Golden Plumbobs & BNTM Season 11!

This post has been rotting in my drafts folder for about 84 years, but today – thanks to a reminder from DSLady – it shall enter the world at last. BE FREE, LITTLE BIRD!

You may remember a braggy little post from just over a year ago about winning Season 10 of Boolprop’s Next Top Model. Leaving no can unkicked, of course I entered Season 11 this past summer and had too much fun staging more ridiculous photoshoots. Spoiler: my hipster fool got his butt kicked, but we did make runner-up!

Feast yer eyes if ye so please (or scroll to the bottom for more filler nonsense).


Intro Round: A Day in the Life

Ceviche Palakaya
Hometown: Bridgeport
Occupation: Barista & Open Mic Host at Hemingway’s Haunt

Ceviche (not his real name, sources suggest) is full of ideas to make the world a better place.


But let’s be honest, he probably isn’t going to do that by serving organic chai lattes to college kids.


Or by painting vegan propaganda on people’s stairwells.
Full Body

Now maybe if he were to enter a modelling competition…


Round 1: Weather

Seasons of Life

Every turn of the season brings a new “aesthetic” to Ceviche’s Instagram posts. For instance…

omegawolf89 Be yourself because everybody else is already taken :coffee: :whistle: #helloautumn #sweaterweather #flannelfordays

Full Body:
omegawolf89 ‘Cause honey your soul could never grow old, it’s evergreen :heart: #dashingthroughthesnow #moonlitride

omegawolf89 Stars can’t shine without darkness :lightning: :lightning: :lightning: #sumernights #folkband #gazebogig

Of course, it would help if he changed up his filters from time to time.


Round 2: Product Modeling

Modeling for RONSTM Ethical All-Weather Footwear

They say a good pair of shoes will take you to good places.
(Full Body)


But there are some places only a great pair of shoes can take you.

RONSTM: Your passport to infinity.


Round 3: Bad Habits

The Selfie King

Some call it vanity, but what Ceviche has is a diagnosable case of Selfie-itis. This terrible affliction can strike at any moment, its effects ranging from antisocial…
(Full Body)

…to downright inappropriate.

Some say the world could be ending and Ceviche would still be standing there, trying to decide on a filter that made his eyes pop.


Then again, how else is an Instagram baron to please his followers?


Round 4: Food

Behind the Name

This activist model is a complex man embodying many contradictions (or so he likes to think). Yet the burning question he gets most often is:

“Wtf is a ceviche?”

“It’s quite simple, really,” says Ceviche.

“You start with the freshest fish you can find. I advise the ultimate DIY method: rowing out to sea and catching it with your own two hands. I would have sharpened my own spear, but I was short on time.”


“The chunks of fish are then cured in citrus juices and flavoured to perfection with onions, garlic, and herbs – all grown organically in my hobby garden, of course.”

(Full Body)

“What you get is a raw fish dish that is not only delicious, but perfectly safe to eat. A dish worthy of my name!”
“That’s wonderful,” says the inquirer. “But aren’t you a vegan?”


Finale: Sims Challenges

The Life (or Death) that Could Have Been

Ceviche often muses that if he hadn’t been born so good-looking, his lot in life could have been totally different.


It’s hard to say if he would have been able to stomach the glamorous life of a legacy founder.
(Full Body)

But of course, with a creator manager like his, there are worse challenges he could have fallen into…



Conclusion: I think Ceviche looks quite dashing in his Sim Salad gear, and I dislike him just enough that I might make him a celebrity contestant in Season Two.


Thought you were rid of the mental image of Tewl trying to rock a red carpet? Well brace yourselves, because he’s up for some Golden Plumbobs again! Literally, Tewl himself was nominated in one of the categories. I also got a few personal nominations for around-the-forums stuff, but so far it seems our lovely founder is far more likely to win something than I am. *swallows pride* But seriously, thank you to whomever is responsible for all of these! I am far too absent to deserve them. ❤

If you feel like giving me votes I don’t deserve, finding someone cooler to vote for, or just getting away from this blog, click a link below!

Support the Langurds!
Best Sims 3 Legacy
Funniest Sims 3 Story
Best Founder in a Sims 3 Legacy

Give Sam an ego boost!
Coolest Username (can “dork” and “cool” be in the same sentence though?)
Best Avatar (slightly disappointed that I couldn’t vote for Aang)
Most Likely to Paint the Mod Sticks Purple (still not even sure what this means, but purple is life)
Biggest Chatterbox (IRL-Sam is amused by this)
Funniest Member (*tears up* *fist-bumps self* GUYS SOMEONE THINKS I’M FUNNY)
Best Architect (much flattery ❤ but there are some mad building skillz to be found on Boolprop)
Best Interior Designer (honestly I think I deserve an award just for graduating from flame wallpaper)
Most Talented Sims Creator (items on my very impressive resume: Tewl, Ceviche…)
Most Team Spirit (House Smustle) (VO GERBITS!)

Aaaaaand on the topic of actual updates, the future is bright – I took a nice shoulder to the throat at yesterday’s quidditch tournament, which rules out my usual hobby of yelling at strangers on the streets leaves me with the kind of forced down time that I usually channel into blogging. Or watching K-dramas. It’s 50/50. We’ll see what the heavens command.

Happy Simming!



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  1. These are fantastic! Beautifully shot and full of personality. I laughed pretty hard at the funeral one 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tewl will never be forgotten!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. BTWs, he’s got 10 of 18 votes. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, hey, I don’t have a past-life comment on this one.

    Nobody nominates me on Boolprop *sniffle*.

    Oh, crap, when I did I last log in to Boolprop.

    I totally failed to realize this was Tewl until the mirror shot. The vegan ceviche revelation almost made me fall out of my chair. (Did I say chair? Bed. I am reading this in bed. At noon. Because that’s what wfh in a pandemic is like.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I found out in 2019 (I think?) that absence does not bode well for the GPs. Lol. I think I still got a nomination that year, but fell behind on the votes and broke my streak. Gotta work to stay relevant in this cutthroat business. 😛

      But hey, get back on Boolprop! We could use more TS3 players around there!

      Ohh, it actually isn’t Tewl! (Despite the shoutout in the mirror shot.) But they do have an oddly distinct resemblance – maybe I have some unshakable habits in CAS.

      Speaking of habits, I very much approve of reading in bed at noon. That is goals.


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