5.6 The Perfect Storm

Welcome back! Last chapter, Balboa died quietly in his sleep while a massive fire brought his jelly bean garden to the ground. It was pretty cool, and everyone is having a blast now that he’s gone.


Wtf Gumby? I was joking! You’re not actually supposed to be enjoying yourself.

Gumby: Yeehaw, Sonny Jim!


It’s because I built this barn in place of Boa’s old cabin. It was the plan all along (out with the old and in with the new) but actually seeing it here is— you got it. Bittersweet. Should have saved that title for this chapter.


Frieda: Don’t be so insensitive, Gumby! Your uncle died for this place to be built!

Gumby: I’m the king of the west!

Frieda’s only lamenting how much “gold” we wasted on it. And before you ask — yes, we do need three identical paintings. They’re crucial to Gumby’s “man for all seasons” schtick, and besides, they’re pretty.


How many pictures have I captioned that look EXACTLY LIKE THIS? Showing relationship progression in horses is a bitch.

Pokey: You sure are a handsome fellow.



Well, that did it.

(Again, you can’t infer anything from the picture unless you’re aware that two horses can share a stall for one purpose and one purpose only…)


Just upstairs, Gumby was having a private moment.

Gumby: Being Death’s replacement is so hard! I feel like Scott Calvin!

Yeah, ‘cause that’s the same thing.

Frieda: I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited…


Frieda: …but guess what? Your horses are doing it downstairs!

Gumby: *cries*


I guess he got over that nasty visual pretty quickly.

Gumby: That reminds me, we have room for another Gumby Jr. now!

Frieda: I want a divorce.

Gumby: My bad, a Frieda Jr.


Baby horses are being made literally under their feet right now. Does it get any classier than that?


I forgot, it does. Because you buy a hi-tech outhouse and suddenly EVERYONE wants to join the mile high club on the ground.

frieda wants to woohoo in cramped bathroom

As if the idea of an all-in-one bathroom didn’t already make me want to scour my skin off.


On top of that, it’s everyone’s #1 choice for bladder relief.

Lira: All-in-one bathroom, here I come!

I know it’s called “all in one” but THREE’S A CROWD, LIRA.


So I sent all the third wheels off to a Spooky Day party. Lira was born on Spooky Day, so I like to think of it as a kind of birthday for her.

Skydancer: Hurry up, Ma! People might think you’re old or something!

Lira: I’m a spring chicken!

Must be why she’s having so much trouble crossing the road.


The party was hosted by Don’t Winterwolf-Sung, literal motherfucker. It was a classic case of “host prepares a big meal to make it look like people are coming, but people aren’t coming.”

Poor Don’t.

donte has the worst taste in women

He really does have a thing for mummies.

*drop mic*


Let’s not forget it was a dress-up party. Mandrake chose to go as his great-great grandfather.

Mandrake: Yo.

Family resemblance game is strong.


Mandrake: What are you?

Skydancer: A… fairy.

Hallowe’en game, on the other hand, is feeble as shit.


Though perhaps not as feeble as Lev’s.

Lev: I have reasons!

lev thinks she's pregnant

Riiiiiiiight, like you’re gracing me with another one when I waited a year for the first. I’m no fool.

(She actually does have another one. It’s a boy and she names it Dominique and I facepalm hard.)


Policeman: Okay folks, party’s over.

Sam: Y’all were violating the fire code.

With the TWO people in the house? Get out, you frauds.


There wasn’t much of a party anyway. Lira was happy enough to admire the prematurely frosty gardens.

Lira: May I sing “Let It Go” now?

You could, but I like to keep my references up to date.

Lira: Then why do I quote Toy Story all the time?

Because the 90s will never die, dammit!!


Don’t is a highly disturbed man.

Don’t: Your mom is hot, don’t you think so?

Sky: You know what else is hot? The sun. You’re not supposed to put your face on it.


Lira: You know what else is hot?

Uh oh, what are you…


Why do I even ask?


