5.8 Lukewarm Enthusiasm

Who is Luke, and why is he warm? Why isn’t it Michaelwarm or Garywarm? Why does Luke get all the glory? Why am I writing these words and how do I stop?

Um, yes.

Previously, Gumby took a leap of faith stupidity and invested in a crappy resort called the Fool’s Goldmine. Several days into its operations, I decided we’d better check in on the place to ensure that leap doesn’t end in a deadly fall.


Receptionist: Oh boy, here we go again. *sigh* Hi, welcome to the Fool’s Goldmine. Can I interest you in a stale breakfast or a cold shower?

Gumby: Miss, I own this place.

Receptionist: I’m sorry. Can I interest you in a FREE stale breakfast or cold shower?


The first guest he encountered was Valencia Langurd-Lin.




Gumby: Oh hai, long lost relative!

Valencia: Er…




So am I. This was his first interaction with her, and completely autonomous.


Gumby: Serves you right!

Valencia: For coming to this shithole? Fine, I’ll stay away.

Great going, Gumby. Beating up old ladies screams “hospitality” like nothing else.


Gumby: You know what screams hospitality? FISHIES!

I decided to give the place a heart and soul. Its name is Fool.

Fool: I ain’t screamin’ nothin.


Gumby: You’re gonna make me rich, Fool! I’mma be swimming in cash!

Fool: Go die.

Valencia: Seriously, how do I leave?


Time to do the rounds, Mr. Proprietor.

Gumby: Place looks great. Everything in tip-top shape.


Gumby: Gotta practise my waterbending though.


Gumby: Guess I’m not a waterbender either…

Maid: Hey, how dare you do my job?

On second thought, maybe we should let the place be…


Further evidence—Frieda scared all the paying customers away from the buffet.

Man: You’re even more off-putting than that severed dog head in the snow.

Frieda: What a shame you won’t get to eat any of this delicious food.


Frieda: A whole tea room to myself? I hope we never get any customers!

I’d turn this into a rousing game of “Find Frieda”… if only I could repattern her coat. 😡


Frieda: Can you find me now?

Yes. Stop being so picturesque. This screenshot is taking up half a meg of upload space and I can’t delete it. Help.


Frieda: How about now?

Gumby: Frieda? Where are you??

Frieda: Gotcha, sucker!

Well, the front desk is broken so Gumby can’t book out the luxury suite at his own resort. But no one said anything about breaking in… 😉

Frieda: Walls are my bitch.


The rooftop bar, which I added during the renovations, is the most hopping place on the premises, but no one can quite figure out why they’re there.

Bartender: Let’s all gather around this tiny match for warmth!


But it was soon to be out-hopped by the lobby.

Gumby: Are you about to die at my resort on opening weekend? I don’t think so, lady!

Mylee: Gee, I’m sorry I couldn’t scientifically predict the exact moment of my passing.

Gumby: Happens to the best of us. Now excuse me for one second…


GumbyGrim: TROLOLOLOLOL! It r tiem 2 die, lady… Wait, where’d she go?


After the ordeal, everyone was so distraught that they just couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Yeah Gumby, let’s put the blame on the OTHER guy.

It was at this moment that I realized there’d been a LOT of self-wettings since we moved to the island. Like, an inordinate number even for Sims. I think somehow, everyone lost the autonomous instinct to seek a bathroom. But I’m not sure if that’s IP’s fault or just my game. You can tell from EchoWeaver’s beekeeping, ugg-wearing, idek-what’s-happening-on-those-elbows simself (I’m SO sorry) that things aren’t running as smoothly as they should be.


Matthew: Haha, that old lady just wet herself!

Gumby: Please get your smelly butt out of my resort.

And I supposed your pants are wet with angel tears, right Gumby? -.-


Honestly, I don’t know how that kid scored himself a magical Jesus wife.

Frieda: The luxury suite kicked me out.

Oh. I’m sorry.

Frieda: Please, it was so not my style. The baseboards were made of styrofoam.


Remember Doomsday? The falcon Lira brought back from Egypt before she embalmed herself? Well, I think this is the same bird. For all narrative purposes, this is the same bird.

Doomsday: Doomsday!

Naturally, I decided to pull him out of Inventoryland since we don’t have enough living things to look after.


