6.5 They All Rolled Over and One Fell Out

Fact: Canada as a nation turns 150 this July.

Fact: Eleven days later, this blog will turn 5.

Fact: I have been writing this blog for more than 3% of Canada’s existence.

Fact?: One day, I will compose an intro that isn’t a rehashed version of “legacy take long time, Gryffindork slow.”


Let’s get down to business to defeat the Huns. After far too much trolling, Quinn Flanagan has finally succumbed to Calamity’s good looks and agreed to date her… all while she’s been under an ugly spell. Figures.

Calamity: Face it, I’d be the most low maintenance girlfriend ever.

Quinn: You’re not wrong.

Meanwhile, Omen’s chess opponents keep getting glued to the upholstery after beating him.

Maeve: Gee, I’m getting sleepy.


Omen: You are not sleepy… you are itching for a rematch!

Maeve: I want to go home and rethink my life.

Omen: That’s not what— dammit!!

Somehow, alien powers always disappoint.


Cal strengthens her hold on this slippery snake with a special offering.

Calamity: Here is a box you can wear as a hat.

Quinn: You know me so well.

(For the record, I checked my notes and she’s actually giving him a toad here.)

Screenshot-834 - Copy

There must be something in the air — or could Frieda be having last-minute regrets about that LTW of hers?

Gumby: I’m afraid I might not be around much longer, dear.

Frieda: Don’t say such things!


I think we can confirm that she’s feeling pretty sappy right now.

Frieda: This is an exact depiction of our first date.

Um, it’s really not?


Pokey: Make way for the more important ship, people!


Gumby: Whoa, hold on a sec.

Pokey: Don’t you dare.

Gumby: Too late.


Gumby: *thud*

Pokey: So fucking done with your shit.


Gumby: No Pokey wait


Gumby: I looooove you ❤

Pokey: You’re going to faint after this, aren’t you?

Gumby: Most likely.


I imagine Pokey’s dying wish was that we’d take good care of her baby.

Storm: *way across the map, route failing for days*

We are obviously doing a great job of honouring it.


The sun rises and Quinn hasn’t given us the slip yet, shocker of shockers. Though I daresay no one is as shocked in this situation as he is. XD

Quinn: Can you like, turn that stuff off while we make out?

Cal: Don’t worry, I’m like a Rapidash. I could never hurt someone I really trust.

Quinn: Too bad I’m a total slime then.


*five minutes earlier*


Not all Langurd women are Quinn fangirls.

Rhapsody: Is this really your boyfriend? You know you have to have kids with him, right?

Quinn: Rude.

Calamity: Hey, remember military school? Wasn’t that fun?

Screenshot-835 - Copy

With Fiasco slowly turning into a pallid creature of wine and darkness, I decide to move his work closer to an actual light source.

Fiasco: It burns!

He thus graduates from “the loser who lives in his parents’ basement” to “the loser who lives in their bedroom.”


Forcing his parents to be “the losers who talk dirty in their daughter’s room.”

Cal: It’s all good, I’m going to work.

Enter the greatest bed glitch ever, whereby Calamity “wakes up” but stays in a sleeping position all the way down to the carpool. Anything for a few extra minutes of shut-eye, right?

Screenshot-841 - Copy

Logan: What took you so long? Our lives are in danger!

Breandan: You’re just gonna walk in there dressed like that? Are you insane?

Screenshot-847 - Copy

Cal: Good news, your house isn’t on fire.

Logan: It’s not?

Cal: Yeah, just some gnomes. You guys sure are wimpy for a couple of men in uniform.

Screenshot-848 - Copy

Breandan: Alas, now we look like fools!

Logan: We should probably quit our jobs, huh?

Screenshot-845 - Copy

Omen: Look at me, my job’s just as cool as Calamity’s. The commoners worship me.

Paparazzi: Don’t flatter yourself, I’m just here for that gorgeous sky.

