5.5 Bittersweet

Question: What’s the longest you guys have ever played for in one sitting? I’m too ashamed to admit mine, but let’s just say I’ve been putting in almost full days lately, and it’s taking its toll. I moved some stuff into my RL apartment today, and when my cat immediately started nosing around the new trash can, I saw “Check Out New Object” hovering in his action queue. Then I sat down with a glass of water and asked myself what life is.

Of course, it doesn’t help that when I’m not playing, I’m writing posts or editing screenshots or formatting blogs. But hey, you gotta live control fake people’s lives while you’re young!


Alternatively, you can live while you’re old like Lira. She seems to have really come into her own since she hit elderhood, and more specifically, since she embalmed herself in the pursuit of eternal youth.

Lira: Stupid bunny rabbit! I wanted an alien!

Still pining after Teqeq?

Lira: Who is Teqeq?


Gumby had all this metal in his inventory from Egypt, and I kept accidentally clicking on it and seeing “Transmute” in the menu. Any FMA fan could not pass that up.

Gumby: Look, Omen! Daddy is the Fullmetal Alchemist!

Omen: Please don’t drop that on my head.

Gumby: Don’t be silly, I w— oops.

Turns out “transmute” only means “slightly increase its value.” WHAT A SHAM.


Gumby: Please poop for Daddy?

Omen: No! You’re not the Fullmetal Alchemist, you’re a sham!

And that was when Gumby lost all of his son’s respect.


Taking a moment to acknowledge how perfect Omen’s face is. I can’t tell if he’s more Frieda or Gumby — in fact, I don’t see much of either in him. Maybe he’s adopted.

Omen: Please oh please let it be true!


Mommy is off maternity leave now, so she can get back to raking in the dough $200. Unfortunately, the science complex is a four-hour boat ride away so she ends up putting in like two hours’ work each day. Say goodbye to a promotion!


Wait, you’re wearing that to work? On second thought, just quit now.

frieda makes a discovery

And this is why you don’t judge a book by its cover. Now put a patent on that shit before you die of radiation poisoning.


Lira’s mummy plan may have had some holes. For instance, bandages and water…

Lira: I am impermeable!

I friggin’ hope so. If you grow mold, I’m kicking you out.


And here’s my daily dose of love for Isla Paradiso and its beautiful blurple skies. Once again photobombed by canoodling horses.

Pokey: Hmm, you don’t seem like such a threat. I guess we can be friends.


Pokey: Hold your horses, buster.

Oh Pokey, you so funny.


Gumby: Even the paparazzi in this town are hot!

That’s true, but dammit, don’t give more Frieda more reason to want you dead! :/


At this rate, Frieda will accomplish Gold Digger before Skydancer gets anywhere near Magic Makeover. Is it just me, or is Charisma an absolute bitch to max? Maybe it’s that Sky doesn’t do anything, just sits at her dumb computer basking in her past accomplishments (says the hypocrite).

Skydancer: I can’t help it if I’m a prodigy.

Nice try—those aren’t even real trophies!


One day, Pokey randomly galloped off the lot to stand in the middle of the road. For a second I thought she was staging an epic escape, but it was probably just a route fail.

Pokey: Disneyland, here I come!


Pokey: Wha— Hey, I’M WALKING HERE.


She was hit by three cars in quick succession. The first was my simself’s.


The next was Frieda’s carpool.


And the last was none other than Florin. Thanks, guys. You effectively stopped the horse’s rampage by breaking all of her legs.


It was no coincidence that all these sadists and incompetent drivers had gathered in one place. They were attending a Sadists’ and Incompetent Drivers’ Conference! Also known as the annual Langurd reunion.

Florin: Wait, there’s a party? I only came to run over the horse.


As per usual, he walked up to the door and immediately turned around to go home. But that’s okay, we still have all the important people.

Lev: I see you’ve replaced me.

What, with Skydancer? She was BORN a fairy and she’ll still never be as good as you.

Sky: HEY! …Is that Dim Sum?


No one could greet the guests because no one in this house can move faster than a turtle.

Lira: Oh my! Who is this perfect china doll? Have I also been replaced??!


Lira: Eugh, never mind, her hair is as coarse as a Cabbage Patch Kid’s.


Frieda: Do I tell her she smells of rotting flesh?

Best not..