Luckily, Omen is the ultimate multitasker.

Omen: Here you are, O Winged Brother. I’d better go feed my sister now.


After all that, he dedicated some time to improving his skills. Smart boy plays for the Dark Side. 😉

Omen: There is dark and light in every soul.

Oh right, I forgot you joined a cult.


Apparently no game time passes in this chapter, because we’re 24 screenshots in and Friedumby are STILL babysitting the resort. I suppose it is quite a needy baby…

Gumby: How was your dinner, Ma’am?

Honey: That empty plate? Well, seeing as YOU ate it…


Honey: …it was delightful, thank you!

Gumby: Splendid.


The Fool’s Goldmine was starting to quiet down for the night as the guests crammed themselves into these glorified pastel Port-a-Potties.

But something was very wrong. Can you spot it in this picture? No? Neither did I when I took it.


And neither did the Goldmine’s watchful protector.

Gumby: Tonight we’re burning TWO logs in the fire pit! The lengths I go to to keep my guests warm…


Honey: God, it smells like something died out here.


Gumby: What’s going on?

Kayla: Just t-t-trying to f-find my way to b-b-bed, sir.


Kayla: Just a f-f-few more s-s-s-steps…

Gumby: Hey, buzzkill! You’re ruining my ratings!


Gumby: Get your dumb blue butt off my beach!

Kayla: J-just a f-f-f-f-few…


Kayla: *thud*

Gumby: Alrighty, last chance. Get up or I’ll blast you with my heat ray.


Guy: Well, that was a refreshing nap!

Gumby: Time to call it a n— *turns around* OMG SERIOUSLY?!?!

Kayla: I’m sooooo sorry, I don’t know what came over me.


And while Gumby was cleaning up that pickle…

Frieda: Help! I’ve gone transparent again! Fix me or this baby is going to fall right out of me!

On it, boss.


So Frieda went to the hospital alone, and I zoomed back to the house so fast that the rug forgot to render. None of these morons had gotten orders from me in several hours, so they were holed up in Skydancer’s room—what else?—chatting with Tariq.

Omen: Tell him the great silicon divide is too great. That these conversations give you life, but nothing beats the gentle warmth of human-on-human… discourse.

Manny: Okay. How do you spell “great”?


Omen, Mandrake, and Skydancer are like an entity trying to woo the great, flaky Tariq Scott.

Sky: Manny’s sleeping right now. He’ll return your call later, if he feels like it. Hey, don’t take that tone with me, Mister. I know how you treated him on Spooky Day.


Meanwhile, Buzz is lonesome as ever, plugging away at his LTW. Thinking about it now, I’m not sure it’ll even count for points, since he isn’t the heir’s father. The rules just say he has to be able to trace his family tree back to the founder, or contribute to the birth of the next generation. Buzz has done both, so I’m letting it slide. Adopted sims count, so why not “adopted” SimBots?

Buzz *writing*: If only my vast metal trunk would simply implode. It seems the only way to fill the gaping void within…

Dear God, who reads these things?

buzz has only read one book

A lot of people, apparently. He’s not far off the $4,000 mark—another bestseller would probably cut it.

Also note that he enjoys a prolific writing career despite having read exactly ONE book in his life.


Looks like Gumby finally got around to doing what Frieda reminded him to do at the end of last chapter.

Gumby: It’s easy to miss one, you know? There are so many mouths to feed around here.

Storm: My hair glows in the dark, two of your children are transparent, and I’m the one you miss? Dumbass.

Gumby: Wait, two of my children??


That’s right—baby boy Fiasco Langurd just came into this world in style.

Fiasco: I’mma fuck shit up!

He’s an Easily-Impressed Genius, which don’t really go together but oh well, he’s got his whole life to become a stereotype. His favourites are Songwriter, Shawarma, and (just like Daddy) Violet.


He was promptly ditched on the barn floor because the nursery was too far away.

Frieda: All those stairs? No, thank you.


What I forgot to mention is that Fiasco is a Snowflake Day baby. Which means a special visit from Santa Claus an unrendered townie and a gift-giving party in his honour that he can’t actually attend.

Mac: Duuurrrrrr???