Lira: You may want to move away, sir!

Sir: What, is the car gonna explode or something? Haha! Good—


Well then.


Apparently, Lira was not going to be topped in the “epic fireball” department. Boa, will you please kindly return that trophy?


It’s beautiful. :’)

The amount of pyromania in these last chapters… I’m not an arsonist, I swear.


Couldn’t say the same for this one.

Lira: It’s a good thing I’m fireproof!

Yeah right, it’s a good thing this game is poorly coded because YOU’RE A FLAMMABLE-AS-SHIT MUMMY.


Mandrake wasn’t finding much to do at Don’t’s (lolz) so he called up Tariq for a date. After Manny froze and cried on a hill for three hours, the World’s Shittiest Boyfriend showed up just in time for Manny to give HIM flowers. Then he left.


So that Mandrake could stand on the hill, freezing and crying for another three hours.

Mandrake: Daddy!

And yet…

but they barely even conversed

Does this game have a built-in sarcasm generator or what?


Well, well. We are in trouble now.

Skydancer: Why am I even still here?

You’re staging an intervention, that’s why.


Skydancer: By the fairy power vested in me, blah blah blah, I hereby cure you of being a next-degree Mommy’s Boy.

Don’t: But Freud said—


Skydancer: I don’t care what Freud said! Shut up and kiss me!

Notice the hotdog making hotdogs in the background. Despite the existing plate of hotdogs on the counter.


And the unattended mac and cheese on the stove.

Don’t: Why don’t you get it? I am in love with Sam! You can’t stop our love!


So Skydancer’s “intervention” ended up taking a different tone.

Skydancer: It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.


Skydancer: Well, looks like there’ll be no fires today!




And in that one hour, Pyro-Mummy was already miles away, stirring up more trouble.

Lira: Minky fleece and corduroy are not built to last, my darling! If you want to live forever, we’ll have to coat you in solid gold!

Teddy: Pls no


Lira: Wait a second… Solid gold? Why didn’t I think of that before?


Stone: Your wish is my command.

Lira: But wait, I haven’t done my makeup!

Stone: Haha, too late.


And so Lira finally became a doll to withstand the ages and elements, but only after the ages and elements had done their work. And this is why we call it the Dysfunkshinul Legacy.


GumbyGrim: Score, my first reaping! Ah, yes, ahem. You are… dead. Am I doing this right?


GumbyGrim: Wait, Mom?


Lira: You’ll have to cook your own meals now, son.

GumbyGrim: But you never cooked my meals!

Lira: Bye bye now.


GumbyGrim: Neato, check out these bones!

First day with the new… er, skeleton?


Gumby: Pssst, Pokey! Can you tell it’s me?

Pokey: Is the fucking sky blue?

pokey is pregnant

Pokey’s sass with Axorn’s intensity? I don’t think we’ll ever be “prepared” for that.


Buzz, what’s wrong?

Buzz: The baby! He’s dead!

Poor guy is displacing his grief. I think I’ll step out before it hits him.


Buzz: Wait a second, there is a rock on the floor. That must mean…


Buzz: The love of my life is dead!

Balboa: Dude, you couldn’t have gleaned something from the dead life plant?


So yes, perhaps a bit of a sudden parting, but I like me a neatly ribbon-wrapped story arc. And ribbon-wrapped is exactly what this one would have wanted, in life or in death. Yet she may just boast the weirdest collection of accomplishments of any heir so far; she conquered what may be the hardest LTW in the game as well as completing the most difficult tomb; inhabited four different life states and mated with two others; irreparably damaged a lot of public property; gained skills in nine disciplines, reached Level 5 of the Inventor profession, and died at 96 with 160,313 LTH points. Her gold-plated body was appraised at $50,000, though she would almost definitely have argued that sum. Her life is just short of a perfect circle as she leaves us hours after Spooky Day’s official end.