Lira: Hi, sister!

Drachma: God, Lira, what did you do to yourself? You smell like rotting flesh.

Because Drachma will do that for us.


There was this awkward moment where it looked like Lira was heartfarting her own daughter and I was genuinely terrified.


But it was actually this invisible guest, who — by my powers of deduction — is either Jeff or Coolio. That’s Lira’s brother-in-law or her brother’s clone, so either way not a whole lot better.


Jeffoolio was a really happy invisible guest. He showed up juiced and took pictures of everyone with his levitating phone.


Poor orphan Donte also showed. He may have inherited a little too much from my simself, but he and Sky hit it off at school… and he IS the son of the world’s most beautiful premade



Donte: You’re into your mom? That’s gross!

Skydancer: No, god! That was like, ten minutes ago. Get with the program, Don’t!

…he doesn’t have the most charming of personalities. And he definitely got Young’s donkey ears. XD


Finally, almost all of the guests made it inside aaaaaand I got distracted by the sky again.


Unfortunately, Livy and Laura missed the first wave of “Invite Inside”s and it was too much of a hassle to do it again.

Laura: Well, this is awkward.


Livy: It’s okay, we’ll be alone together.

Laura: But this is more awkward.

Livy has yet to take a shower from the last party.


They didn’t miss much. Lira bopped along to some Geek Rock, unsure how to move without tearing her bandages.

Lira: Hurr hurr hurr!


The Tiddlywinks reunited for their first (and probably only) group performance, and Gumby was finally allowed to join. He’s quite the pianist these days, but if a band is only as strong as their weakest link, these guys are as strong as Buzz’s level two plunk-plunking.


Lev: You guys knock my socks off. Like literally, where are my socks?


As per usual, Boa was in the garden, trying to die.

Boa: Tonight is the night, I can feel it!

(Still trudging along noobishly at this point, unaware that it wasn’t and would never be “the night” for him.)


It was Skydancer’s night though. Actually, I think that’s why I threw a party in the first place. By the time she got around to aging up, most everyone had gone home and she had but one (unexpectedly enthusiastic) spectator.

Drachma: I get to go home after this!


Jeffoolio: I’m here too! Let’s keep the party going!

Drachma: Aww shit.

Sky is still the angel to Lira’s devil. She rolled Natural Cook as her fifth trait. That seals it — we’re keeping her.


Then my camera panned away and suddenly, THIS.



Boa: Jelly beans, I have spent my life in your clutches, but I refuse to be imprisoned any longer! This ends tonight.

“=]l;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;56,mmm66” is what my cat had to say about this picture. I couldn’t put it any better.


He freaking fire-blasted the jelly bean bush that he’s been snacking from since childhood. Freaking AUTONOMOUSLY. Does that even make sense? Is this real life? Did my game gain sentience? Because I’m still confused.


What you see here is him ice-blasting the bush to put out the fire. ALSO AUTONOMOUSLY. Now, I know I have a pathetically limited knowledge of this game, but THAT’S WEIRD, RIGHT?

Livy doesn’t think so. Livy thinks it’s pretty cool.

Livy: Hey Boa! You’re so cool!


Livy: So guess what, you married into my legacy. Your wife over there is a better match for you than Malissa ever was.

Boa: Well, how about that.


Boa: To think I’ve spent all this time trying to die so I can rejoin her!

Livy: Lol yeah.

Photographer: Two burn victims discuss suicide in a drug plantation. Think how many copies of the paper we’ll sell with a headline like THAT!


Boa: Here, I have a present for you.

Livy: What the…?


Livy: Wow, you’re so cool!

Boa: 😀

So that was that for Balboa and the Beanstalk. I often look for signs from my sims, and this one seemed to be a big, fat “Hey, stop trying to kill me!” So there you go. You win, Boa. Enjoy your last few days of life.


Meanwhile, Sky wasted no time in growing up. Her first adult wish:

skydancers first adult wish

And it’s apparently all she can think about. Maybe there is some Tewl in her yet. –_-


Did I say all the guests went home? Sorry. My simself refused to do the decent thing and gtfo, staying just long enough to mooch some tea. True to life? Noooo…

Sam: I called you two here because we have some stuff to discuss. Businessy stuff and things.

Gumby: You didn’t call us here.