Mac: Oh, you thought these presents were for you? Too bad, son. They’re about to be moved somewhere nicer so that we don’t have to hang out in a barn with a stupid baby.

Sky knows this guy from her schmoozing sessions or something. Idk, there aren’t many people to invite when you’re new in town.


Yes—while the game thought the barn was a great place for a party, I did not. So the gift pile immigrated to the front hall to become a professional tripping hazard. By then, more guests had arrived.

Sam: Ugh, what is he doing here?

Donte: Acting totally normal!


Gumby: Hey, Don’t!

Don’t: Don’t act normal? Okay, I can do that!

Sam: Don’t, stop it.

Don’t: Alright, I won’t stop!


Sam: Ugh, I can’t believe I dated this guy!

Gumby: Yeah, THAT’S why you shouldn’t have dated him.


Sam: Please do not bring up the horrors of my past.

Gumby: Um, you’re the one who brought it up though?

Frieda: Hello, children. Where are my gifts?


The gift giving was a bit of a bust because there were too many people and Calamity wouldn’t stop crying two floors up. Manny and Rajan Patel (Frieda’s boss) tried to distract everyone with song.

Rajan: If you’re on the verge of a mental breakdown and you know it, clap your hands! *clap clap* If you want to strangle your employee’s baby clap your hands! *clap clap*

On a side note, I’m in love with the backs of Sky’s and Frieda’s dresses.


Eventually, someone had to go take care of the disturbance. And by “someone” I mean Buzz, because what else is he gonna do besides write trashy novels?

Calamity: I’m hungry! And someone took away my Leia hair!

I feel you, girl.


Skydancer, who’s supposed to be the social butterfly, got bored and went to make tofu dogs.

Sky: Can I gain charisma from talking to appliances?

With her SimBot heritage, I would love that plot twist.


Gumby was left alone in a room of people he couldn’t be sure if he was related to or not.

Gumby: Say, you’re pretty. Have we met?

Adrienne: You beat up my mom.

Gumby: So that makes us…

Adrienne: Not speaking, ever.

Gumby: Okay.


And Rajan thought he’d be the good guy and make the kid feel included.

Rajan: So your parents tell me you ran off to Star Wars school.

Omen: Yeah, not exactly.


Rajan: I’m quite the Trekkie myself.

Omen: Get out of my house, you undexterous knob.


Outside, the resident rejects huddled up together against the impending terrors of the full moon. It’s like she’s his protector. :’)

Storm: Mommy won’t let me in the stall. 😦


Poor Calamity, on the other hand, is all on her own.

Calamity: Calamity good. Calamity got tank.

Alright then.


Sometimes we really do need to take care of things though. Even if negligence makes better comedy than responsibility does.

Frieda: You know, in a certain light, you almost look golden. My little treasure…

Fiasco: *lets one rip*


Next on the “taking care of things” list…

Skydancer: Whoops, haven’t seen you guys in a while!

Plants: We literally live in your bedroom.

Skydancer: Shhh. Just take the magic sparkles, okay?

My houseplants could benefit from some fairy magic right about now.


#3 on the list (notice she’s less important than grapevines)…

Calamity: Who put me in dis smelly horse house??

Mandrake: That would be me.

Calamity: I hope you die in a jelly bean fire!

Mandrake: *runs away crying*


It’s okay, she was just hangry.

Calamity: Everything is awesome!

And god, is she cute when she’s happy. Echoweaver pointed out that she might have Frieda’s mouth, and based on this picture I think she might be right. Yay for less Gumby!


A Langurd… cooking? Apparently I was on a real productive streak here. Making use of Sky’s inert “Natural Cook,” trait I suppose.

Skydancer: I HAVE that??

Right? Who has time to remember these things?


Omen, as always, was tasked with keeping the falcon alive. But Doomsday was having a bit of a rebellious day.


Omen: Come on, buddy, I was just trying to feed you!


Omen: Please don’t poop on my head.


Buzz would’ve helped, but he, uh, needed taking care of too.

Mandrake: Make me a sandwich!

*sigh* Guess we’ll be getting a repairman, then.


Mandrake: So… the babies are happy.

Gumby: The plants are watered.

Mandrake: House smells like food. Bird’s alive.

Gumby: Repairman’s on his way.

