Interlude: A Legend of Langurds

Guess whose head is still stuck in Thronesverse? 😀 I’ve been trying to claw my way back into legacy mode, but that finale just kicked me in the face and sent me flailing back to the bottom of the ladder. No spoilers here, but daaaaaaaaamn. I’m still reeling. I made the mistake of listening to this score in the shower yesterday and wound up shaving goosebumps off my legs (you might say it was a bit of a—wait for it—bloodbath).

But I digress… and since this is already a digression of sorts, I’d better get right down to business. Because, despite my slacking, I do have a new house to show you! If you’re good at identifying Worlds by their sky colours and foliage, or if you’ve paid any attention to my last two posts, you might be able to guess where the Langurds are landing next…


1) If you knew how many hours I’d sunk into this project, you might be impressed. Or horrified. Either way, I’m not saying because I’m deeply ashamed of myself. That said, the house would definitely photograph better except…

2) Dragon Valley decided to welcome us with rain, which makes the lighting through the windows all weird, and…

3) I apparently forgot how to take pictures during my considerable break from playing, so prepare for some shitty angles and…

4) Some shoddy quality control. The fact that I went nuts with elevation cheats means floating tiles and gaping ceiling holes are at an all-time high.

Without further ado, here is Calamity’s cozy rustic mansion—all GIF-ified and everything!



The front hall:


The downstairs bathroom:


The totally streamlined, easily-redecorated spare room, just to show them how disposable they are. I’ll explain the deer head later:


The room of actually important stuff:


The retiring-heir bedroom, currently prepped for Friedumby in neither of their favourite colours:


The back hallway and shoebox laundry room (that’s right, we’re tackling laundry again):


The sunroom/greenhouse, which has to be photographed at really specific angles in full sunlight because the game thinks it’s outdoors and two storeys high:


The wtf-do-I-do-with-this extra space, which originally featured a huge window but became a home theatre instead because who needs sunlight:


Heading upstairs now:


If a lamp covered in wisteria seems like a bad idea, it’s because we’re going for “Most Fire Hazards in a House Owned by a Firefighter.” I think our chances are good considering the gym features a wall speaker mounted in a shower:


The nursery is probably my favourite part:


Especially because it’s strategically isolated from this noisy playroom:


At the other end of the hall, Calamity’s bedroom (which is reassuringly whacky compared to the rest of the house):


Slide down the fire pole and you’ll hit a second bathroom. Slide down again for a quiet seating area with a disembowelled hot tub poking out of the ceiling:

www.GIFCreator.me_ytbP4J (1)

Now to the backyard:


And down the garden path to the mausoleum:


The door on the left leads to the main family crypt, which leads to the Room of Achievement. My sister asked me why there was a throne in there and I realized I don’t really know, it just looks cool:


The other door leads to this set-up, loosely (okay, more than loosely) inspired by the Elite Four chambers at Indigo Plateau:


Which pretty much means the Langurd in the final room is the Dragon Master, and that’s fine by me.

You may be wondering if all those textures are murdering my GPU, or if my game is lagging horribly under all the CC I piled in, or what the routing must be like with all these split storeys and tiny corners. Well uhhhh… yes, yes, and absolutely awful, thanks for asking. But you have no idea what I’m willing to sacrifice for pretty things. The house makes a good backdrop so far, which is all that matters.

Oh! And forgive me one more moment of nerdish excitement, but Pottermore just released the sorting quiz for Ilvermorny, a.k.a. American Hogwarts.


Guess I should probably change my username to “Thunderbirdork” now, eh?

Happy Simming!


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  1. Oooh! Very pretty! That backyard is amazing! And I want those rounded kitchen counters soooo bad! But they’re probably cc. ;_; Life’s hard.

    I love the idea of separate trophy rooms for each past founder/heir!


    • Aw, thank you! 🙂 They are CC, sadly… and sims refuse to approach them from the correct side, which means they end up standing IN the counter to, say, set a plate on the counter one space over. It makes sense while most of my sims are incorporeal anyway, but I’ll probably have to delete them after this generation. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      • Much sadness! I hope they don’t glitch up too much!

        I love rounded counters and wish they could be incorporated into the game. Guess I’ll just have to make due with regular counters and those rounded bookshelves. 😦


  2. Oh wow, such a gorgeous, wacky but comfy house. I freaking love it, especially Calamity’s 3 story suite. Firepoles add an epic level of awesome. Can’t wait until we get the first genius/idiot to try climbing *up* the pole to get to the pretties.

    The crypt is brilliant, especially the Heir chambers. Great way to show off each of their very individual personalities. Damn, and that sunhouse is amazing. Possibly my fave room in the house, love those rainbow curtains!


  3. That. House. It’s fantastic and I’m more than a little enamored with that kitchen/family room area. As for the crypt I love how all of the heirs’ rooms fill up a little more each generation with their accomplishments, and Tewl’s just has a football. XD Great work.

    Thank you for that Pottermore heads up. Wampus House over here. Guess I can’t slither away anymore….


  4. … Oh my god. How do you always get your houses to be so freaking gorgeous!? Mine always look ridiculous, but then again I do just half ass them. I’ll pay you to make me one XD

    Tewl’s football and the elite four style rooms. So much yes.

    I’m Wampus! I’m Ravenclaw/Slytherin in Hogwarts though… XD


  5. Love the house, it just made me hate mine XD


  6. That is one impressive house! Wow. Love the throne…


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