Screenshot-844 - Copy

Same here, actually. XD

Screenshot-850 - Copy

Okay seriously, you two need to STOP. You don’t get to develop substance this late in life. That’s not how it works around here.

Gumby: ♫ I wanna stand with you on a mountain / I wanna bathe with you in the sea / I wanna lay like this forever / ‘Til the sky falls down on me ♫

You’re 96 days old, the sky is going to fall on you any minute now!

Screenshot-855 - Copy

Frieda: But I feel like a girl again!

Gumby: Oh yeah, Old Celery still got it.

Fine, but let it be known that I am evacuating this ship nice and early.


Screenshot-858 - Copy

Elsewhere — a rare moment captured in which Crash is not tragic!

Screenshot-860 - Copy

I take it back. Not only does he look like this, he also picked up Brooding as his final trait.

Crash: 😀 ?

No, buddy.

Screenshot-872 - Copy

One day after school, Rhapsody pays a visit to the O’Reillys, whose only flaw is that none of the kids are faceclones of their mother. Otherwise, they’d be useful breeding material.

Conor: Wondering how I bagged that one, aren’t you? Well, let me tell you…

Chloe: Please dear, no one needs to hear that story again.

Screenshot-874 - Copy

Their eldest, Morrigan, would be a contender just for her badass name. (Of course, I’m ignoring the glaring fact that we don’t have any heirs on the market yet.)

Chloe: Don’t you have homework to do?

Morrigan: UGH Mom, how many times do I have to tell you? You don’t need homework to be a dragon master!

Adolescence in Dragon Valley sure is interesting.

Screenshot-876 - Copy

Omen is oh-so-close to getting his LTW and peacing out forever, but his last opponent is a force to be reckoned with.

Maeve: Crushed it.

Omen: Rematch?

Maeve: Call me in 36 hours.

Omen: I hate you.

Screenshot-880 - Copy

Everyone gets a break from their busy lives to watch Crash graduate, oh boy!

Sky: Is this really necessary?

Omen: Just kill me!

Screenshot-882 - Copy

But not Rhapsody. Rhapsody is grounded for being a bad bitch too slow to catch the school bus, so she gets to stay home and play video games.

Rhapsody: Literally the best day of my life.


So it turns out Sky actually uglified her 10th victim last chapter — it was Donte of all people, and in ruining his life, she finally made something of hers. LTW down and finally disentangled from a doomed romance, our Skydancer is ready to strike out on her own! Rhapsody plays her a nice little send-off tune.

Rhapsody: ♫ To the left, to the left / Everything you own in a box to the left

Sky: How sweet.


Proud of you, girl, leaving us as an accomplished and independent woman!

Sky: Yeah, about that…


*a few days ago*

Skydancer Langurd, a disappointment until the end.


And now she’ll be teaching her deadbeat ways to the new generation. Perfect.


Omen: Hey everyone, look over here!

No way, did you finally beat her??!


Omen: Lolnope, it’s just my birthday.

And for that, I’m not putting your eyebrows back.


Crash the gym bro has started training Calamity for work, and let’s just say it’s a good thing he can’t make his thoughts heard.


Cal is actually doing well at work, which is a perfect excuse to slack off for a while and focus on… other things…


Quinn: Hey, you’re still electrocuting me! What gives?

Calamity: Maybe you did something slimy again?

Quinn: Huh, I don’t think so…


*five minutes earlier*


Slimebag or not, you can’t deny these two are a match made in heaven. Or somewhere more whacked, like Narnia, or the Upside-Down.

Quinn: What’s the life jacket for?

Calamity: You can never be too safe in these waters.

Quinn: That’s true, STD’s are a real thing.


Calamity: No stupid, I’m talking about the mythical Tub Monster!

Quinn: Of course you are.


Calamity: Do you see it?

Quinn: Hard to say. Maybe you should help me look.


Whether or not there was innuendo in there, this is how the first child of Gen. 7 is conceived.