She leaves behind a single grandchild and a half-finished Harvester, the latter of which I’m kicking myself for since we sold the last one and it could have been INCREDIBLY USEFUL.

Omen: Not like an heir is useful for anything.

Who says you’re going to be heir?


Skydancer: I don’t think he should be the heir.


Gumby: Oooh, are we roasting Omen? Put me in, coach!

Omen: Unfair! My platform is doomed from the start!


And he’s about to gain a worthy opponent, too!


Although “doomed from the start” may be more applicable to this one…


That’s right, you rest up in your perfectly colour-coordinated maternity clothes and quilt. Because healthy children are great and all but pretty pictures are the real priority here.


Like why did I even take this one? Because it perfectly encapsulates Skydancer’s cold, mechanical nature that she tries so hard to bury?

Skydancer: Or because there’s no roof on the barn and it’s really funny when you fail?



She does, unfortunately. Too many hearts around here, imo.

Gumby: I should feed the toddler, but like, I’m sad.

Skydancer: Me too.

Omen: CPS, here I come!


Wouldn’t it be a darn shame if all this history came to nothing because a few lousy Langurds didn’t know how to parent? Never mind that the last Langurd who knew how to parent was… *scrolls through portraits*… So I hear the Blue Jays are doing well this season…


The point of that last shot was that I finally rescued the portraits from an old save! And since I don’t do housekeeping by halves (or at all sometimes—just ask my roommate) I went full Monica and reorganized the treasure chests. Some excess loot had to be siphoned off and sold… What a shame.

gumby has palladium after all that

At this point, I made the infuriating discovery that Gumby was sitting quietly on a lump of palladium while his mother became a WEREWOLF to hunt the stuff down. #worstsonever

more palladium ugh

#worstsimmerever is more like it because oops, this was also chilling in one of the treasure chests. And this is why we should clean house more often.

Screenshot-823 - Copy

Also this.

Buzz: But it’s not even real pee!

It’s also a computer game, but that never stopped me from feeling feelings.

Screenshot-824 - Copy

Gumby: Hey Frieda, let me stop you from feeling feelings!

Frieda: Nah, I’m good. I don’t feel a thing.

Screenshot-825 - Copy

Gumby: *tweak tweak*


Gumby: Huh, that’s new.

Screenshot-826 - Copy

Gumby: Did I just teach my cold English wife how to feel? I think I did!

Frieda: I think I just grasped the ending of Toy Story 3…

Screenshot-827 - Copy

Frieda: Too much.

Gumby: Should I turn the dial the other way now?

Screenshot-830 - Copy

Depends, do you prefer fainting, emotional Frieda? Or stone-cold, wants-you-dead Frieda?

Gumby: My love is unconditional.

Frieda: I made an appointment for your cremation.

um what bass

Officially the most ridiculous opportunity in the game, and you know that’s saying something because this and this and this.

1) Skydancer does not, in fact, own a bass.

2) Why destroy a perfectly functional musical instrument when there are MILLIONS of things in this world that float??

3) How about an emergency exit???

skydancer is a hero

Of course, none of that stopped us from accepting the opportunity.

Screenshot-836 - Copy

Even if things at home were a little more dire.

Gumby: My stepfather is broken, can you come fix him?


It was all a little much for Buzz, and he conked out after putting the final touches on a history of Lira’s life.

book about lira

Screenshot-839 - Copy

The shards of his diamond heart will never be reassembled.

(K guys, I’m ready for my Pulitzer.)

Screenshot-837 - Copy

And because it’s all about rocks around here, behold the Rock Who Lived! (The bloodstone that survived Boa’s jellybean fire.)

Am I a poet or just a hoarder? We’ll never know Okay fine, we definitely know.

Screenshot-843 - Copy

Speaking of rocks, Don’t just got engaged to his mother.

Don’t: Aren’t you happy for me?

Sky: No, actually, I feel a deep-seated need to save you from yourself.

is that innuendo for something

Oh yeah, things are getting steamy up in here.