Mandrake: …WHAT DO WE DO NOW?



Gumby could have seen his son off on his first day of real-kid school, but I doubt Omen would have taken well to that. I suspect he would also not take well to my accidentally calling him “Gumby” five times this chapter…

Omen: You WHAT?


Hey, look! Shiny things!

I was briefly in the mood to redecorate. Trophies for Gumby and gold for Frieda.

Notice that none of Gumby’s trophies are gold because Gumby sucks.


Gumby: Bring me a gold trophy, Pokey!

Pokey: NO.


Gumby: What the hell, Pokey? Why not?

Pokey: Because! I’m starving!


Gumby: Nice try, I just fed you!

Pokey: Starving for your ATTENTION, dummy. You only ever ride that shouting buffoon Axorn these days.


Gumby: Here’s a carrot, does that help?

Pokey: …Do you even understand life?


Gumby: I’m gonna make sure Pokey never starves again!

Clearly not.


Paparazzi: You here to see the Langurds? Yeah, they won’t let you in. I’ve tried.

Repairwoman: Are you sure that’s not because you’re a creepy stalker?



In other news, Friedumby is expecting again.

Just kidding. Probably ate a rotten waffle or something.


I refuse to caption this picture because… because… *cries*


I guess Frieda isn’t a totally negligent mother. She did teach Calamity to walk.

Frieda: Hey, my feet haven’t seen solid ground in years. This is new territory for both of us.

Calamity: Very good, mommy! Just one more step!


I was getting sick of sending people up and down stairs all the time, so what did I do? Why, I built a SECRET TUNNEL, of course. 😀

Sky: Seems legit.


Secret tunnels screw with lighting, apparently.

Sky: Hey Manny, do you think it’s safe to carry this baby down the ladder?

Manny: What? Shh, I’m watching Crazy, Stupid Love!


She pulled off the stunt, but I’m still adding this to Interactions that should not be possible in The Sims 3. Three-point contact, woman!!

Sky: Yolo.


Raised in a barn, carried down a ladder—it’s a wonder Fiasco made it to his first birthday.


He’s… wow. I mean, he obviously got Gumby’s colouring, but I can’t make sense of that face at all. Talk about an even mix.


And look who gets to stop being a sulky brat!

Omen: Wait, I have to stop?


He rolled Vegetarian to go with Disciplined, Light Sleeper, and Genius. So now he’s just an angsty activist teenager.

Omen: Save the Cake lol

But it’s not like a Langurd would ever change the world anyway.


Are you proud of me? I captioned almost all of this in one day! Granted, I did very little else besides make muffins (from a mix) and feed my cat. Actually, I don’t think I even did that. I should go now or he’ll eat me. Send help if you don’t hear from me in a week or two.

Happy Simming!



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  1. The amount of Star Wars references in your last post makes me extremely happy. Omen is either Kylo Ren or some dark form of Luke, I haven’t decided yet. XD

    The updates just keep flowing! I released another chapter and was halfway through another when I realized it was past midnight. (Like 2 am) ._. Some days you just really wanna play sims you know?

    You forgot to feed your cAT? D: Oh honey. Hang on, the SWAT team is on their way!


    • I love these parallels. Omen wishes he were that cool.

      Now that’s productivity! I feel that so much. My roommate went out in the morning and I made camp on the couch and wrote this post. And then she got home in the evening and I was like “lol pssshhhh of course I’ve moved today.” XD

      Haha, thank you for sending backup! He forgave me… but not entirely, because then he put holes in my leather desk chair. 😥

      Liked by 1 person

    • Perhaps Omen will bring balance to The Sims.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Luke is warm because he’s walking in the sky 😉

    I am proud of you! Woo for one day captioning! 😀


    FRIEDUMBY! 😀 Ah, doesn’t everyone love some fried-umby? 😛 Also, that is a wonderful resort you have there – matches the theme of the generation!

    I love Skydancer so much xD She’s great. And an angry activist Langurd teenager. I fear for the town!


    • XD That’s just knee-slapping funny, that is. Now I can stop wondering. Thank you!

      Hahaha yay 😀 But you’re still updating faster than I am. :O It’s weird for me to be writing posts in January (I’m usually not in the mood til the snow melts) but it definitely helps when other people are updating their legacies too!