As for our other lovebirds, it’s no use trying to stop them. Frieda dons her activewear for the first time ever just to indulge Gumby—probably the closest they’ve come to a healthy marriage.

Gumby: That’s it, you’re almost there! You’re almost touching the weights!

Frieda: Do I have abs yet?


All this prompts Frieda to realize she really doesn’t have any passions for Gumby to share in, since all she’s been doing is waiting for him to die.

Frieda: Surely there’s something else I’m good at?

frieda's aptitude test

Actually, she’s pretty well-rounded. Too bad we typecast people so early around here.


Speaking of which, this is pretty much where you can find Gumby when he’s not with his wife. Little wimp still needs the occasional time-out to rest his frail heart.

Screenshot-842 - Copy

Hey, wasn’t Maeve there a minute ago?

Omen: Yes.

And she didn’t get stuck in the chair?

Omen: Yes.

Does that mean…

omen ltw complete

Well, it’s about damn time!


Of course, he proceeds to autonomously play chess on his computer because he knows no other life.

Omen: One does not give up his craft simply because he has become a master.

Hokay Mr. Wisdom, is that out of your cult handbook?

Omen: Page 249, Verse 3.

Knew it.


Our youngest has yet to master the craft of getting to school in this town. To add a layer of difficulty, she’s grounded to all hell from missing school and isn’t even allowed to get on the bus anymore, so she has to teleport.

Rhapsody: ♫ Hello darkness my old friend


It really is a sad story.


Almost as sad as this one: Fiasco is so married to the nectar machine that his mother has to migrate her easel to better capture him in his natural habitat.

Fiasco: Great, this is exactly the version of myself I want to be remembered by.

Frieda: Which other version would you prefer, exactly?

Fiasco: Point taken.


Turns out hot tubs really can make you sick.

Calamity: Nah, I definitely just did my suspenders up too tight.

Sure, let’s roll with that.


Until she pops, she gets to keep living the good life: jabbing stuff with wrenches and clashing with her co-workers.

Emily: Get this, I’m a firefighter.


Calamity: We’re all firefighters here.

Emily: Are you sassing me right now?


In other simself news — congrats, Livy, you birthed a(nother) Langurd!


One more delivery to the cellar, and Fiasco’s done his part in preparing the family for the apocalypse.

fiasco completes ltw

No Langurd will ever thirst for wine again.

last wish to drink nectar

…I stand corrected. Echoing his brother’s “a master doth not give up his craft” proverb, Fiasco rolls this immediately post-LTW.


The obvious answer (to this and to everything) is WINE PARTY!

On the left we have “Blood of the Brothers,” Katana’s first nectar from way back in Gen 3. It’s survived three moves and has appreciated enough in value that it’s almost a shame to drink it, but yolo I guess. On the right is “Bottled Starlight,” one of Fiasco’s younger concoctions. It’s a wild card.


Fiasco: Welcome to Fifi’s Wine Showcase! Step right up, take a sip of my life’s work!


Fiasco: Well, everyone? What do you think?

Gumby: Ah, a leggy fusion of forest fruits with oak undertones.

Frieda: I think it has grapes in it?

Crash: *would rather eat burnt carbonara*


Fiasco: Well I think it’s garbage, just like everything else I’ve ever done with my life.

Gumby: Thank god you said it.


What a great revelation after you’ve devoted yourself to the craft of winemaking.


On that note, it’s a bittersweet “see ya never” to our eldest spares! Best of luck in the void, boys!

Fiasco: What’s the void?

Poor child is going to die out there.


Frieda: R.I.P. my sweet innocent baby.


This is a terrible thing to say, but I wish people’s houses would start catching on fire already. If Cal has to deal with one more “AAAAHH gnomes are scary help us pls!!” I’m going to quit.

Entire Mithrilen Family: GNOMES ARE SCARY!


So much so, apparently, that they’ve evacuated themselves and left baby Dusty to die. First of all: Dusty is like the worst name ever for a child of former royalty. Also: he’s the only one in this case who can actually justify saying “gnomes are scary.”