Sky: You see, Don’t, I’m really into you.

Don’t: But you’re heartfarting the repairman.

Sky: Technicalities, Don’t. Technicalities.


Sky: My point is, you can’t be engaged to your mom because— well, because it’s illegal. But since you can’t seem to grasp that, you can’t be with her because you should be with me instead.

Don’t: Wow, Skydancer. You’ve given me lots to think about.

ask to break up with sam

Don’t think about it, man. Just do it.


Don’t: You know, you’re right. We should be together. You can be my new mom.

Skydancer: Girlfriend.

Don’t: Yes, that.

So Skydancer ended the reign of incest and became insta-nemeses with my simself, instantly prompting her to roll this:

sky wants to propose truce

Damn you, Good sims.


Skydancer: Yes! I just completed my first case as a Fairy Godmother!

Yeah, too bad it doesn’t actually count for your LTW.


Don’t: Hey, you’re kinda hot.

Dat timing…


Pokey: Hey Mr. Horny, how could you knock a girl up and never call her back? HOW?

Bull: I— excuse me?


Pokey: Here’s your kid. I’ll take cheque or money order.


Evidently a lie since this glorious baby UNICORN (!!) couldn’t be anyone’s but Axorn’s.


Her name is Storm. She’s Brave, Fast, and Untrained. I’ve never had a foal before (lolwut? Yes you have, idiot) so many pictures await.


Baby unicorn plays hopscotch.

Storm: Uh, correction. Baby unicorn tries to play hopscotch but can’t because the world is unjust.


Baby unicorn with drastic cosmetic changes because yeah, I CAS’d her to look more distinct from Axorn. Sue me.


Probably gonna sue Frieda soon to be honest.

Frieda: There, his portrait’s done. So he can die now?

Not quite how it works.


That masterpiece was worth $1,026, which ought to appease her for now.

Frieda: Yay, money.

I love how she just… floats. XD


Oh, hey, Mandrake! Haven’t seen you in a while!

Mandrake: Look at my new outfit! It’s made from the remains of my daddy’s house!

Isn’t that… touching.


Meanwhile, Sky continues her search for fairy godmother clients, a.k.a. friends for the Charisma quota. Here be Robi Sama-Livingston, husband of Sammi Sama the simself.

Robi: Cool, is that red stuff your magic?

Skydancer: Actually, it’s my hayfever. But whatever floats your boat.


Skydancer: I can see your life is in a shambles. Let me fix that by getting rid of that huge food baby you have!


Robi: Thanks a lot, that’s my real stomach!

Skydancer: Ohhhh, awkward…


Know what else is awkward? That Gumby’s slapshod, mangled face is worth over a grand and his real face is worth only $116. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.



Storm: Stop, that tickles!


Oh hi, less cute baby.

Omen: As soon as I get real legs, I’m using them to walk out that door?

From the third storey? I thought you were supposed to be a Genius.


I also thought I was gaming in 2015…

Omen: Welcome to RuneScape!


In case I ever doubted, definitely not a Langurd nose!


He looks like this now and has become disciplined despite not receiving a speck of discipline in his life.


Frieda: What do you mean you can’t schedule a cremation for someone who isn’t dead? He’s going to be dead, I’m telling you! No, I don’t need 911! Why are you so bad at your job?

Maybe for the best that Omen never got the iron fist from this one.


I was supposed to power through more screenshots to get to the good stuff, but what the hell. 110 is plenty and this has certainly been long enough in the making…

So fun story, I keep my chapters on a USB flash drive when I’m working on them so I can move seamlessly between my laptop and my desktop. (It’s not really that seamless; saving takes a few hundred years.) A few weeks ago, when this chapter was almost done, the flash drive disappeared. Now, I’m an expert at losing things (I might even call myself a professional loser) but I KNOW when something weird is up. This thing was in my backpack one minute and NOT THERE the next. I retraced my steps, texted everyone I had crossed paths with that day, and had entire teams of coffee shop employees digging under couch cushions. When it still didn’t turn up, I reluctantly concluded that either a) I’m going senile or b) it had fallen out of my bag and was lying on the street somewhere.