Sam: As you know, the family funds have been in decline since the end of Katana’s generation. I need you fools to get rich, and fast.


Lira: I could live with that.

Gumby: So many coupons to be clipped!

Sam: Now listen closely, there’s just one thing you have to remember…


Sam: *stares out window*

Gumby: We’re on our own, aren’t we?

Lira: You’re green.

inevitable ugh

After that, my simself went home and promptly started DATING HER SON. Really, SP? Like there aren’t 30 other women in town you could have paired him with?

incest runs this town

Apparently incest runs this town. But maybe it’s okay since Coolio doesn’t have a face.

(It is definitely not okay.)


Buzz: Why are your bandages dripping again?

Lira: Oh, Buzz! It’s awful! This was the biggest mistake of my life!


Lira: I’m suffocating in here, it smells so bad all the time!

Buzz: Amen. There’s been a rat in my chest cavity for months.


Lira: Here, let me kill it.

Buzz: Gosh, thanks.


What does Lira do when she needs cheering up?



Lira: You won’t be making wishes anymore, children!


The sucky thing about Skydancer’s LTW is that it involves going outside and talking to people. Ugh. To the park we go!


Basically my feelings toward life.


This is Robi Sama-Livingston. (Yes, Sammy, he’s married to your simself.) He was dancing with another woman (omg scandal) so I decided to break up that little tryst before it started.

Skydancer: Hi, I’m Skydancer and I like fire. Do you like fire? Sometimes I make fire for no reason.

Her four charisma points are a lie.


The night ended with Robi dancing with another woman, again. Good deed = shot to hell, but Sky locked in another friend for Charisma skilling!

Oh yeah, apparently she also graduated.

skydancer grad

Even our best and brightest gets a crappy superlative. Dammit, Langurds.


Also at the park: Two kitties, Drachma the Unimpressed, Lev’s daughter Deana, and Jeff the Invisible. Hate to say it, but I don’t think a pair of wings makes a very good father.

Deana: FML


Never let it be said that I don’t care about my sims. Balboa wanted to burn the jelly bean garden, so let’s burn it, I say!

Boa: Finally, I can live a normal life!


Er, for three seconds, apparently. 😦


Grim: Congratulations, you passed the test! I’ll take you to your wife now.

Boa: But I don’t want to go anymore! Carpe diem!

Grim: Haha, nice one. Get in the fucking urn.


Grim: And don’t you dare come out.

What’s that measly grey thing? We haven’t had one of those since Tewl!


Despite living for 104 days, Balboa was not quite as fulfilled as I thought he was. He died with 128,124 LTH points.That might have changed if I hadn’t spent the last few weeks of his life trying to kill him.

That said, he did some cool stuff. He was the first heir with hair that wasn’t black. He got a degree in Science and Medicine and became an Alchemy Artisan by drinking a lot of narcotics, which, realistically, his med degree should have warned him against. He also raised a son singlehandedly, captured the family’s second unicorn, and built skills in nine different disciplines. After beating a lifelong addiction, he passed away oh-so-appropriately in his pyjamas.

Sleep well, buddy ol’ pal.

(Ignore the urn under Lira. I was way late taking this picture.)


It was a good night for Gumby, who finally got what he’d been wanting.

Grim: Congratulations, you got the job.

Gumby: I did?

Grim: Sure, your uncle really sucked the fun out of it. But we should probably perform the proper ceremony.


Grim: There is one thing you should know, though… *vanishes*

Gumby: Why does this keep happening to me?


You can’t make this shit up. Literally the second Grim was gone, the jelly bean garden burst into flames.


Buzz: Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

Sorry, kid, I locked the gate before. Only Balboa can go through there. *dark laugh*


Gumby: It’s my birthday!



Oh, how I wish Boa had lived to see this.


So beautiful…


I’ve never let a fire go this long before. It took out pretty much all the bushes.


Certain people found a way around the gate.

Ara: A fire, how nice.


And certain people decided to be heroes.

Ara: What are you doing?!

Chris: Saving people’s lives.

Ara: But you’re ruining the metaphor!


Ara: Uncultured swine.


And so, beyond the grave, Balboa kicked addiction’s butt and burned his demons to the ground. Much symbolic, so poetry. Wow.


Sorry for the break! It took me a while to get back in the headspace after floating on a lake all week. (Poor me, I know.)