      BEST SONG OF ALL TIME. I sing it at every opportunity I get.

      That’s how I keep reading it too! 😛 The resort screenshots are some of my favourites this generation. When people started freezing to death on the beach… I sat there and cried laughing, it was a good time.

      Hehe poor Sky is just now getting her time to shine. At least she has an infinite lifespan!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I can’t really take full credit, it was partly my boyfriend’s joke XD

        Ahaha, I am? I think it takes us less time to make posts (my screenshots are all raws) so that has a lot to do with it 😛 That and I can’t get through Skyrim because there are spiders on my quest XD
        Actually, I think I have to agree with you on that one. I basically stopped updating this legacy (partially inspired by yours) when you stopped updating, and got more into my EPIC, just like the Rourke’s who the Evans were inspired by. And the fact that we both came back on the same day is just freaky! XD

        Omg, I know! Best thing about the Earth book – except Toph, of course!

        Honestly can never unsee (unread?) that, it’s incredible.
        “When people started freezing to death on the beach… I sat there and cried laughing” – Sam 2k176 XD

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Frie-dumby, lmao. The first time you wrote that, I read it as “Dumby” and thought you’d typoed “Gumby”. Because, well, we all know he’s a dumbarse.

    Fiasco is a freaking awesome name, possibly more so than Omen. Too bad he also inherited the alien skintone and Langurd black hair. Damn EA coding, we want some light skin/hair in the place!

    OMG, the secret tunnel is brilliant. And LOL at carrying the baby down a ladder. So game, the pregnant woman can’t ice skate, but you can carry a baby down a ladder?!

    Do the ghost toddlers float, once they can walk? God, I hope they don’t float down that ladder, like the toddler in the Terrey ISBI did…


    • That he is! Which is precisely why that ship name works so well for them. XD

      I feel like the names are the only thing saving this generation (so far). I never knew how hard it was to breed out alien genes! Apparently, the number of alien traits and powers a hybrid inherits correlates with the percentage of alien blood they have. So Omen & co., being 25% alien, should have less than Gumby… but I’m not seeing that so far. I still don’t really understand how it works. 😛

      I know right? And horses can’t bob for apples in a water trough, but a guy can take his toddler on a date? Damn SimsLogic.

      Sadly no, just regular walking! I haven’t read the Terreys, but dear lord, that sounds… entertaining.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I think you need to try again for another Frieda colouring. They can have four kids, right? RIGHT?! I really hope there is room. Skydancer is pretty awesome around the house so I really don’t want to see her go. Fiasco- thumbs up!


    • Haha, exactly my thoughts. Household space IS the issue right now… We’ve got Buzz, Manny, Sky, Gumby, Frieda, Omen, Calamity, and Fiasco. I feel like everyone still has so much to do, and yet dammit, I just want one white-haired baby! Although of course, I’ve played through much further in game. And trust me, I push Friedumby about as far as I can in pursuit of those diverse genetics. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Balboaaaaaaaa T_T (I will forever be stuck on this guy) Omen is so similar to gumby, but a different nose perhaps? Not enough of Frieda D:

    Fiasco is a nice name. I love to see Mandrake around still. 🙂


    • I knowwww, I had just stopped missing him and he had to come back and be all cute. 😡 At least his son is still around. And at least he has a forever fan! 😀

      Frieda’s just being stingy with her genes. We’ll get more out of her yet, I hope…

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Was that me standing naked on a pee-soaked floor?? Complete with censor? Was I streaking? I am AWESOME.

    !@#$% alien genetics. I didn’t think you could top the name Calamity, but Fiasco comes pretty dang close. At least his face is awesome. Maybe he should have an identity crisis and dye his hair when he becomes a child.

    Watching ghosts do the, “It’s a ghost!” reaction to other ghosts makes me snort. Watching Frieda freak out at her own baby just makes my day.


    • Yup, yup, and yup. There was no censor in game but I added one later out of, er, respect? Not streaking, just wearing your “career” outfit apparently (my CC catalogue is a disaster). Hilarious though.

