Interlude: Welcome to the Enchanted Dollhouse

You didn’t think the generation heading was just a metaphor, did you? XD

Take it from an English major: nothing is ever “just a metaphor.”


You probably caught on to my heavy-handed foreshadowing when Lira smashed the toy dollhouse and vowed to create its replica. No? Or maybe you’re a comment reader and you’ve noticed umbramuse and me talking about Midnight Hollow. Or, if you’re as unperceptive as I am and this is all new to you, that’s great! SURPRISE! Confetti and fanfare and ribbon snipping and all that.

Anyway, here we are in creepyville, third home of the Dysfunkshinul Legacy. I know what I said about “clean and simple” neighbourhoods, and Sunset Valley is still my favourite. But a while back, I had a stroke of madness and splurged on some Simpoints, which I never do. I decided to invest them in sprucing up the fourth generation of this wacky business. And no, I’m not talking about the Haunted Spruce Trees lining the Langurds’ new abode.


But wait, you say. What about Balboa? I thought this was supposed to be a dual heirship, so why should he have to live by Lira’s rules in her creepy-ass dollhouse?


The answer: He shouldn’t! Which is why I did a dumb thing and built two separate houses on the same lot. Now Boa gets his own moss-covered forest lodge complete with a wishing well, and I get to deal with multiple-front-door confusion! Shoot me now!


Tewl’s Creepy Tree fits in really well with the new surroundings. Razor’s Chinese Maple and Katana’s Buckthorn? Not so much.

I still haven’t decided on trees for Lira and Boa. If anyone is an expert on the tree catalogue, by all means feel free to suggest one.


The ground floor.


The upper storey.


The attic.


Let’s step inside, shall we?


Sorry — almost there.


Recognize the colour scheme? It’s one of my favourites.


Please ignore the missing ceiling tiles as we roam into the kitchen… they won’t hurt you.


Probably the least functional kitchen I have ever built, but oh well, it’s cute.


That snow cone machine probably feels like a bastard at a family reunion.


Ara’s pinkest-of-pink office has gained a few degrees of class.


Speaking of class…


My favourite room in the house. ^ ^ 😀


If I had to pick a theme for this one, I’d call it “mint chocolate chip ice cream.”


This one’s easy. It’s modelled after the Wall from Game of Thrones.


Albeit with a bit more colour and some artsy touches.


Three guesses what’s through this door…


Only the six coolest ponies in Equestria.


A super secret, restricted-access doorway…


Because no one watches Lira pee.


Also because the staircase leads to this.


A toy workshop…


And a massively scarring nursery.


Drachma’s room…


…and Lev’s. They’re totally separate and I’m not forcing the twin thing on them at all.


They do have to share a tiny bathroom, though. *shrugs* My floor plan had some kinks.


This is Katana’s room. Weston just gets to live in it.

Perfectly equipped for…


Easy snacking/boozing…

(Wine rack includes Katana’s three original blends, “Blood of the Brothers,” “Fire in the Heart,” and “Fire in the Hole.”)


…and private dance parties in front of her life’s work.


You know you’ve done well for yourself when your whole bathroom is made of gold.


This is her “kind of outside but not really” retreat that probably will never be used tbh.


This monstrosity sits at the top of the east tower.


And this one (Florin’s room) is buried in the middle of the roofwork.


Guess I forgot to take interior pics of Boa’s stone hut. Too bad, so sad. Next time!


Happy Simming!



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  1. Wow, nice house, really kept to the style. Reminds me (and my boyfriend peeking over my shoulder) of something you’d see in Resident Evil games, like Spencer’s Mansion or something. I love it. 😛 Classic and creepy.


  2. It’s perfect! You really captured the dollhouse look and the interiors are beautiful. It’s a shame the interior of Boa’s house wasn’t shown, but it’s easy to be overshadowed by Lira’s…’Lira-ness’. Gah, I’m so happy though. Midnight Hollow’s queen has arrived…I’ll go advise the residents to hide the children and gird their loins.


  3. Wow. That is exactly the house that Lira would live in. I am afraid for her children.

    Also, the framed pictures in the shape of a heart made me laugh so hard.

    Unlike you, I’m a Sims DLC whore. I have Midnight Hollow, mostly for the objects that came with it. I LURVES the observatory science center. The world itself worries me. I’m not sure that the Addam’s Family color scheme (black, black, black, and off-black) is really my thing. Then again, the Langurds provide color wherever they go 😉


    • Thank you! It does come with a lot of cool stuff. I’m starting to understand the allure of Store items (I also picked up the “Brunch at the Old Mill” set for this generation, and I love it!) so it’s probably a good thing I’m broke right now. So far, MH is fun and mystical but not very functional. The “open for business” feature doesn’t work properly, the festival lot never has festivals, and the lack of lighting is making all my screenshots just a bit worse. I think I’ll get over it though. 🙂


      • Just checking – did you download the festival lot from the Exchange? The store worlds don’t come with a festival lot installed by default.

        I am not best pleased with the news about the business objects. I haven’t used them, but I’ve been intending to have one of my witchy Samples open a magic shop or something.

        BTW: I finally went back to read the archives. I like it when other people comment on MY old posts, so I have been totally silent while reading yours :-p. I think the Langurds get the award for the most messed-up founding generation I’ve ever read. Bravo.


      • I did! I totally forgot about that, but I remember now that I did. It has the flashy festival icon over it, but I never get the “festival has come to town” pop-up and there are never any festival items on the lot.

        Spoiler: I had Lira open a toy shop (it was my big surprise for this generation) but it’s pitifully non-functional. All I get is twelve pop-ups a day saying “The regular clerk couldn’t make it into work today. So and so will be replacing them.” And then the replacement can’t make it in, and so on. There’s probably a fix, but I haven’t found it.

        Man, the Langurd archives are a crazy place! I’m glad you survived them! And thanks, I think they would gladly accept that award. 😛


      • Bletch. I’ve heard about that bug. The only solution I know if is another mod. I’m probably going to use it when/if I finally get around to opening my shop:


      • Ugh yes, I wish I’d known of this sooner! I’ll try it out when I play the Langurds again, but that may not be for a while, and Lira’s nearing the end of her days anyway. 😛


      • You really did play ahead!


  4. I love the house! I laughed so hard at your narration. It was awesome. You really did a great job making it look like a doll house. How much longer until you can move out some of the spares? They must almost be YA. I would totally want the loft bedroom with the ladder.


    • Thanks, I’m glad you like it! Florin’s bedroom would be fun, not gonna lie… although I’d want a bit more light (and some girly touches) up in there.

      Yeah, the spares are all YA now! But as you’ll know if you’ve read on, I’m keeping them around for more fun because I’m terrible and like to drag things out. It won’t be too long though, hopefully!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I love the house! It’s perfect for Lira (I know others said it, doesn’t make it less true). And great decorating themes, especially the Elsa one, love those colours so much.


  6. holy shit that house is amazing! i am always so impressed with other people’s building skills but this pretty much takes the cake, you did such an awesome job creating the doll house! i would never want to leave, homebodyness for the win lol


    • Aww, thanks! It was quite an undertaking, but I’m still an amateur compared to a lot of simmers out there. You can live in it if I get the piano room all to myself! Haha


      • Deal! The piano room is yours, if you need me, I’ll be in either the pretty pink office getting my nerd on with the books and computer or enjoying some (bottles of) wine in the classy living room, or just in the front hall cause omg purple! lol

        Liked by 1 person

  7. You built that?! Damn. It’s perfect! All of my houses look like trailers.


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