Also, for those of you who wanted more cat pictures, Dewey finally calmed down enough that we were able to take our first selfie!


And then he gouged my leg in rebellion.

Happy Simming!


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    Boa’s swan song was FABULOUS.

    Are you sure I wasn’t the one heart-farting for Skydancer? That wouldn’t be completely inaccurate.


    • BTW: I don’t think I’ve gone more than three hours at a sitting, but that’s not voluntary. That’s parenthood.


      • Well hi! So many comments to catch up on (guess that’s what happens when you’re lame and disappear for 3 months).

        Congrats on first comment (and thanks for making me feel like my blog is famous enough for that). You know, I stopped keeping track of who’s hot for whom in this game because I think everyone has heartfarted everyone at least once. Are my mod settings wonky? Or is Tewl’s taint still in the water?

        Haha, perfectly fair! Obviously a factor I failed to take into consideration. 😛


  2. Aw! Nice selfie with you and your kitten. I hope you’re both enjoying the new apartment. I always loved getting a new place. I still find that even though I own a house now I still go and look at houses for sale and apartments for rent just to look at the layout and imagine what I could do with it. Perhaps I need a hobby? lol

    The longest I’ve ever played… gosh… When we’re having a legitimate lazy, sit back, and the only thing that is getting done is laundry, kind of day I can go 8 hours? I may have reached 10 or 12 once but its not ringing any bells. Yesterday was a restart-twilight princess-and-play-for-6 hours-kind of day so I didn’t get any simming done. Which was a shame, I could have put in a few hours and enjoyed myself. Maybe next weekend.

    “Ara: What are you doing?!

    Chris: Saving people’s lives.” I laughed so hard at that. Fare thee well poor jelly bean bush. Fare the well.


    • Thank you! I’m a nomad at heart, so I definitely understand the new-place euphoria. Although I secretly would love to have a place where I could make everything permanently my own (as long as I still had the option to take off on adventures) so maybe we should switch places? Haha (or maybe we should both just channel our feelings into building Sim houses, since that is a perfectly respectably hobby :P).

      Ah, that sounds wonderful! When I wrote this post I didn’t know how good I had it, and now I’m working full-time and seriously craving a “legitimate lazy, sit back” day where I can sim for 8 hours. But I guess those days are all the more rewarding when you’ve worked for them. 🙂 Now, maybe I should cull some of my hobbies so I actually have time on weekends. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my, Balboa! </3 I'll miss him so much. Such a theathrical ending, I love it. He must have been one of my favorites ever, I'm glad about this dual heirship thingy.


  4. I simmed WAY too long this weekend but I’m pretty sure I’ve done a 12 hour day before back when I wasn’t working. I make myself get up every hour or so and walk around because it starts to hurt. I wish I had a real desk instead of my lap desk, though.

    I haven’t had a good chance to check out your story but after reading this I see that your humor is very much like my own, haha! What an interesting family. 😀


    • Oh god, 12 hour days on a lap desk? That’s dedication! I definitely have a distinct “simming posture” where I’m kinda slumped onto my left elbow with one finger hovering over the “P” button, and if I go for too long I end up stuck like that. Probably doing permanent damage to my spine, in fact. SACRIFICES!

      Excellent! Welcome, humour twin! 😀 And thanks for dropping by!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Is it strange if I’m proud of my simself? Because I’m totally proud of my simself right now. It would maybe be nice if she’d showered, but hey nobody’s perfect!

    I think the longest I’ve ever played straight (excluding bathroom breaks and occasionally roaming the house in search of food) is probably about 8-10 hours? I probably didn’t even get much done in the game, I’m so bad at focusing on stuff (case in point, I’m writing this, researching a RWBY cosplay, watching a youtube video, and writing my next post all at the same time)!

    Also, thanks for the blog promotion 😛 I’m both sad and relieved to see Boa go, he was probably one of my favourites and watching you attempt to kill him was hilarious, but baby space! 😀 Can’t wait to see what Freida and Gumby (Freidumby? XD I swear you already came up with one of these but I can’t remember it and I’m too lazy to go looking so I’m gonna stick with that monstrosity XD) spawn next!


    • Not at all, I’m rather proud of her too. She makes for hilarious narration wherever she goes (even the Langurd Birthday. Especially the Langurd Birthday).

