The Ultimate Showdown (of Ultimate Destiny)


So the heir poll closed on Tuesday, but we have a slight problem.

These were the original results:



But then I found out that FluffyMao and Echoweaver, two regular readers, never got the chance to vote. Given that I stupidly ran the poll for five days instead of my usual seven, I decided to factor in their votes by comment. Which, BY ALL LOGIC, shouldn’t have swayed the results enough to be an issue, but then they both voted for Crash and this happened…




Calamity: Why you gotta make this hard? I had that poll in the bag!

Crash: !!!

She really did. No one could touch her for about four days, and Crash was so unpopular that I actually felt sorry for him. And then the little dark horse blindsided me by getting like five votes in one day.

So I think the fairest way to settle this is with a one-on-one fight to the death revote. I will mention that I have a preference at this point, and I’m reserving the right to override the result like the gracious dictator I am. But I would genuinely like to know who the ultimate favourite is (plus I’m out of simming range for the next few days so I have time to kill anyway).

So, once again, here are your spiceberry-loving candidates:


Pros: I doubt I’ve ever played a sim with such a great collection of traits. I’ve never done this LTW before, and she’s the perfectly imperfect candidate. I also have a sweet naming scheme planned for her kids if she wins.

Cons: Let’s face it (ha ha) we’ve seen that mug for a few generations now, and the (mostly) black hair for even longer. Variety is not her strong suit, even though her colouring does a lot for her.


Pros: He’s an adorable little weirdo who pretty much epitomizes the Langurd name. Plus he’s the only kid who got the much-desired white hair, and he has a great sense of fashion.

Cons: Technically, he is a face clone of Frieda. His LTW isn’t exactly cinematic. Also, I really like writing dialogue and he doesn’t offer much in that department.

Here’s a direct link for anyone who can’t see the poll!

I’m keeping it up until Sunday night (11:59pm Eastern Time) so get your vote in while you can! Dreadfully sorry to make you do this all over again, but it’s just such a life-altering decision, you see. 😛

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  1. I got my vote in!

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  2. Oh! It’s a different vote! So it doesn’t matter that I may have voted twice in the last one 🙂 :).

    I got mine in. I LURVE Calamity. Her amazing makeover almost overcomes her deficit for being a face clone. I also love the Firefighter career, and Clumsy Couch Potato firefighter is a fabulous combination.

    I still voted for Crash because I love him.


    • Not at all! Besides, it’s hard to lose track of where your votes are coming from when you’re watching the poll/comments like 24/7. 😉

      “Her amazing makeover almost overcomes her deficit for being a face clone.” — This is exactly what I needed to hear given my current insecurities about faceclones, so thanks. 😀 But I’m also loving your loyalty to Crash; he seems to attract some very steadfast supporters!


  3. Life altering is correct. *sob* my poor little Fiasco. I may have to steal him for a future generation of Rourkes, just because he’s so adorable.

    Firefighter Super Hero ftw! I love the Langurd face, we can’t lose that jaw, it’s been in the family since Tewl (I think). Interesting that both the potentials are nuts…maybe your readers are telling you something about your characters? 😛

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    • Omg Fiasco ;_;

      I really had a soft spot for that dork. He also dresses like my uncle did in the 90s, and that obviously has to count for something.
      He will live on in all the other games ❤


      • That counts for EVERYTHING. D:

        I can only hope! I need to advertise him for download all over the place in the hopes that one of his lives will turn out happy and successful. That or give him his own spin-off, but ain’t nobody got time for that.


    • I’m pretty torn up about Fiasco, too. Now that the polling is almost done, in retrospect I think I secretly hoped he would win. Well, hopefully he’ll have a strong presence as a spare, and maybe find his way into some other simmers’ games. 🙂

      You just prompted me to go back and figure out the origins of the Langurd jaw. I’m still not entirely sure – Tewl, Arabella, and Dax each have a square jawline that could be “the one,” but it doesn’t show up in its true form until Lira and Boa, so it’s hard to tell. And yeah, I noticed the Insane thing. 😛 (And the spiceberry thing!) I guess there is a certain Langurd character that needs to be upheld…


  4. I’m super far behind in reading (by like several generations), but I cast my vote anyway. Cuz I can. I really, really need to get back to reading this, so prepare for a wall of “likes” from me in the coming week.


