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It has come to my attention that I wrote my Liebster post both too slowly and in too much of a hurry, because I totally missed ixot’s nomination! Once again, ridiculously honoured at your kind words (Tewl doesn’t deserve them) so thank you, and here are more Q&A things because I had a blast with the last ones anyway:


1. Have you had a hobby/interest that you have completely given up nowadays? What and why?

Yes! My life is a long string of these. Most notably, I was a competitive figure skater for about 13 years. That sport is such a mind game. I would perfect a jump and completely lose it in the space of an hour. Not to sound narcissistic, but I think I would have been better off in skating if my mind weren’t so active (“overthinking it” is your enemy). I try to get back into it occasionally, but I won’t be landing my double lutz anytime soon.

Tiny Sam tearing up the rink
Tiny Sam tearing up the rink

2. If you and your family or your friends were to go on an outing nearby, where would you go and what would you do? If you went alone, would you go to the same places or do something completely different?

My friends are the bomb. We tear up arcades and bowling alleys and do dumb, childish stuff. Then I indulge my massive introversion by going for runs in the forest. Or, you know, just staying home.

3. Best memory of something you and a sibling/cousin or a friend did when you were kids?

This one time, my siblings and I rallied the neighbourhood kids and launched an assault with “Early Halloween.” Basically, we all dressed up in June and went door-to-door asking for candy. I think the residents of that street were secretly happy when we moved away.

4. Most useful mod and most useful setting you use while playing TS3? If you don’t use mods, why? WHY!???

I love MasterController for obvious reasons (all the mastery and the control) but I think I cried when Overwatch started deleting those stuck vehicles.

5. What’s your favourite perfume, and if you don’t use perfume, favourite lotion/soap or favourite natural smell.

It’s called Be Enchanted by Bath & Body Works, and they don’t sell it in Canada anymore. 😦

6. What’s your least favourite household task to do, and what don’t you mind as much?

I freaking hate washing dishes. It aggravates my germophobia in the worst way possible. On the other hand, I really love vacuuming.

7. If you were to learn something you know very little about, what would you most like to learn? 

I want to know the mechanics behind musical composition. Like, I know the basics, but how does this bundle of noises turn me into a bundle of emotions? Then again, maybe knowing would ruin it.

8. What kind of (non-existing) expansion would you want the most from EA?

Man, that’s a tough question. Some kind of wilderness survival thing? I know there was Castaway, but I’d love to see an option in the main game to be “homeless” or free-running and not attached to a lot.

9. If you make your own CC, what are you most proud of? Who is your favourite creator of clothes and objects?

Hell naw, too hard. Does making houses count? I love working in-game with CASt. Here’s a peek at my latest creation, but shhh, it’s a secret:


Anubis is my favourite maker of the hairs and the clothes.

10. Tell me about some weird/special food from your region or where you grew up, or from your own family. If nothing comes to mind, what’s your favourite dish? Main course and dessert.

I’d be a terrible Canadian if I didn’t mention poutine but since I went pescatarian, I can’t really have it. So I’ll tell you about Nanaimo bars. Or better, I’ll show you:


If that was gibberish to you, poutine = fries with cheese and gravy. Pescatarian = no meat except seafood.

11. Which is the best book on the top shelf of your nearest bookcase? (if you’re at home – if you’re away, just name a good book plz).

A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin.


And because Susan and I agreed to re-nominate each other for kicks, here are her questions as well:

1. Tell me something that you do with your real life. Career, hobby, life’s ambition, anything.

I play quidditch (the full-contact Muggle version). I’m a beater for my university’s team. I also enjoy sewing things and carving elaborate pumpkins.

2. What’s your favorite Sims game in the franchise? Why?

Sims Social, obviously!! I’mma go with TS3 World Adventures because the Langurds owe a lot to it, and it’s pretty.

3. How do you tell your Sims story? Do game first, then build a story out of it? Do you build the story, then play it out in the game? Are you an observational blogger? Some other way?

It’s no secret that I play waaaaay ahead before I write my posts. (Lira’s offspring are teenagers right now.) Basically, I pause at funny/compromising/bizarre moments and then hope to god that something semi-coherent emerges down the road. For my own writing at least, I prefer dialogue-centered narration.

4. Do you mod? If not, do you have a reason? If you do, what’s your favorite mod?

Did I mention Overwatch? Seriously, having my game run clean is the most important thing to me.