      Hahaha, sounds about right! I have no attention span at all except when I’m playing the Sims – I find there are enough things to be distracted by within the game itself, especially when you have 8 whole people to control OMG are you a cosplayer and can we talk cosplay stuff and which RWBY character did you cosplay as etc. etc.?? (Not illustrating the attention thing at ALL.)

      HAHAHA Friedumby. I’ve cycled through so many ship names for them, but anything with “dumb” in it just wins. Period. Also I’m way behind the times here but I’m sad to see the Gordons on hiatus! HOW DARE YOU DEPRIVE ME OF BOA’S GRANDCHILD! 😛 But I’ll have to get my ass over to the Evanses soon, if that’s where the party’s at these days.


      • Yay! 😀 I’ve just realised I don’t have your simself!? I think I tried before and she was missing an item and weird things happened… But maybe you’ve corrected that and now it’s fine? I’ll have to have another go!

        Whenever I’ve been up to 8 people I sort of go into meltdown mode because HOW. DO. YOU. DO. THAT. So many red plumbobs D:

        Of course we can! 😀 I cosplayed Ruby, and she was actually my first cosplay! I’ve planned out loads of others in the past but I’ve never really had the guts/confidence to go and make any of them (probably the attention thing!). This was actually really hard because I had to make the entire dress and everything completely from scratch and oh my god I need to learn more xD My next project is Ramona Flowers – I have a fullsize prototype of her hammer made up and sitting behind me right now!

        Friedumby is a monstrosity and I love it. Though, at the time I read it as free-dumby, but now I look on it like fried-umby, and I’m not sure which is worse! xD

        Haha sorry! 😛 Hopefully they’ll be back soonish!? I just got Fast Lane stuff and the idea of Lyra in any of those cars is just… too tempting xD Though the Evans are on semi hiatus as I just can’t write them how I want to and I’m also a little addicted to Skyrim these days xD


      • Yeeahhhh… I probably haven’t fixed that. XD I’ll upload a CC-free version at some point. Or a .sims3pack instead of a .package, that way the CC just comes with her. Embarrassing that I never knew the distinction until recently. 😛

        Ahh that’s so cool!! I’m actually a seamstress in my spare time (what spare time, Sam?). I love making fandom costumes and I actually got paid to do it for the first time this year (by people I know, but that’s beside the point). I mostly do Halloween costumes that end up looking unnecessarily authentic next to everyone’s half-assed party attire… but I’ve been wanting to branch out into cosplay, I just haven’t taken the leap yet. 😛 I’ve done Margaery Tyrell and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones and Disgust from Inside Out among other stuff. And I did Anna from Frozen this year for my very Anna-ish friend (soooo much glitter glue…). Ramona Flowers would be so awesome though, I’ve never gone as far as making weapons before. :O

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahaha, it’s cool XD If you upload a .sims3pack I’ll definitely grab her though!
        Oh wow, those sounds amazing! All of those have ridiculous outfits so really wow XD I’ve always wanted to do more sewing of garments (I did textiles in secondary – it prepared me for NOTHING but sparked a desire to sew all the things), so when my friends started comparing me to Ruby I was just like, ‘I know what I have to do…’
        I’m super proud of it so obviously I have to show everyone, and this is the best picture I have 😛 https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/t31.0-8/12238087_408265462697135_6243653729275635903_o.jpg

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      • Hooooly shit, that’s your first cosplay??! That’s incredible! The lacing on the boots and bodice is spot-on. Seriously, wowwww :O

        Well, since we’re sharing… 😛 Here’s Anna and the Queen of Hearts and Bambi (my friends love their Disney). Don’t mind the slapshod procrasti-cloak on Anna; I forgot the costume needed one until the last second and had to fashion one out of an old dress. This is Dothraki-era Daenerys from three Halloweens ago (don’t judge, I was a noob… the wig was impossible to do crazy braids with. Should’ve just bleached my hair. And I actually went all-out with purple contacts, but you can barely see them :P). Margaery matched my colouring better, at least. And Disgust was a challenge because, well, I’m not green and coloured hairspray is a liar. (Oh yeah, excuse the dumb faces – apparently I have very few pictures of that costume. XD)


      • The laces on those boots is literally red cord from the fabric store weaved through the boots at the last minute XD And the bodice is just a piece of elastic 😛
        Though I can’t take full credit, I was helped a lot by my boyfriend’s mother (who made her own wedding dress!!) and his brother – they told me how to lay pattern pieces out to make the most of the fabric stretched, helped me set the sleeves, and basically made everything way easier!

