PSA: Sim Salad!

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So I started another blog!

This doesn’t mean The Dysfunkshinul Legacy is being discontinued or bumped down the priority list. Actually, I’ve had this other blog sitting empty for almost two years, and a few posts’ worth of screenshots waiting patiently to be captioned. It’s not a very demanding project, so I’ll still have plenty of time for my most important endeavour: the Langurds. (I really need a job. And a life.)

What is Sim Salad? If you’re looking for me to explain the title, I’m afraid I can’t do that. I came up with it when I was 13. I don’t know how many of you read the paraphernalia on this blog, but this is actually a revival of the “sadistic in-game game show” I mention in my bio. It began in TS2 and progressed through several “seasons” into TS3.

In a nutshell: eight sims, randomly spawned in CAS, compete in seven life-threatening challenges until only one remains.

(Sounds familiar, right? I’ll have you know that The Hunger Games wasn’t published until two years after this started.)

It’s terrible, I know. I’m kind of appalled at myself for enjoying this as a preteen. Apparently not too appalled to start it up again… but things are going to be a little different this time. I’m going for a more empathetic approach, getting inside the unsuspecting contestants’ heads and introducing some elements of mystery. (Pffft, sounds ambitious, Sam. Good luck with that!)

Anyway, if you guys want to check it out, click the big picture up there! Or if you prefer clicking on small things, click here.

Here’s a little preview:



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  1. Ooh this sounds fun! Can’t wait for the first part to be up 😀
    I read a sims 2 story sort of like this years ago where people submitted their sims and had to compete in puzzles and stuff every week and the last-place person each round had to watch their simself die haha. Sort of like a Whodunnit? sort of thing.


  2. This is an insta-follow for me! I used to do something similar with The Sims 1. My cousin and I would make 8 random Sims, drop them into the deathpool, and see which one died first. Good times!


    • Woooo, so I wasn’t just a disturbed child! (Unless we both were.) I bet that would’ve been fun on TS1. I’m considering doing multiple seasons of this through all the games, especially since there are more ways to die in 2 and 4. 😛


  3. Nice! I will definitely follow it!

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  4. He he, sims getting killed, it never gets old.

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