10,000 Potatoes!

Well, it’s been two long years, but we finally did it. We reached 10,000 potatoes. 10,242, to be more or less exact. That’s more potatoes than I ever thought I’d have. Way back when I started out, even 1,000 potatoes seemed like a big number.

I can’t say how much it means to me that we’ve come this far since then. So I just want to say thank you — to each and every one of you — for giving me potatoes.

I love potatoes.

I hope you’re familiar with my homepage by now. Otherwise, you probably think I’m drunk.


That’s views, if you were wondering.

[Cue chorus of “OHHHH”]

Back when I created this site, I thought I was really funny so instead of a hit counter, I made a potato counter. You might also find it funny… if you were an Irish farmer, or you spent more than five minutes on Neopets.

Point is, it’s kind of a milestone… right? I need to have more milestone celebrations. Like actually acknowledging anniversaries. Or thanking my readers. Maybe I should just throw a party after every chapter.

If only that were plausible. HOWEVER, in honour of the blog’s modest achievement, I can give you some modest, blog-related funnies:

1) The fact that this is our #1 source of notability.


Guess I won’t be taking that picture down anytime soon.

2) Back when I didn’t know how to WordPress, and line breaks were the bane of my existence.


“Enter” just wasn’t good enough for that thing. So I would make homemade line breaks out of ALL CAPS profanities turned white.

3) The joys of spam.


Calm down, man.



That’s okay, words are hard.



You’re right, “BLOG_TITLE” is kinda plain. It’s a good thing I picked “The Dysfunkshinul Legacy,” but I’ll admit, it was a toss-up! I ain’t saying you ain’t got a point, Food Allergy Symptoms. I will try to add “a picture or two” to my next post.


I apologize. It’s late and I’m suffering from just-dyed-my-hair-and-I-hate-it despair, and I felt like being productive-but-not-really. In all seriousness though, thank you for helping me reach 10,000 views! You are all absolutely fantastic. ❤

Real post soon!



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  1. thats too many potatoes


  2. Hey! Congrats!! My blog counter says ‘gnome of the wrist tattoos have been inked” which reminds me my current TH still needs the mark! You write a wonderful blog, no wonder it has so many potatoes. I’ll take mine baked please.


    • Will that be with sour cream and chives, kind madam? 😛 I’m so excited that I finally know who you’re talking about when you say “current TH” (Ike ❤ Bless his piano-playing soul). Get him that tattoo ASAP! And thanks for the congratulations!


  3. What color did you dye your hair? 😀
    Congrats on so many potatoes, I wish to one day own so many spuds in my lifetime.


    • Oh, nothing too adventurous. I put in some chunky blonde streaks under my ears and one at my temple, and it’s my first time bleaching but I should have known… My hair is a medium reddish-brown to begin with, so now there’s enough brass in there to make a marching band. XD
      And thank you! I wish you many potatoes in your lifetime!


  4. Man, I love potatoes. It’s seriously like my favourite thing. Congrats!! You deserve this, this legacy is just simply hilarious! :o)


    • Thanks! 😀 Potatoes are the bomb. I mean I don’t want to go on the Samwise Gamgee rap-rant again, but there are so many things you can do with them… Aaaand now I’m hungry.


  5. Congrats on the potatoes! That’s a lot of poutine! Finally caught up and can’t wait for another chapter. I didn’t catch on before I read it that you were Canadian too. Have a happy Canada Day on Tuesday!


    • THAT’S IT! I was wondering what I should do with all these potatoes, and now you’ve given me the answer. TRUCKLOADS AND TRUCKLOADS OF POUTINE.

      Yayyy fellow Canadian! *Secret Canadian high-five* (What would that even be, anyway?) Happy belated Canada Day to you as well! 🙂


      • Hmmm… I don’t know but it would have to include some sort of fancy footwork, high fives, low fives and a spin, and perhaps a mutilated moose call (to please steryotypes) because we don’t do anything half ass lol.


    • Bahahaha, I just read this. Mutilated moose call… XD This is how Canadians will greet each other from now on.


  6. I never did like to play xtreme potato counter. As a side note: Clicking that link reminded me that I haven’t logged into Neopets in like 2 years. I am now a really old lady who’s account is 15 years old. Omg.

    Anyway, congrats on all the potatoes you had eons ago, since there are thousands more now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is me going on a time travelling journey through all the comments I failed to reply to!

      But I had to come back to this one because Neopets! Dang! I wonder how old my account is now, or if it even exists! And coincidentally, if you’ve read my recent posts, you may recognize the Generation 8 naming theme… 😉


      • I just ran off and logged in. My account is now 19 years old. Holy crap!

        A late reply is better than never replying!

        Speaking of generation 8 naming…I have a faerie Kau. I actually don’t think I made it gen 8 yet. I need to start reading again.


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