Well… I was almost right. Because it didn’t fall out of my bag, but my demon cat did STEAL it out of my bag. He must have played floor hockey with it for about thirty seconds before he swatted it under the dehumidifier and forgot about its existence. Naturally, I didn’t find it until I was cleaning for company (another perk of housekeeping, apparently). Several jar lids, a pen, and my roommate’s toe separators had met the same fate.

So there you go. You can blame Dewey for the disgustingly long break, but from here on out you can go back to blaming me. 😉

Happy Simming!


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  1. Alright, the Langurds are back! This also reminds me that I should get off my sorry butt and update my own legacy. My only excuse is that I just finished a degree and writing is hard. :/

    I loved the random Spooky Day party, courtesy of Don’t. Actually, I love everything about the sick, twisted life of Don’t. I really hope he and Skydancer spawn, since he didn’t get a chance to spawn with his mom. I also love that you added a “hotdog cooking hotdogs” tag to this post.

    Gumby’s portrait being valuable makes sense to me. People pay good money to stare death in the face, and now they can literally do that!

    The babby unicorn is adorable! Storm’s makeover seems to suit her well. 🙂 I’m also looking forward to meeting Gumby and Frieda’s second kiddo.

    Great update and I’m glad you recovered your flash drive from the (adorable) jaws of the beast.


    • Ahhhh CONGRATS ON FINISHING!! I legitimately am so excited for you after all we’ve talked about your rigorous academic life (for how long now? Years?). I know I’m way late in acknowledging it, but I hope you had a chance to unwind and be braindead for a while – you deserve it. And I did notice you updated your legacy (even if I’m behind on the reading) so I guess that means your butt is no longer sorry? 😉

      The Life of Don’t: next Pulitzer winner? I can’t for the life of me remember where Skydancer is at in-game right now, but if they aren’t together I may have to arrange it. Haha, I’m glad somebody reads my spamtastic tags… I like to hide a gem in there sometimes. 😛

      Too true! And I mean, if you have to look at Death’s face, wouldn’t it be nice if it were green and squishy?

      Hehe I love her. :’) Second kiddo coming soon, I swears! I just need to get off MY sorry butt!


  2. As someone who has only recently played their first baby pets in TS3, I know what you mean about the ridiculous number of photos you want to take of the cute baby animals…no matter how many we’ve seen in other people’s legacies. Storm is adorable though, yay for getting a unicorn on the first try!

    Don’t’s (lol, that is awesome) brilliantly twisted, oh-so-sims life is awesome. And I’m so impressed that he invited people other than the active house to the party, even if ‘other people’ consist of the cops and his mother/girlfriend.

    LMAO at Lira stealing the “epic fireball” trophy back. Really, Boa didn’t have a chance of keeping it, not while she was still kicking. Then again, gold brought her down, so… I hope that was intentional, would have been such a Lira thing to do to go down in the miniscule chance when you’re not quite done with her. Actually, the same could be said about any of the Langurd heirs (with the notable exception of Mr Unlucky Boa).

    One last thing: the most epic thing about this whole chapter was the Friends ref. Love it! I’m rewatching at the moment, just watched TOW Rachel Has a Baby last night.


    • Haha yep, call me a 12-year-old girl but baby animals are the world’s greatest treasure. And first try, I guess you could say that… we’d all rather forget Rarity and her squib son Boomerang, after all. :’)

      Yeah, Don’t isn’t very good at life, but at least he knows how to have a good time! (And it’s always nice when parties function the way they’re supposed to…)

      Nope, that trophy was always Lira’s. Boa just borrowed it for a second. 😛 And don’t worry, it was intentional. I hate staging Sims’ deaths* but I couldn’t have her overstay her welcome, and it was the only end that seemed worthy of her. You’re right though, I wouldn’t put that kind of luck past any of them haha.

