I WAS a kid in a candy store…

…and now I’m being dragged out of the store, kicking and screaming and making a huge scene after being denied the sugary goodness that was so cruelly thrust under my nose.



I’m sorry, EA. I was under the impression that “through June 16” meant “up to and including the actual day of June 16.” I guess I was asleep when the meaning of “through” changed to “lol fuck you sale’s over.”

I’ve been teaching myself to think before I throw my money at things, so I decided to wait and ponder, naively trusting that I could jump in on the last day and make my purchases… and now it’s 7:35pm EST on June 16 and dat shit back to regular price. Or should I say ridiculous price? In any case, it’s a price I refuse to pay until they decide to cut it down again.

Man, I just feel cheated. And dumb. Especially after requesting all your expert opinions. Laserkatt even reminded me to act fast, and of course I didn’t.

The moral of the story is: don’t wait, just buy stuff.

Thank you for the valuable life lesson, EA. I’ll be sure to mention you in my speech when I’m rich and famous in deep, deep credit card debt.


Back to regular programming next time! XD

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! THROUGH JUNE 16th, means I should be able to buy these things at the sale price until my clock switches over at MY midnight. I wanted to buy the dragon one, and now I am not going to. Dang. 😦


    • Exactly! Ugh. I’m currently on hold with an “Origin store expert,” so I’ll let you know the outcome…


      • Well, an hour and a half later I have a 15% coupon code. I’m not even sure I’ll use it.

        My Origin expert friend Jitendra says “Its different for different region” and the sale ended at 6:00AM in North America. I tactfully advised her that their marketing team should work on their wording.


      • I mean maybe, from now on, whenever I walk “through” a door, I’ll just stop on the threshold and stand there like an idiot. Because EA logic.


  2. aaw that sucks they’ll probably have another sale though


  3. D: *dislike*
    Well guess what, I also decided to wait until the last minute to throw money at Origin. Big mistake 8D (for outdoor living stuff, THE most important stuff pack… ahem) So meh 😐
    I’m like 99% sure that they’ll have another sale closer to September, but obviously it’s nowhere near as exciting then with Sims 4 around the corner :c


    • Well then, pffft. Their loss. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for another sale and considering holding off on TS4 as an act of protest in my rage against EA. 😀 But we’ll see if I have the willpower…


  4. What the hell?? “Through June 16,” has a very clear meaning, and that’s, “Until the !@#$ date ticks over.” !@#$ optional. That’s what the THROUGH part means. If it has a specific end time other than midnight, it would say, “Until 6AM on June 16.” This is how English works.


    That sucks profoundly. I am pissed off on your behalf.

    Is your Origin expert friend a staffer? If not, it seems worth complaining.


    • RIGHT. To deny me this is to deny the logic of the English language. It’s unfortunate that the person I spoke to didn’t speak it very well.

      And no, she seemed very help-desky. Where would I go to complain? Teach me your ways – I want to be an expert irate customer. 😀


      • I’m a sucktastic irate customer.

        In retrospect, I’m not sure that complaining will help that much. You can’t be the only person to have this happen in the YEARS that Origin has been having sales. I am utterly baffled that a company of this size and nuance doesn’t have a command of basic English. If the point of a sale is to build up enthusiasm and extract money from customers, then being able to communicate when it BEGINS and ENDS is almost as impossible as the sale itself.

        FWIW, my money (heh) is on more lowball sales after Sims 4 comes out rather than less. The Gottahaveits with money to burn will have moved on to the new game. The folks left will be harder to part with their money. And there’s no incremental cost on selling more software. It’s already built and paid for, so they stand nothing to lose by continuing to roll down the price to get the holdout buyers.


      • Er, that was “almost as IMPORTANT as the sale itself.” Though the Freudian slip is not lost on me.


      • Nor me. A lot of things are impossible for EA, it seems. 😉

        And you’re so right about all of that. Much as I’d like to demand justice from somebody, it’s not like one small complaint is going to bring us better customer service. It seems better to just hold off on buying stuff. We’ll see if I can teach myself that skill, haha.


  5. Oh, they knew what they were doing with that ‘through.’ EA feeds off of the misfortune and distress of its customers. Yet we all still come crawling back. It’s an abusive relationship I tell you! My rule of thumb with Origin sales is buy first then deal with the hours of buyer’s remorse later. Though I’ve decided I’m holding out on the Sims 4 until it gets bundled up with some kick-ass expansion pack and is on sale.


    • Words of wisdom right there ^ ^
      “Abusive relationship” is right. I can’t count the number of times I’ve said “screw this, I’m never playing Sims again” only to take it back two days later. Can we just replace EA’s entire management team and employee population with people of our choosing? I think this is a legitimate question. 😀

      Buyer’s remorse is my constant companion, too…


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