Oh hey, I just found Gumby the perfect bride and–

error code 12...


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  1. Deep, cleansing breaths.

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  2. Goddamnit. How long had you been playing? Have you done a Reset All recently? Should I shut up now?


    • A couple of sim days from where the last chapter left off. And no, idiot that I am, I’ve been slacking on the resets (also on paying the Langurds’ bills, apparently, but ha! My save corrupted just as the repoman was on his way). I should have known since the file has been groaning for a while now. Thankfully I have a very recent backup, so I think I’ll load it, pack up the Langurd lot, and start fresh in a different World.


      • Ah, so you do have a recent save. That’s good news. Do you play with NRaas Saver? It’s a simple mod that prompts you to save every half hour of real time, rotating through 4 save names so that you can restore back in time if you need to. I swear by it.

        One issue with Kuree’s Save Cleaner is that it tends to delete portrait paintings. There’s a workaround for this, but I’d have to look it up.

        Another thing you can do to shrink your save file is delete all the world info from Katana’s travel days, if you haven’t already.


      • I hadn’t even heard of Saver ’til now! Sounds like a handy thing to have, although lately I’ve been piling the mods on a little thick and I’m worried it’s doing more harm than good. One more couldn’t hurt though…

        Oh god, if I lose the portraits one more time I will flip my shit. Sending a time traveler sim into an old save file is only fun once.

        Haha nope, I definitely haven’t. How would I go about doing that? 😛


      • You can open a save (it’s just a folder) and delete all the files that start with the name of a world that isn’t your home hood. When you go back to the world, it will be as if you’re visiting for the first time. Any relationships with foreigners in that world will be erased.

        I have lost portraits so many times. The SaveCleaner really is useful for shrinking your save file size. I’ve done it a couple of times. But I try to avoid it because of the portrait headache. There’s a guide on how you preserve your portraits, but I’d have to look it up. What I remember is that you go to Edit Town and save your active house (just the building) to the library. Then close your game, go to the library folder, and move the most recently-created file in the library to your desktop (it’ll be the house you just saved). Now run the save cleaner. Now move that household file BACK into the library. Run you game. Place the library copy in a blank lot in your town (you’ll now have two versions of the house) and delete it. That should place the image files back where they should be, and the portraits in your actual house should return.

        I have no idea if that made sense, and I should really go find the tutorial. :-p.

        I think doing Reset All will probably help more, though.

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      • So guess what… I lost the portraits.
        (Should have read this more thoroughly before I moved Worlds. :P)


      • Dur. How did you move? Just saving the family to the library and creating a new save in a new town shouldn’t erase the portraits.


        My usual solution to this is to go back to a save where they exist, load the portraits into a random townie’s inventory, save that household to the library, open the new save, put the sacrificial townie in the town, us MasterController to transfer the portraits from the townie’s inventory into an active sim’s inventory, annihilate the townie, and Bob’s your uncle.

        Very annoying.


      • It shouldn’t? Well, it did. 😛

        But I must be learning because I did exactly what you said, before I even read it! Except I put them in past-Mandrake’s inventory, changed his name to avoid mix-ups, plunked him in the new save and annihilated him. I just hope I don’t have to do this every generation…


      • LOL!

        I’ve done it like five times in six generations, so good luck with that :-p.

        I’ve heard that you can also put a World Adventures treasure chest on a blank lot, put the paintings in that, save the lot to the library, and plunk it into the new world for your actives to go investigate. I’m not sure it’s any less work, but it might save you guilt for killing pixels if you’re susceptible to that kind of guilt. I certainly am. I felt guilty for months for killing a face-clone baby in the active household of my ISBI and replacing it with a new one (which also turned out to be a face clone, so I was duly punished). I have a serious problem with reality. I know it.

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    • I know 😦 😦 😦 Touch wood, I *think* things will be okay. I just have to muster up the energy to fix it…


      • I hope you can fix it. I finally caught up with your chapters and I really hope Gumby survives. 😦


      • Yay, thanks for sticking it out! This was a looooong generation. I don’t want to jinx anything – my game is still acting up all over the place – but I think the Langurds are safe. Usually, when I get an Error 12, I can’t load the save again from the main menu. But somehow, I could this time. So I shipped them off to a new World and new save file before anything else could go wrong. 😀

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  4. I usually have two different saves running per game and I always “Save as” vs “Save”. Haven’t had a problem…
    You also might try Save Clean by Kuree. It will significantly reduce the size of the save file. Might help. I do feel your pain…we’ve all been there. Also the mysterious game crashes for no discernible reason…


    • Teach me your ways, o wise one! That’s a perfectly logical precaution and I’m facepalming so hard for not taking it all along. I swear any ounce of patience I have in my body has been gained from playing The Sims 3. Thanks for the tips – I’ll definitely try them out when I get things fixed. 🙂


      • I periodically transfer one save to a different folder on my computer (and I have saves on a flashdrive) just in case….I’ve been forced to do a factory reset on my computer far too often not to have backups…and backups of my backups.

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  5. Important announcement: DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I GOT SKYDANCER’S HAIR? In all the troubleshooting chaos, I think my game ate it.


    • I’m late to the party so you may have already found it… (oh and I’m also a lurker who is obviously terrible at intros) but I’m pretty sure Skydancer’s hair is Anubis – which means I’m pretty sure it came from TSR. However, I’m posting this from memory while at work so it could have been MTS… I have the same hair in my own game. 🙂 I’ll try to check it when I boot mine up next, although you may have already found this by now, meaning this post is entirely moot unless I’m a time traveler.
      Spoiler: not a time traveler
      So yeah, good luck getting everything back to sorts! And I’ll try to be less lurk-y and whatnot. 🙂


      • Haha I’m so glad somebody saw this comment — I wanted to get people’s attention without making a whole post about it! And thanks for your help! I’m pretty sure it is Anubis now that you mention it, but I got desperate so I ended up giving her new hair anyway. Dangit, why couldn’t you be a time traveler? 😛


  6. Aww Hell… Did you try a save as while the game was paused? When was your last backup? Restore an older version and master controller the shit out of everything if it comes down to that.


    • I was so panicked in the moment that all my troubleshooting skills went out the window. D: But thankfully, the game crashed and some miracle let me load the save again from the main menu. After a big move (and a lot of MasterController, of course :P) I think things will be okay. 🙂

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