      Ahh Friends ❤ I believe I was doing a partial re-watch when I wrote this. It's never a bad time to re-watch Friends. 🙂

      *Can I even say that when I write Sim Salad??


  3. Lol Fireman Sam.


    Here have this as a comment to all the chapters that I’ve just caught up with because actually I am just lazy, and I wrote a long one for the last chapter, but closed down my browser before sending it because I noticed I was going to be late for work. When my computer was powering down I was like “…shiiiiit”. Yeah. Lazy. So here goes:

    YOU ARE BRILLIANT. I love your writing, you make me laugh so much, so thank you thank you thank you ❤

    Lira's death was truly epic, and entirely fitting to her character. Also. Do want me a gold ghost o_o

    Also… Yay for incest. (Don't quote me on that) I've had my fair share, ended up annihilating a sim in the end because I was like "…nope :D" I suspect your method is slightly more "humane" (hurr) but well, half the town is now Laufeysons, so I didn't really have the option :c

    OMG Runescape :'D I was… sort of addicted to that game when I was 12… D: I barely got anywhere, I didn't really know enough to English to actually understand what happened in the game and I had to play on dial up. So when I say addicted, I mean I played it constantly for a month until I realised that the game actually sucked. Good times.

    (And your cat is so gosh darn adorable :'3 Try being angry with a cat for a longer period than a minute. They'll just look at you and you'll be like Y U SO CUTE AMMA SMOOSH YOUR LITTLE FACE. Tiny evil bastards.)


    • HAHA. Omg Fireman Sam. Clearly my simself was cosplaying as my one true cartoon hero.

      STOP IT ❤ or my poor Grinchy heart is going to grow too many sizes and burst! But seriously thank you, I feel stupidly validated when my funnies are complimented by someone with great funny skills. 😀

      Gold ghosts are the bomb. Might have to make Philosopher's Stone the standard Langurd death from now on.

      I'm definitely quoting you on that. Annihilation is probably the best cure tbh, and I might have said farewell to Don't if Skydancer hadn't needed a side quest. Honestly, the way Pinstar's rules are designed with staying in the same town and everything, I don't know how anyone avoids it. Less "legacy" and more "genetic invasion" in the end. :/

      Hehehehe, good old days. I think I was 12 too, and I played as this bald weirdo guy and ten minutes in I said "lol who needs weapons, I'mma be a cook." (Typical Young Sam response to video games, I realize now.) May have to get back on there one of these days, I hear old-school RuneScape is back online. :O

      I KNOW, HE IS THE WORST but I love him </3 Even when he has his teeth in my wrist bones and is glaring at me with pure hatred, I just sit there melting. I suspect this is unhealthy but I don't care because cat. :')


  4. I love your cat. She has truly geeky tastes.

    I also nearly laughed myself out of my chair at the floating bass op. Every time I think about floating through the water on a string bass, I think I die a little inside. (Also, have you noticed that the game can’t tell the difference between a string bass and a bass guitar?)

    Who is Donte’s father? He has a truly unfortunate face, made even more unfortunate by the wrinkles in that spacesuit. Apparently you like him, though, waay more than is appropriate.

    Speaking of you and inappropriate, my last sim antics post on the Sample blog is mostly about you.

    I really hate Omen’s hair, though his face could be interesting. And moar babbies! Maybe this one will be a ghost.

    Myself, I have finally played to the official start of Gen 7, and I COULD be playing through it and posting and everything, but instead I decided to learn an INCREDIBLY NECESSARY LIFE SKILL called “toddler hair conversions.” So I’ve had a ton of Sim time and made almost no progress. Also, there will be some new toddler hairs going up sometime on my currently unused Tumblr.


    • Ack, I didn’t even remark on Lira’s amazing end. I’ve never seen a sim turn to gold. I never use that thing because it’s too risky. Sooo awesome.