Cal: Jeez, I can see why they left you here.



Calamity: Okay, you’re actually kinda cute. I wouldn’t mind getting me one of these.


Surprise, you’re getting you one of those!

Calamity: Idk, I’m pretty satisfied if this new dress is all I get.

Sometimes being easy to please is not a good thing.


You know what else isn’t a good thing?

Calamity: Hey guess what, we’re having a baby. Whoops, wrong number!

That. Absolutely that.


In person is always better.

Calamity: Hey guess what, we’re having a baby.

Quinn: Is it mine or the Tub Monster’s?

Calamity: Good question.



Seems like a good time to add Quinn to the family and give him a beautiful makeover an even slimier hairstyle than before. He’s a Friendly, Charismatic, Excitable Genius with a Good Sense of Humour, which is totally not how I’ve been writing him but let’s forget about that. Oh, and there’s one more thing…

Quinn: Surprise, I’m going to be an old man tomorrow!

WHYYYYY am I forever cursed with adult spouses at the end of their life stage WHYYYYY. D:


I guess I have no right to complain about “cursed,” not when Rhapsody’s entire life has been a series of outrageous punishments for things she can’t control.

Rhapsody: Literally the only perfect kid in this family’s history and what do I fucking get for it? *growl*


Maybe a little parental recognition would help.

Gumby: *pat pat*

Rhapsody: Uh, what are you doing?

Gumby: You had a weird sparkly thing stuck to your back. It’s gone now.

Not that she’ll get it from either of hers in their lifetimes.


Whoops, I forgot to knock on wood. Sorry Gumby.

Gumby: How did I get down here?


Gumby: Why am I suddenly terrified of myself?


Gumby: Oh please, Mr. Grim, turn me into anything else!

Grim: You think I’m happy about this? I was having a grand old time in the Maldives, then my replacement had to go and die!

Gumby: Can’t I be one of you, then?


Grim: Nah, you were doing a shit job anyway.

Frieda: MY GUMBY!


What a perfect way for a true celery to leave this world.

Frieda: I take it all back! I don’t need his money, I just want my Gumby!

Grim: Are you sure about that?

Frieda: Yes!


Grim: Joke’s on you, sister.

In a cruel plot twist, Frieda ends up crying over a pot of ashes and still missing her LTW. Um, I’m sorry, but was there a WRONG way to do this? Did we really just flub the most straightforward of all LTW’s?

Frieda: Fuck you Gumby you worthless lump of playdough you ruined me!

But more on that later.


Hello there! I see your Liebster nominations and am incredibly grateful and oh so late to the party as always, and beginning to feel like a broken record because nothing I say in these A/N’s hasn’t been said before. However, know that this broken record is drafting up answers to all your questions and will post them as soon as she feels less guilty about not posting real things!

For anyone who was following the round-robin legacy I started on Boolprop over a year ago (whoops), I finally kicked myself in the butt and finished my generation! Conveniently, I’m telling you this right as the heir poll is closing, but the point is that’s one more distraction off my plate.

Unfortunately, I recently started playing an EPIC challenge for fun (double whoops) and am thinking about publishing it—but probably not until Cal’s generation is done, and definitely not with the same ambition as this blog. In fact, I’m thinking of starting a central blog where I can toss all my Sims trash that doesn’t fit in this dumpster, including the “Who’s Your Daddy?” challenge I started last year (my life is one big “whoops,” okay?).

I also bought Stardew Valley back in May and logged 116 hours in two weeks. I am not proud of this.


I am, however, quite proud of this because small things amuse me.

Happy Simming!