      When you’ve had this many generations of black-haired kids, hair dye becomes a pretty tempting option…

      We get so much of that in this house, with half-bot Sky dissing Buzz all the time, Frieda dissing the ghosts, the ghosts dissing Frieda, ghosts dissing Buzz, and so on. Realistically, I should probably rename this “The Hypokritikal Legacy.”


  7. Yaaaaaas! Caught up. XD

    Awesome chapter! Awesome family! Just awesomeness! I have greatly enjoyed reading this legacy and look forward to the next post. 🙂

    I love the name Calamity! Though my absolute favorite name so far has been Azula…just because of the circumstances. XD That being said, my favorite sim was Razor. Such badassery. Much wow.

    I hope your cat treats you well and your days are lovely. ^_^


    • Yay for catching up! I’m glad you stuck with us til the end– er, the halfway point. I keep forgetting how much more I have to do.

      Such a throwback — I had to re-read the chapter of Azula’s birth just now. And god, I miss Razor. He was such an eeeeaaasy sim to play. It makes me happy that people can still get some enjoyment out of the archives. 🙂

      Aw, thank you! My cat is starting to shape up his act. Thank YOU for your lovely comments and I’ll try to get a new chapter up soon!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Woo! You’ve really got a funny legacy here, and I’ve really enjoyed reading it up to now! Now comes the waiting. But I am patient! At least, I like to think so. >.>

        I hear you on easy-to-play sims. One of my main sims is an absolute nerd. Just plunk her down in front of a computer and she’s pleased as punch. Easy to write, as well, but that’s because I can relate too well on the nerd level. XD

        Cats are such a joy! My bf and I are thinking about adopting one, but it’ll depend on what life throws us. If we get our own apartment, yes, kitties galore! But the place we’re currently sharing has two dogs. They’re adorable, soft-hearted pitbulls, but we don’t want to chance accidents.


  8. More catching up wooooo

    I think your legacy has really made me love Simself antics. I used to hate when Simselves would pop up in a story, but then we have Echoweaver standing naked in a pee puddle at a “fancy” resort…wonderful.

    Boo for more black hair, but dang is Fiasco adorable. He does seem like more of a mix than his older siblings, though. I do feel your pain when it comes to generation after generation of the same hair colour. The Scatterdays aren’t allowed to marry in anyone else with black hair after George and Zhan.

    Great chapter! Can’t wait to see what Omen the “activist” gets up to as a teen.


    • I’ll admit I never used to be a fan of simself involvement in legacies – I thought people just did it to keep their readers coming back. But now that I’m more involved in the simming community, I love seeing my fellow bloggers pop-up while I’m playing. Especially in such ridiculous situations.

      Curse realistic genetics. If I’d been smart, I would have started with a totally recessive founder. But Tewl wouldn’t have been the same as a ginger…

      Thanks for your comments! Many shenanigans yet to come. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think Sims 3 is better for Simself involvement than Sims 2 was. I remember being really turned off by writers slapping all the Simselves they could into a story – it really seemed self-indulging, and it turned me off of many stories. I think I like Simselves popping up in the Sims 3 because it’s more organic. It’s not necessarily because the writer decided to have all the Simselves show up at a lot so all their friends could have a cameo – it’s often because the Simselves are just out and about in the world, wreaking havoc on their own. It feels less forced that way. I need to slap some Simselves into Bridgeport whenever I catch up with my blogging and play the next Scatterday generation.

        Realistic genetics suck. Tewl was perfect as he was, though. Does Sims 3 even have recessive genes? I thought that was a Sims 2 thing. Totally looking forward to more Langurd shenanigans! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha. I like having simselves in my game, but I agree that the natural coincidence of my actives meeting folks in town makes it much more fun.

        I like having other people’s legacy families in there too.

        Sims 3 doesn’t have recessive genes, and I can’t say I miss them. To have recessive genes, you’re pretty much restricted to preset colors, and I hate that. Sims 3 has a percent chance that hair and eye color will be inherited from each parent and grandparent — with grandparents being a smaller chance. Under EA’s system, facial features are only inherited from parents. Under NRaas SP, features can be inherited from grandparents too.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I think I knew that at some point, but my noob brain can only hold onto so much of this stuff… I guess I’ll amend my statement: if I’d been smart, I wouldn’t have had my black-haired founder marry a black-haired townie. 😛


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