Choose Your Poison

It’s time to choose an heir and I don’t waaannnnaaaa

Please do it for me

See how useless I am I can’t even punctuate anymore






*Well, not any card. You should probably use, like, a little bit of discretion.


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  1. but i love them all!


  2. They do all look good. And they all have interesting traits. I did like the boys too, they’re cute. And the twins are funny, but i must admit I really like Lira. Love the way you write her.


    • I know… this indecision has plagued me every generation. I hope it turns out for the best, like it did with Razor and Katana. And thank you so much, I’m glad I can do her personality some justice! 😀


  3. Bleargh. Every single one of these guys could be fun. But my heart belongs to Lev. Face clone or not, and I actually don’t think she’s a face clone. The few things she got from her dad’s side give her face a different look.

    Lira is one of the best Insane Evil sims I’ve seen written, though. Magificently creepy.

    Apparently I can’t view the results of that poll, so I hope my vote went through. I’ve had so many people’s polls glitch out on me.


    • Yeah, don’t worry, I set it so the results are invisible (because I’m sneaky) but I’ve been checking in often, and I saw a vote come in for Lev! I’m glad you don’t think she’s a faceclone; I was even going to take her out of the running, but I love her personality too much. We’ll see what happens. 😛


    • P.S. This is as good a place as any to ask — any idea why your simself would, say, install perfectly in the launcher and then fail to show up in-game? Yes, I’m talking about YOUR simself specifically. 😛 I’ve tried a bajillion different things, but she just won’t appear in the pre-made sims screen. And I want to make sure she joins the chaos before I play too far ahead!


    • ARGH. NO IDEA. Probably CC. But she’s been loaded into other people’s games.

      I actually have the simself up and also a household with me and my cat. The household is here:

      I’m actually not sure if it’s the individual sim or the household that has been in other games. At least it ought to be easier to verify whether it installed. If that doesn’t work, I’ll grab one of the copies I have in my games, age her back down to YA, and put her up for download someplace else as a .sim file.


      • Thanks! I’ll try it out later today. 🙂 I’ve always had some issues with downloading from the exchange, but I’m a pretty good troubleshooter (thanks for the hours of experience, EA!) and none of my workarounds were successful this time. Hmm. Fingers crossed! I won’t play too far ahead until she’s joined in the fun. 😛


      • I think I am officially giving up on the Exchange as a way to put stuff up for download. I just need to get my act together to put the stuff up elsewhere.


  4. Ack, I voted! This is my first heir poll and I’m so nervous (aha, like the weirdo I am xD). To be honest, I voted for my second favourite just to give them a chance, because there are two I’d like to see win it, and I’m pretty sure the other one will get more votes that the one I voted for…. Make sense? 😛
    Eeeahhhgbluurr… When do the results come in!?


    • It makes sense! And judging by that, I think I know who you voted for. 😉
      That’s a good question! I wanted to leave it for a week, but I may not be able to hold out that long. So I think I’ll close it around Wednesday, or whenever all my frequent readers have voted, or whenever I actually have time to sit down and play… I’m running a tight ship here, as you can see. Everything is super official. 😛


  5. Voted! I’ve had a favorite for awhile! My second favorite is too clone-y


    • Awesome! I’ve been anticipating your vote! 🙂 I have zero patience, so I will probably close the poll after all my usual commenters have voted… which should mean we’re waiting on three or four more people. TOO MUCH SUSPENSE.


      • Have you closed the poll yet?


      • Not yet! I’m thinking I’ll close it like noon-ish tomorrow? Three and a half days, is that long enough?

        P.S. Is your simself link fixed yet? I’m adding a bunch to the town and I would love for yours to join! But if not, don’t worry. 😛


      • Dude, I forgot to make a new one. It’s so stressful! I’ll do it when I get home! I’m PST, so it’s 2:34pm my time, I’ll be home around 5:30 – and ya know, have a FEW responsibilities, but I’ll post a new Simself tonight 🙂


      • Aww I don’t wanna cause you stress! I only just got home from work myself (even though it’s 7:15 EST, blegh). There’s no hurry, I just thought you might wanna join the party! I look forward to it! 🙂


      • I definitely want to join the party!


  6. Gah X_x;; such a hard choice. I had to pick Lira though. I’ve never seen another legacy character like her yet.


  7. So I think that all of them would make good heirs! I didn’t really have a favorite. I found them all funny. I think I voted for Lev, though… But then again, all of the heirs, thus far, have had black hair… Maybe I should have voted for Florin or Drachma… But I really like Balboa’s and Lira’s traits… But I think that Florin’s LTW might be interesting to do… And… And…

    Grr! I love them all! Shame on you!

    But anyway… I can’t wait to see who actually wins.


    • Haha, what you just wrote is EXACTLY my thought process every time I try to reason this through. I want to get some different hair colours in there, but the dark-haired kids just turned out better… sort of. I mean, I love them all. Aasdfsd;lgkjadlgkjadg. Not too much longer until we have a result, I expect. Thanks for voting! 🙂


  8. I am so excited to see who wins!


  9. Lawl! I was deciding between Florin and Lira, mainly because Lira is amazingly awesome, but she also reminds me so much of my current generation, SO I VOTED FOR FLORIN. 8D Id be surprised if he wins, though. But I ❤ his dorkiness forevar.


    • You did vote! I was hoping you hadn’t missed the boat ’cause I just closed the poll. XD Lolol I was basically camped out at my computer in the beginning, waiting for someone to vote Florin… turns out he made quite a comeback! You go, Dorkface.


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