Mmmm, pie.

Well, your four days are up! If you still haven’t voted, no pie for you. To those who did vote, thank you! You can expect your pie in the mail in about two weeks’ time. Sadly, the Canadian postal system sucks so by the time you get it, it may look a little bit like this one…


Blue and moldy and disgusting.

Oh, right! So Gumby won. To tell you the truth, I was gonna be pretty crushed if he didn’t. All of my plans moving forward are banking on him being heir. Still, I wanted to make sure enough of you were on board that I wouldn’t be tossing faithful readers aside as I blazed ahead with my own plans.


Anyway, I hope everyone is okay with this green idiot taking over the legacy. I’m already playing again (and battling through glitches) so you can hopefully look for another chapter soon!


Gumby: I… I just don’t know if I’m ready for this.

Suck it up, clayboy. You’ve got work to do.


Happy Simming!


P.S. You may have noticed I updated the index with a new “The Age of…” heading. Check that out if you want a tiny inkling of what Gen. 5 is gonna be all about (and I mean really tiny, like so vague it’s almost not even worth it).

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  1. Yay Gumby won! I’m glad you were hoping he’d win as well. It’s all going according to plan for you lol
    I’m a bit confused about the end of the blog entry, what index? Is it just something that’s not loading? What did I do wrong D:>
    -ahem- Anyway, I can’t wait to see how Gumby does as heir. He’s gonna have such cute, squishy babies haha.


    • Haha, I’m glad YOU were hoping he’d win! It’s always nice if your favourite is (some of the) readers’ favourite as well. 🙂

      Index is here, it’s just my list of chapters and it should always show up at the top of the archives when you click “The Story” tab. Does it not show up for you? I hope it’s not malfunctioning… Maybe I should just put it in an easier place. 😛


  2. Well, he WAS the only non-face-clone, and as an extra benefit, he doesn’t have the alien nose. You could use that nose to make shish-kebobs.


    Did you mention that the bastards were up for download? Did you and I missed it?? OMG, Java is off to turn into an elf. Woohoo!

    BTW: You have amazing binge-reading skills, I have to say. I wish I made it easier for you to read the Samples, but I seem to be constitutionally incapable for shutting the hell up.


    • Eek, yeah, I hate that nose. Especially on female sims because it’s that much smaller. I hope it doesn’t show up recessively…

      I did mention it! At the end of 4.17, I believe? But considering my post-chapter notes tend to be useless crap, I would not blame you for skimming over that one. Yay for Elf-Java!

      Oh, I have a lot of experience with the binge-reading. 😛 I actually enjoy the detailed narration! I can tell you’re getting more invested in your characters as the story goes on, and it makes me want to invest in them too. (On that note, Charles is pretty much the coolest thing ever.)


  3. Yay for Gumby! Although he doesn’t look to happy about his total crushing of the competition. X) Ah well. Maybe this next generation will be easier on you (ha!) since you only have one heir this time.


    • It was quite the crushing! Bigger than Lira’s, in fact. And yeah, I thought the same thing… until my save file corrupted. Apparently Gumby getting a girlfriend broke the game.


  4. I still need to catch up with the rest Katana’s generation and onward, but I just want to say how utterly delighted I am that a Sim named “Gumby” has been named heir. A+ name choice that will probably be explained whenever I read Generation 4. Or not. It’s cool if it’s unexplained too.


    • Haha! Yes, don’t worry, things are still just as they should be (idiotic, dysfunctional) a few generations down the track. 🙂 I think I explain it somewhere… Anyway, glad to have you reading again! Hope you enjoy the catch-up!

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  5. I am beyond excited about this! Horray Gumby!


  6. I was torn between Skydancer and Mandrake, but that’s not to say I don’t like Gumby. I do. He seems like he’d be a really great heir 😛 Oh, and if it’s not too much trouble, would you mind reading my first chapter? Your legacy story is far superior to mine, so I would be quite honoured if you read it ☺️


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