5. What is your most favorite sim you ever played? Why?

This is the fourth time Katana has trolled her way into my Liebster answers. GET OUT.

6. What is your favorite part of playing Sims?

The delicate balance of making things happen and watching things happen that are beyond your control. It’s like a leg-up for writer’s block.

7. What’s your favorite part of the Sims community? Do you have forums where you like to hang out?

The people, of course! That’s what I’m supposed to say, right? That and its longevity. As a preteen, I was addicted to the Boolprop forums. Ten years later, I’m pretty much just a WordPress hermit.

8. Do you blog for laughs or dramatic moments? Both? Neither?

Laughs, I hope! Although I am of the mindset that all comedy is better when you’re invested in the characters.

9. Have you ever given up on a challenge without finishing it? Have you ever actually finished one? Inquiring minds want to know.

No. Absolutely not and never in a million years. I am a paragon of commitment and follow through with every one of my endeavours.

10. (Stolen from Shannon) Who is your favorite author?

JKR forever and always. ❤ Although considering I have an elvish tattoo on my back, I probably should mention Tolkien too.

11. (Stolen from Kate) Do you write other stories/poems/lyrics/etc.?

Yeppers. Writing has been a prospective “career” of mine since I was five. I have some crappy novels under my belt that will never see the light of day, and I branch out into poems and lyrics occasionally. Currently working on a novel with my sister and a very serious project with my ex-roomie that involves death metal versions of happy pop songs.

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  1. That is awesome. Forget the awards, I just want the questions.

    My hubbie, my 4yo, and I are all taking figure skating lessons together. It’s awesome. Since I am 39 and not in danger of competing, I’m trying to figure out what my goal is and how long I’ll take lessons. What I mostly want is to have a ton of fun during open skating at the rink.

    I love the idea of truly homeless sims.

    If you’re pescatarian, you could have poutine with a veggie-based gravy, couldn’t you? Or is that a sin? Being an Ugly American, I’ve never eaten it, but it’s come up several times on Sims blogs, so now I want to try.

    I love your answer to my #6. Perfectly worded.

    I put up the addendum with your questions:


    • That’s so great! I had a friend who started at 30 or so, and he was throwing doubles when I quit — not saying you have to go that far, but don’t feel too limited!

      There are definitely veggie alternatives to poutine, they’re just not as common (that is, when you’re downtown in the middle of the night and your friends are like “Omg let’s go get poutine!”). And I’m pretty lazy about home cooking. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nanimo bars! *drools* I haven’t had those in ages! Not many places have them in my area anymore. BUT at least they’re (fairly) easy to make! 😀


  3. Correction: *Nanaimo I really have to start checking my spelling before I hit ok. In my defense I JUST woke up and my phone likes to replace words it thinks are wrong. 😛


    • Hahaha, you’re forgiven! I spelled it like that for many years until I realized Nanaimo was a place. 😛 I’m also about due for a fix, but I wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to make them. 😥


  4. Hi! I’ve been lurking for a while, but never felt the need to comment. Mostly just rushing to find the next chapter link. >.>

    But your answer to Q.6 just made me laugh for ages. It’s the exact opposite of me. I love washing dishes! Whenever I get agitated I feel the overpowering urge to wash something. I wash my housemate’s dishes often as a result. Vacuuming though…argh! I hate vacuuming! I hate the noise and having to empty the dust collector! It makes me want to just leave the floor dirty! Or bribe someone else to do it. >.> Vacuuming makes me want to wash dishes. XD


    • I’ve noticed you lurking! You gave me my “best day in likes” all on your own! And then you topped it a few days later! XD So hi, and thank you!

      Gahhh, dishes! I feel like I’m the opposite of most people on this question. But I’m a germophobe and a compulsive hand-washer and the thought of sticking my hands into a deep, dark, basin of lurking gunk is just… *shudder* At least with vacuuming, I only have to touch the grit with a three-foot pole. And it makes your house look so clean even if it isn’t! Sounds like we should trade off chores, but my housemate is a bit like you so we get by alright. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      • Really?! Well, then. You’re very welcome! XD

        As mentioned, washing dishes is kind of therapeutic for me. It’s a mindless chore you can do while thinking about other stuff. Just scrub, scrub and let your mind wander. ^_^

        Liked by 1 person

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