        Oh my god, those are so good! Your Disgust one leads back to Margaery, which looks amazing on you btw! Also, the sleeves and edges on the queen of hearts are amazing and the flowers on the skirt and bodice of Anna probably would have killed me so that’s awesome too! Aaah, they’re so good!


      • Still though! Being resourceful is half the battle in costume making. I ad lib everything (case in point: Daenerys’ belt is made of an old wallet and the harness from a toy dogsled). It’s always nice when people are willing (and patient enough!) to teach you their craft. I learned what I know from my grandma AND got a hand-me-down sewing machine. 😛 But I honestly have no idea what I’m doing for the most part. My stitch ripper sees a lot of use. XD

        Haha oops, I think I fixed the Disgust link but in case I didn’t, here: http://i483.photobucket.com/albums/rr191/tiffanyleblimp/1_zpspruaol81.jpg
        And thank you!! 😀 The flowers almost did kill me… glitter glue is my arch nemesis. 😡


      • Cosplay! I assembled my first ever “serious” costume this past fall. It was, ahem, Zita the Spacegirl (http://www.amazon.com/Zita-Spacegirl-Ben-Hatke/dp/1596434465/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1452542368&sr=8-1&keywords=zita+the+spacegirl) because, hey, I have a 5-year-old. BTW: Zita the Spacegirl is THE MOST AWESOME adventure comic series for elementary schoolers. The long-suffering husband and I were Piper and Madrigal respectively, the only two other humans in Zita’s band of companions.

        I’m touching up the costumes so that we can show them off at the scifi con Arisia this weekend. The fabric paint didn’t wash quite as well as the product promised.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh man, family cosplays are my favourite! And fabric paint is a truly nightmarish substance. I haven’t dared wash any of my creations… the memories of getting the stuff ON there are too painful.


  6. *checks this blog everyday since last weekened* yay, finally! I was having withdrawal symptoms. I’ve played for 4 hours straight once. Only got up for snacks. But after reading the other comments, I see 4 hours is basically nothing 😛

    “Pokey: Hold your horses, buster.
    Oh Pokey, you so funny.” ahaha XD

    “Apparently incest runs this town. But maybe it’s okay since Coolio doesn’t have a face.
    (It is definitely not okay.)” My two favourite lines.

    Aw, I love your selfie!

    Can’t wait for the next chapter, and the next episode of Sim Salad 😛


    • Also, I really like the layout of your Index page, with the “Age Of” thing and the different topic-thing for each generation. I was wondering if I could use a similar layout to yours on my new legacy? (yes, I already got bored of my first one XD – I like to think of it as a trial run). I wanted to ask for your permission otherwise I would feel like I was plagiarising you 😛


    • If you were having withdrawal symptoms after one week, then, uh… I’m really very sorry. 😛 What’s it been, like three months? And I’m just getting down to proper comment replies…

      Snacks are important. I hardly factor them into my perception of time because I am basically always eating.

      Haha, I’m glad you enjoy my dumb horse humour. Pokey is kind of my spirit animal. XD

      Wayyyy late thanks for the comment and I promise to have a new post out soon!!


  7. Lol, I sometimes wish I could put in a full day’s simming. Not ashamed to admit I’ve considered taking a day off work, and simming for the whole day. For now, when I have more than 2 hours straight, I put in a decent session. Now that sounds a wee bit dirty to my mind… changing the subject now.

    I’m not sure if Gumby and Frieda should have another baby, they couldn’t get a more perfect genetic mix than Omen. On the other hand, we might get a possible heir with non-black hair, so… (not to mention, can’t wait to see the other names you come up with for this theme)

    Charisma is absolutely a bitch to max if you don’t have a helpful trait (Friendly, Charismatic or Flirty) to make friends more quickly. And once you’ve maxed it and a couple of the skill challenges, you can make friends just by using a Charming Introduction. When you no longer need friends. *facepalm*

    Your simself with the tea party, that whole exchange is hilarious. Is there an Easily Distracted trait? I get the feeling your simself might need it 😛

    LMAO at the fire! Man, your game has the *best* sense of timing eva. And then the ghosts put it out! Another tick in the column for “keeping all the ghosts on the active lot”. RIP Balboa, even if you didn’t get the golden urn, you will forever be remembers in the sims community for bringing the sheepy pattern back into ‘fashion’ and showing us all that it is possible to dress sims according to the so-called “boring” traits.


