Drum Roll, Please

After four gruelling days of polling, here are the results I’ve you’ve been waiting for…


Would you look at that! Florin didn’t come last. That deserves a post unto itself.

And 21 votes? Guys, I didn’t even know there were 21 of you reading this thing. I’m chuffed.

All that said, here it is: ladies and gentlemen, you have elected the maniacal winter doll Lira Langurd to preside over the fourth generation of the Dysfunkshinul Legacy.


Lira: The people love me. *girlish giggle*

She pretty much ran away with it from the beginning. There were like two hours when I wasn’t certain she would win, but her victory was sealed by Saturday night. (Which is why I kept the poll running three more days, obviously.)


I love Lira. I really do. She’s my favourite 60% of the time. And I will not, cannot dishonour the democratic process after all this hoopla…

BUT I’ve seen Balboa as a young adult, and ohhhh my, I can’t bring myself to move him out.


(What is this? He’s wearing actual clothes!)

So I want to put forth the idea of dual heirship. If anyone is totally opposed to this, I’ll toss him out on his ass at your command. If you’re for it, all the better. Speak now, friends!

Look at me, being all diplomatic.

But really… I’m at war with myself. They’ve been my favourites all along, and it seems even a poll won’t shake my indecision.

Tell me if I’m being completely crazy.

Oh, and sorry, Heather. It’s only 45 minutes late… 😛

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  1. Of course I want a double heir!!! Balboa was my favorite! And I thought he won for a second since apparently I missed the “how to read a pie chart” day in primary school… Lira was my second favorite, so I’d be in like – fangirl heaven. And you’re right! You were barely “late” at all! And no mind me pouncing directly all over the results… I’m at work, but my phone let me know and here I am! (working very hard indeed!)


    • In retrospect, a pie chart was probably not the best format for the “big reveal.” But I like pie.

      Thanks for your input! I think I will go ahead with it. And you’re not the only hard worker around… considering I did most of my Zale reading whilst on the job. I mean, uh, during lunch break. That’s it. 😉


  2. Dual heirship please! Balboa is my fav with Lira close behind; both of them staying in the house would be perfect.


    • That’s perfect then! I guess there will have to be a poll between their children eventually, so only one of them will be the “official” heir… but maybe it will be easier to choose by then.


  3. I’m good with dual heirship! They’re both my favourites (each for different reasons). 😉


    If your computer can handle it, DO EET o/ because they’re both awesome :3
    I dont know if you ever watch american dad, BUT for some reason ive always imagined lira’s voice as the one where Barry runs out of his meds, and is described as an evil Gary oldman. DONT ASK ME TO MAKE SENSE D: anyway, pew pew!


    • SUCH A SHOCKER that he didn’t win. I mean what.
      I figure I will let each of them have just a couple of kids, and that way we can keep it within the household constraints. I still have this weird determination to not break the legacy rules even though I have, inadvertently, at least like seven times. Hehe.
      Nooo I don’t watch it but now I must certainly look this up. I wanna know what Lira’s voice sounds like. :3


  5. Go for it! As I’ve said. I liked the boys too. Balbao and his jellybean addiction is amazing.


  6. I totally wanted Balboa and Lira to be duel heirs haha, so I’m down for this!


  7. Giv’er! Balboa would have been my second choice for sure!


  8. I would find it very strange if people DIDN’T want a dual heirship. Everyone seems to love those (myself included). And hey! Balboa technically doesn’t have black hair, right? Though… Vomit greenish-brown isn’t the best looking color. Go for it!

    And random, but with the tights that she has, and the shoes, Lira reminds me of one of the wicked witches from the wizard of Oz. Was it the east one that wore tights like those..?


    • Yeah! Balboa’s the only one with a completely new hair colour, even if it is atrociously ugly. Spoiler, I gave him some highlights to try and fix it… but I think I just made it worse. XD

      And yes, the Wicked Witch of the East, i.e. the one who gets crushed under Dorothy’s house, so in fact all we see of her is those tights and those shoes. Lira’s styling may have been slightly intentional. Which reminds me, I had a clever caption planned for last chapter and totally forgot to use it. 😛


  9. So I voted for Lira, but it was hard fight with myself because I really like Balboa the bean man. And so many legacies never pick boy heirs after a few generations. I’d love to see them both, it is a dream come true. 🙂


    • Hahaha, the Bean Man. I like that. 😛 I know what you mean though — girl heirs are more appealing in a way because you can doll them up more so than boys. And well, I DID doll Lira up quite literally, but I’m trying to make my sims more distinguished by character than looks. So I’m glad you like Balboa too!!! 🙂


  10. Omg I have been a lurker on this story for awhile and I loved it! A duel heirship would definitely be very cool! They both have such interesting personalities! Also I don’t mean to spam but I just started a legacy and if you have the time could you maybe check it out? Thanks!http://challengeacceptedthosefailinglegacies.wordpress.com/


    • Yay, hello!! Thank you for lurking, and now commenting! 😀 I’m looking forward to writing Lira and Balboa’s generation, it’s likely to be full of shenanigans – which I thrive on. I will definitely add your legacy to my follows list! Thanks for linking it to me 🙂


  11. Wickedclownsmile

    Just started reading and got all caught up on your wonderful legacy! Double heirs all the way cause balboa is too hot not to. 🙂


  12. Aw, I love Drachma. And I would have liked to see some more genetic variety. But Lira and Balboa are very awesome, cant wait to see the combined shenanigans!


  13. Random Note: Our TS4 avatars look very similar AND a bit like they’re talking to each other, LOL


    • I was JUST going to mention the same thing! Hahahaha.

      Sam: Hi Heather!
      Heather: Sam?
      Sam: Down here!
      Heather: Where?

      P.S. I promise I haven’t skipped out on the Zales, I just have to finish up work and moving and then I’ll be back to catch up. And TS4 in four days! Huge stresser.


      • Muhahahahaha! So funny! It’s okay, don’t worry about the Zales, they’ll be there whenever you have time! It’s supposed to be FUN for heavens sake – AND I can’t believe TS4… I preordered it…(checks paypal records) Oct 3rd 2013. It seems surreal!!


  14. Be careful keeping the jellybean addict close to his supply; there is such thing as death by jellybean.

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