University, man.


Fourth year is the ultimate shitshow. Here is a note to say I am still alive and will hopefully get a few chapters out over Christmas break (when I am once again human and no longer a coffee-breathing, hyperventilating, glassy-eyed zombie who can do naught but shuffle around clutching a box of Cheerios to my perpetually cough-racked chest).


I hope you’re all enjoying The Sims 4. Feel free to regale me with tales of its splendour, and I will try not to cry (probably can’t anyway; no tears left).

Here is a sneak peek at what’s to come screenshot chosen at random because I am devoid of willpower:


Love you all. ❤

P.S. I can’t imagine this goes for anyone, but if you’re really having Sam withdrawals or something, check out the blog I was forced to make for one of my courses. It’s scholarly and pretentious and nothing like this one.

P.P.S. I’watched that elephant gif on repeat (I mean duh… how else do you watch a gif?) for months, feeling it like a pickaxe to the ribcage errtime. And I only just noticed the SLIGHTLY BIGGER BABY ELEPHANT who turns around all concerned and RUNS AFTER the poor fella like “Hey man you okay? Ain’t Mom a bitch?”


*For elephants. Who have perfect memories. And could never be at risk of failing an exam.

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  1. Haha I can’t wait for some chapters over christmas break. I remember the university days *shudder*. So many tears, so much coffee, so many stupid long names for the parts of an invertebrate. Just call it a suction cup and be done with it! One day you will look back fondly on it and laugh though. Probably. Maybe lol. Good luck on your finals.


  2. You know, I watched that gif several times myself, and I have to say, I saw the older baby elephant running to help almost immediately – there is hope. Aw yes, university. Sims make it look easy. We’ll be here when you get back – enjoy your break! ❤


  3. I’m liking this out of solidarity, not because I like seeing other people be dragged into academic hell torture. It is awful. I’m STILL dealing with it myself (almost done though). I would regale you with some Sims 4 tales, but I don’t have it as EA hasn’t released it for Macs. D: Good luck with your finals, and I look forward to reading some chapters over Christmas, assuming we both survive! ❤


  4. I freaking love that gif, even though it does feel like a kick in the ribs when you’re already down – as you said, the sight of that older baby elephant running to help is very heartwarming 🙂
    University life sucks, but the bright side is, you’re nearly done! A few more weeks and you’ll have one semester left. Enjoy the regularly scheduled breaks while you can!


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