insanse? I already love Lira. But the others are still toddlers, there is plenty of time for them to find their awesome.


    • Yeah, Australia! Are you Australian? I lived there for eight years without getting killed by anything, which I consider a victory. And the locals are pretty darn great.

      It’s funny how Evil and Insane crop up together so often. But when they do, you can count on things getting interesting soon. 😛


      • I am Australian, born and bred. Love it here, especially the mild winters. Layers mean a singlet and a long sleeved shirt, it’s awesome.


      • Daaamn, I miss that! The layers here have no end. But I usually dress insensibly because I’ve only been back here four years and I think “How cold can it be?” (Walk outside, icy blast in the face, immediate regret.) Australia has ruined me for every other place in the world. 😛 I am glad to have a token Aussie reader though!


  11. O_O
    Sun Young has outdone herself >_<'
    But yeah, I think she's capable of fathering.
    Still, that was an unexpected turn 😀


  12. Catching up some more! Great chapter. I am impressed with all of Katana’s illicit Woohoo. ~Heroine~ And I’m already loving Lira – Evil and Insane is one hell of a combo.

    I currently don’t have a Simself because my Simself requires a trait from an EP I don’t have. Womp womp. One of these days I’ll make one. If you still require Simselves at that time, I’ll put her up for download.


    • I’m having crazy nostalgia right now, looking back at the chapter where Lira was born! I was going to say “I had no idea what she would become”… but that’s a lie. Like you mentioned, Evil and Insane says it all.

      I’m pretty much always looking for simselves, so definitely let me know when you have one! I know what you mean though – I updated my simself’s traits at least four times as I installed more EPs.

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  13. If Bonehilda is able to touch the children that’s the first sign that she’s glitched and should be removed immediately!
    Bonehilda isn’t supposed to be able to interact with toddlers or burritos.

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  14. Love this legacy —- feel free to check mine out if you have the time 🙂 I need feedback


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  15. So what you’re saying is that Sun is a hermaphrodite?

    Or is that Katana is a hermie?

    Or both…?

    Still binging on them Languid Langurds. You really help me sustain my boring yet safe job as translator for a lame political rag that’s real generous with its employees, especially during this darned plague.

    Love you, Madam Sam.

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