Monthly Archives: March 2016

5.12 Crash Landing

Quick PSA before we start! (Just doing my civic duty.) Would any of you be interested in a round-robin-style legacy? If so, head over to this thread on Boolprop and get your name in while there’s room! The project is headed up by yours truly – which, based on my impressive resume, means it will probably die a swift death. But hey, you could change that!

Anyway, my days of abandoning legacies are behind me. The Langurds are still kicking, aren’t they? And biting, and scratching, and screaming…


Frieda: Ooga booga, I’m a scary ghost!

Rhapsody: Mama stop! So am I!

Thanks for illustrating my point, guys. Reeeeeal helpful.

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5.11 Anarchy Rules

It was a dark and stormy night. Detective Guy Mansfield had just returned from a hard day of investigating. It had been a tricky case today, but Mansfield was the best there was, and the man was locked away for good. He wouldn’t be stealing another pack of gum anytime soon.


Guy’s trusty canine, Sparky Dogfield, stood guard at the stern as the detective put down his umbrella.

“Our work here is done,” said Guy. “Tomorrow we sail for Bridgeport.”

“Ruff,” said Sparky.

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