I’m a kid in a candy store

Has Snowflake Day come early?



I want to. But I shouldn’t. I’m saving up for life things that are important. But I could complete my EP collection for only thirty motherfreakin’ dollars. I could also pay my gas bill. BUT SIMS D:

Do I? Don’t I?

Dammit, EA, if I get heart problems it’s your fault.

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  1. Dude. That’s cheap! Cheaper than I got it!

    I am of absolutely no use in convincing you to NOT buy it. I spend a stupid amount of brain cycles looking for Sims deals like that.


    • Oh, somehow I just saw the Dragon Valley shot. $15 is my go-to price for Sims expansions too :).


      • I’m used to being the impatient fool who never waits for sales, so this is cheap for me! And I was really just looking for someone to tell me to buy it, so thanks. 😀 I may chew on it a bit longer though. I still have chapters to caption, so if it’s likely to get cheaper then I could stand to wait.


      • I’m a perpetual Sims bargain-hunter. This is because I MUST HAVE IT ALL, but I play like the mother of a preschooler (cuz I am one), so it takes me a while to get around to playing stuff. I can wait. It also makes me feel better about the HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS I have dumped down EA’s money hole to know I got more stuff for all that cash. I stalk Daily Deals like a stupid person with no life.

        So I can say that by 3 months after the release of an expansion, there has usually been at least one sale where it gets down to $15. It’s usually like a year before it gets any lower than that, at which point it’ll be on sale for $10, and I’m not so cheap that the $5 makes a difference to me. So $15 is my perfect price.

        The sweet spot for towns or stuff packs is $7-$8.


      • This is SO good to know, thank you!! I could stand to take a leaf out of your book. It looks like I will be jumping on Dragon Valley at least, but I’ll wait ’til tomorrow to decide on the EP’s, since I don’t absolutely need them right now (thank goodness I’m finally level-headed enough as a shopper to say those words :P).


  2. DOOOO IIIIT!!! DO IT!!! That is so cheap! I’m jealous (says the girl who buys everything at full price and cries later when there are great deals on.) 😛


    • UGHH I WANT TO. I reeeaaally shouldn’t. But I probably will. ADF;LAKSJD;LGKJA.
      Realistically, this always ends in “shut up and take my money” so maybe I should just spare myself the struggle, yes? XD


  3. I actually bought University two days before this sale started. When it started I wanted to cry. I’d been stopping myself from buying it for real life stuff and my husband finally told me we could spare the 30 bucks.
    I contacted Origin support and they refunded me half the money back. I was so happy. I want to get Into the Future, since that’s the only one I don’t have(other than Dragon Valley and I’m not interested in that one). Evil origin for making us want to spend money! >_<


    • Oh my gosh, that’s the absolute worst! I would have cried for real and then been too non-confrontational to do anything about it. Good for you for contacting them! I’ve been wavering back and forth over the last two EP’s for ages, but I’ve just made some other big-ticket purchases (Origin isn’t the only place with sales right now XD) sooo I probably shouldn’t. But dammit, I want to. 😛


  4. Thats awesome 😀 You should go for DV before it goes back up to $20


  5. I think the sale is only on to the 16th, so go for it if you can spare the money ;3 (I’m getting stuff packs, I’m just slacking…)


  6. I want the Dragon one!!! Do it!


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