      • It isn’t exactly worth the risk – I mean, you turn stuff into bars of gold. Big deal. Get a werewolf and go hunt for metals to get monies. Nobody has to die! Except in this case… it kinda had to happen.


      • BTW: The stuff linked on my blog is ALL the hair conversions for toddlers and children I’ve found anywhere. I only got around to adding my own conversions to it a week or so ago. :-/


      • Still, having a directory of it all is super helpful! Saves me bumbling around the Internet downloading a thousand things I don’t need. 😛


    • Yeeeeep, can’t say the game has a very refined appreciation for music. I especially love when you put it in a four-piece rock band and you have this big honking string instrument rounding out the drums, keyboard, and electric guitar, and nobody bats an eye. You’re a string player, right? So degrading it to a flotation device must be ultra blasphemy to you. 😉

      Donte was fathered by Young Jae Sung of Midnight Hollow, and it’s hilarious because that guy has to be one of the hottest premades around. Sadly, Donte gets almost everything from his mother (don’t read that like I just did), save his father’s large ears, and my simself’s features don’t work on anyone but my simself. She doesn’t even age well. D:

      Haha! I’m honoured and must certainly check that out. (Now that I’m shamefully behind on everyone’s blogs…)

      Sometimes I make myself use hairstyles I don’t like just for variety, and because it’s the Langurds and not every kid is gonna be picture perfect anyway. But OMG, I just had a look at the conversions on your blog and I think a downloading spree is in order. Jokes aside, that truly is an “INCREDIBLY NECESSARY LIFE SKILL” and will likely benefit the next few generations of male Langurds. 😀


      • Good to see you back! I can’t imagine why anyone has a reason to take a break from this game to have a life. No, really.

        The lack of believable toddler hair has always been a pet peeve of mine. I wanna spread the joy. I’ve also cut out most of my high-poly-count hair for game efficiency, so EA hair conversions it is. It makes me ridiculously pleased to see folks use some of them.


      • “To have a life” haha… To have a job, sadly. A faraway, mind-numbing job that steals my time, eats my soul, and grinds away at my funny bone. How is it possible to be tired all the time when you sit stationary all day? Anyway, I’m past the halfway point and learning to survive it, so more posts!

        Mine too, so I’m ecstatic to see someone working to fix it. 🙂 When I dust off my game again in a few months, I’ll be throwing in as many of those as I can get.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. My heart…it aches…For a bunch of pixels >.> I blame Mandrake and his new work outfit for making me miss Balboa so much.

    Love this new foal. Dark-skinned with white hair? Sounds like Storm from X-Men. I see what you did there. (If non-intentional, I’ll blame your cat for that too)


    • Dammit, Mandrake! D: I’m surprised at how much I miss these heirs, actually. After a few months I’m usually like “Razor who??” but not this time. Gumby’s gonna have to work hard to fill that void.

      OMG YES! While not 100% intentional I am now convinced that it must have been subconscious. Her colouring is loosely based on this horse from “Madeline in London” but never mind that, X-Men all the way. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Awww.. Lira.. why you dead? And with the stone of all things. But then again, as you said, she is now a living doll of brass/ gold. Unfortunately she must be an older model since her arms, legs, wrists, ancles, knees, elbows, and waist don’t move but hey! If she didn’t specify there is no warranty to the transformation.

    Gah! Baby unicorn!? I have not had a baby unicorn in the game. Ever. I can never find the damn things. I swear my game will not spawn them just to spite me. Ridiculously adorable though.


    • Haha, precisely! I guess she is more of a figurine than a doll but hey, she’s just going to have to live (or not… *sinister laugh*) with her poor planning. So goes the life of a Langurd.

      Unicorns are a fiddly bunch… it always baffles me that Tewl got to hang out with one every other night despite not having pets or befriending any animals. And then when you actually have plans for the stupid thing, it holds out on you. It’s like those horrible Magic Eye books… you have to NOT be looking for it to find it. 😛

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