    • Wouldn’t that be the dream? There’s something incredibly cathartic about staring at a screen all day and thinking “who’s gonna stop me?”. Bahaha… thanks for making my mind go there.

      I know, I almost hate when they get it right on the first try. Maybe it’s because I thrive on the suspense of heir polls, or maybe it’s because I’m a middle child and I like to think second is always best. 😛 Not gonna lie, I thoroughly enjoyed naming the kids this generation and I’m pretty happy with the results.

      Skydancer IS Friendly, but she still sucks. Or maybe I do. And HAHAHA, of course… what good is that?!

      Oh, she definitely does! As do I… not least because I’m at work right now with a half-sorted stack of papers beside me and eight tabs open in Chrome…

      “Man, your game has the *best* sense of timing eva” — I swear it does, and my blogging depends on it so I should probably start praying to my game every time I play. 😛 Poor Boa, he lived a full life and is mostly remembered for his pants (but I love it).


  8. You gotta watch out for wizards! If they’re left on free will they will autonomously cast spells. And the ice spell is the magical equivalent to pulling out a fire extinguisher for normal sims. 🙂
    The longest I’ve ever played….without stopping? Probably a good eight or so hours. I usually get distracted by things like food. XD


    • That’s what I figured! Boa ended up on free will a lot, when he’d either run out of “Eat Jellybean” prompts or get singed, which cancelled everything out. The whole thing reminded me that I need to leave my sims to their devices more often, ’cause that’s when all the weird shit happens.

      Food is important. Luckily, I’m a stupidly fast eater and that means I barely have to take a break, even if the snack is a two-hander and I can’t multitask. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I am also ashamed of how long I’ve played Sims in one sitting. I usually play until I blink and it’s suddenly 5 am, or until my boyfriend pokes me to make sure I’m still conscious.

    Omen is an adorable toddler. Despite having all of Gumby’s colouring, he does seem to be a good mix of Gumby and Frieda. I think he’s got Gumby’s nose and Frieda’s mouth, if that helps at all.

    I laughed too much at Pokey being hit by three cars. Seeing Florin there just made me lose it for whatever reason. I also lost it at your Simself dating her son. That tops pretty much every instance of Scatterday/Riverview incest I’ve had in my game. 😛

    I’m glad Balboa got die a satisfied death that involved fire, even if he had to wait too long to be reunited with Malissa. That jellybean bush fire is very impressive.

    You and your cat are adorable. Great chapter! 🙂


    • Sounds about right! It’s gotten worse since I started living on my own, too — nobody there to poke me or give me that reality check. I’m like a bachelor who doesn’t shower and eats two-week-old pizza, except that my guilty habit is the Sims…

      I’ve been trying to figure out Omen’s face for ages, but I think you may have just helped me crack the code. So thanks. 😛 I’m really pleased with how mixed he is. So refreshing after a generation of face clones!

      Seeing Florin is enough to make anyone lose it. He’s just that kind of guy. And blegh, the Sim!Sam/Donte story arc is nauseating and hilarious at the same time. There’s more to come, of course.

      I still can’t believe how well his death worked out. I’m a sucker for symbolism, and my game knows me too well.

      Thanks so much! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Hmm. How long have I played sims in one sitting? I’m not sure. It get’s especially confusing since I sometimes put the computer to sleep with sims still running while I *gasp* fulfill obligations. Or to sleep.

    I’M CAUGHT UP!!!! WHAT WILL I READ NOW *Checks sim blog reading list* Ok now that I’ve got that sorted out, I’m going to give myself a pat on the back for making this far with out going insane or choking on my own laughter.


    • *gasp* How scandalous! *gasp* Not that I’ve done the same or anything… I worry about the toll that might take on my computer, but it’s easy to bury those thoughts for the sake of convenience. Why trouble yourself with the loading times when you’re just going to play again in an hour or two? XD

      YAY, I’m so glad!! Have a pat on the back from me as well. Or don’t, ’cause personal space and things.


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