    • Oooh, I look forward to it! And I’m glad you voted – I’m not picky about people being totally caught up, just as long as you’re familiar with the family in some way. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the archives! (Man, even I haven’t been back there in a while… It’s a scary place for a writer. :P)


  5. Well, you already know how I feel about insane, dramatic, lazy firefighters. SO MUCH LOVE.


  6. CRASH FOR LIFE! Though somebodysangel made a good case with the family jaw comment.

    I do adore Calamity! Her lazy aspirations are inspirational! Though I t might be that I relate too well. >.>

    So, no matter who wins, I will be happy! ^_^


    • All the Crash love. ❤ He may not have the Langurd jaw, but his little mute face is freaking adorable. I also related to Calamity way too much, so don't worry. 😛

      Only a few hours left (okay so like eight) in the poll! Anything could happen! :O

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  7. I’m going for Cal. But my real preference is dualheirship4lyfe.

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  8. Aaaand I’ve just had the whole song playing out in my head. “And only one will survive, I wonder who it will be…”
    I’m little behind on the story too, but I voted for Calamity. Crucial factor here being the dialogue department — and that’s not even something from her campaign propaganda but from Crash’s! Basically a protest vote against ‘not much dialogue’ 😛
    Also can I just say I’m in love with the possible slogans. Which one fits better, #Crash2016 or #Calamity2016 ? I’d say both. And I quite like Fiasco’s look. #FiascoBros #FeelTheFyeahsco


    • OMG, love those hashtags, especially #FeelTheFyeahsco. So going to use that 🙂

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    • Yesss, I needed someone to pick up on that. 😀 I guess that was a while back now.

      Yeah, the kid-who-doesn’t-talk thing has been fun, but I’m a very dialoguey writer, and sometimes I have a line I’m just dying for Crash to say. Obviously I cheated a few times in there too. 😛

      #FeelTheFyeahsco <— I'm loving this way too much. The Langurds should hire you as their publicist. XD

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  9. Oops I voted without actually reading all of your chapters! (That is on the agenda for tonight, along with reading Radax’s first chapter and updating my own legacy!)

    I guess you could do dual heirs, but you did just do that so I understand if it’s not something you want to do again. 🙂


    • No worries, I’m sure you got a good enough taste of their personalities from the chapters you read. You know, considering simming is supposed to be a casual hobby, we all seem to build up pretty heavy to-do lists when it comes to legacies. 😛

      I did think of that! And it wouldn’t bother me except that each heir only gets one or two kids in that case, which doesn’t leave much room for error (a.k.a. face clones). Mandrake, Sky, and Gumby taught me that pretty well.

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  10. I voted for Crash on the first, and Calamity on this one. Logics? Pfft, who needs them?
    I voted for Calamity because of your line about enjoying dialogues and it made me think that your favorite is her, but if I was wrong and it’s actually Crash, count my vote wherever you see fit XD


    • Haha, I totally get your logic. My preference changed between the first poll and the second as well. But it’s still only a teensy preference, so I’m going to be happy with either result! It’ll all be over soon enough…

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  11. Well darn. I missed the vote by about 12 hours. (I need to check my WordPress more often or be less busy XD)

    They’re both faceclones so it’s either guy Frieda with green skin and black eyes or girl Gumby, with spiceberry hair tips. However, my fave is still Calamity but Crash is a very close second! Ultimately, I think I like her personality and the LTW better than Crash, plus dialogue, dialogue, dialogue. XD

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    • Nooo, I’m sorry you missed it! Good to hear your favourite won in that case. “Be less busy” haha, easier said than done. 😛

      You’re exactly right though, it was kind of a lose-lose in terms of genetic variety. And of course it’s the clones who end up with the best personalities in my game… which is what I write this blog for in the end, so I guess I should be glad. And yeah, dialogue is life. XD

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  12. Well Balls. Missed that one lol. Oh well. I am happy with whoever wins. Both were my top two choices.

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