Tewl on the Red Carpet

I always say “late to the party” is my middle name…


But this is just the piece de resistance. Some beautiful human(s?) nominated me for three Golden Plumbob Awards over at boolprop.net, and I didn’t even know this was a thing until other bloggers started talking about it…? Whoever you are, thank you to infinity and beyond! ❤ I’m doing a squealy little happy dance right now. Internally, of course.

This mess of a blog is up for Best Sims 3 Legacy and Funniest Sims 3 Story! If you’re inclined to vote, please go take a gander at the nominees. You don’t necessarily have to vote for me — I’ve got some tough competition (and friendly faces) in both categories, but I thought I’d spread the word in case anyone is later to the party than I am. Or not a Boolprop member. See, that would be a valid excuse.

The third category is Most Jealousy-Inducing Graphics, but I’ve been drooling over the frontrunner’s pictures forever so I’m not going to beg for any votes there. I am my VGA card is incredibly grateful to even be mentioned.

Real update coming soon, and if you need a little light at the end of the tunnel — five chapters to the next heir poll!

Happy Simming!


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  1. I wish whoever nominated the Zales did so in the Sims 3 CHALLENGE category, since it is an ISBI!! That way I wouldn’t be up against you in that category – where you should be the clear winner!! ❤


    • Oh wow, I didn’t even notice that all the other ISBIs were in another category?? And you’re incredibly kind to say so, but just look at that three-way tie! 😉 I’m excited to see how this one ends.

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    • Congratulations, Heather! Though I do agree that it’s a bit weird that you won in the legacy category for a challenge blog. Ah, well. It’s a multigenerational challenge, at least, and you’ve gone through more generations than pretty much any other blog I read.

      Turns out I was nominated too. I’m so sorry I didn’t find out until after the whole thing was over. Still, pretty validating :).


  2. OMG, your post title has put an image in my head of Tewl in his orange singlet and mohawk, on the red carpet with JLaw. LMAO. Hope you win at least one of those categories. I think you’re in front in the “Funniest” one – so appropriate.


    • They would look… oddly appropriate together. In a completely ridiculous, J-Law-being-a-weirdo kind of way. But thanks! Competitions get me really excited. Especially ones I didn’t know I was competing in. 😛

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  3. Ermahgerd! Tewl on the red carpet is just…too much of a mental image. XD My reaction to that title was probably exactly the image you have, followed by peals of hysterical laughter.

    I’ve only been a boolprop member for a short time, so I’ve never seen anything like the Golden Plumbob! Thanks for drawing my attention! ^_^

    Yours is definitely the Funniest Legacy, but I can’t decide between yours or Dayes of Our Lives for Best Sims 3 Legacy. Hmmm…decisions…

    Anywho! You’ve got a great, hilarious legacy that I’ve enjoyed! ^_^


    • Excellent, that was precisely my intention. XD

      I’m glad I could enlighten you then, and thank you so much for the vote! I haven’t delved into the Dayes much, but Rad does write an awesome legacy, that’s for sure. 🙂

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  4. Missed the votes, but I think you won the Funniest Title. 😛 Good job!!!

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  5. Dammit, I just now saw this, and the voting is already closed! I don’t hang out on Boolprob the way I used to b/c the Sims 3 community seemed to have dried up. Maybe I should go back there. Looks like the awards got a decent number of votes, so there are still users there.

    Good heavens, there were a lot of categories.

    Congrats on your win for funniest! Well deserved. You make me laugh regularly :).

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