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Expecto Patronum!

*shakes wand* Damn thing’s broken again.

Well, I won’t be passing my OWLs anytime soon, but I did get nominated for an award! Not only here, but on the Maitland Round-Robin Legacy as well! (Technically that one was for Radax, the founder, but I’ll look after his trophy for him.) Umbramuse tagged me first, followed by DSLady and Voguishstorm. Thank you guys! ❤ You said some super nice words that made me feel things.


This was originally dubbed the Spirit Animal Award, but I’m opting for the alternative Patronus Award because anything else would be a betrayal of my username.

And because you can totally change the name of an award after you receive it, like getting an Oscar and saying “this looks like more of a Robert to me.”

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Disaster Has Struck

But not in a bad way! Sorry if my choice of title alarmed anyone. I see now that it could have been misconstrued. XD

What I mean to say is that the tiebreaker poll, which curiously got more votes than the original despite running for about half as long, has closed. This time, the result was clear…


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The Ultimate Showdown (of Ultimate Destiny)


So the heir poll closed on Tuesday, but we have a slight problem.

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