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  1. Congratulations on the new baby! I mean, update.
    The hotub scene was just hilarious and perfect, I don’t know how you get your game to flow so perfectly into a story.
    Crash is kind of bulky. Training and being tragic all the time does that to someone I suppose.
    OMG Fiasco’s declaration. I’m dying XD
    Oh yeah, Quinn is totally charismatic… Can’t get your eyes off of him for sure…Ahem.
    No, Gumby 😦 He even died wrong!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I get way too lucky with the way my pictures fall together sometimes – really, I think the secret is just taking 10,000 screenshots per minute and then deleting all the right ones. XD And I think Crash can blame his chunkiness on his father (Gumby was the first heir since Tewl to not be the size of a toothpick, after all) but I mean, I also never let him do cardio workouts, so…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Woo! Gen 7 is on the way! Can’t wait! Will Calamity have more than one kid? And if so, will Quinn be the baby dad for all of them?

    Kudos to those that achieved their LTW (Omen & Fiasco), even if Fiasco still has no taste in wine. XD And pity to those that didn’t (Frieda). Poor Gumby, he can’t even die properly so his wife achieves her dream. XD And precious Crash is all grown up! :3

    Yeeeeeeeees! Join the rest of us in Stardew Valley! 😀 Did you really marry Sam just because his name matched yours…who am I kidding, I probably would too if my name matched any of theirs! XD I haven’t gotten married yet, was too busy obsessing over the stars in the Community Center, but I’m working on wooing sweet, little Penny! ❤ BTW: Steam summer sale.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, but to answer those questions now would spoil the rest of the generation! (But based on this legacy’s track record, I think we can safely say that #1 is a given and #2 is decidedly up in the air, haha.)

      I am too in love with this game. ❤ I definitely married Sam for the name thing but also because I'm boyband trash IRL so he has that going for him. In retrospect I may have jumped the gun because I'm finding myself more drawn to Sebastian's character these days, but there are always other save files I guess? I've already reserved one of those for Penny since I feel like I've neglected her in this one. XD And thank you for the heads up – I managed to restrain myself for the time being, but I'll probably regret it when the prices are back up and I'm in a buying mood!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Woot, finally, progress! Not that the heir is doing anything, but yay for the spares finally completing their LTWs. Now maybe we can have some room in the house for nooboos. It’s been oh, so very long since we have had Langurd babies. Then again, Livy is doing her very best to keep baby Langurd around, so…

    Also, freaking love that Skydancer hooked up with Donte. Your simself may well get a Langurd grandchild!

    I think Frieda might be able to complete her LTW when ghost!Gumby comes back and she sees him? IDK, I have never completed that LTW, but I believe that’s how it works in other blogs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel like this is always the part of the generation when the spares are more successful than the heir… Calamity will have her day in the sun (or the fire I guess?) but the others have to make their mark fast before they’re kicked out!

      Sky and Donte are such a trainwreck. I actually can’t remember what SP did with their relationship, so I guess I’ll find out as we go. 😛

      I thought so too, and apparently that solves it for most people. But it turns out our case was a little more complicated. I think my game just hates me. D:

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Fact: this is a very productive chapter! Chess master, nectar maker, fire sergeant… gold digger… yeah… about that, I’m not sure, but moving from town to town may have glitched this particular LTW. I wonder who’s Gumby to Frieda now in the family tree.

    The first date painting always reminds me of Doctor Who’s Amy and Rory. Don’t know why, must be the nose.

    Gumby-Pokey meeting just melts my heart, aww.

    Bed glitch is soooo relatable. Somedays you just aren’t going to get up, no sir, not happening.

    “You don’t get to develop substance this late in life”
    That’s what sims do, don’t they? First you wait on them to pass away, then they stick around for a bit, and when time finally comes… sigh.

    Gym flippers are the latest craze, I guess. That has seriously cheered me up. How do they even work?

    “First of all: Dusty is like the worst name ever for a child of former royalty.”
    Says father: When he was born, we looked at him, just laying there on the carpet we haven’t vacuumed in generations… and so we called him “Dusty”.

    “Calamity: Hey guess what, we’re having a baby. Whoops, wrong number!”
    Oh dear… now that’s coldblooded. Poor guy will flee three counties away without even knowing why. “I wasn’t even there!”

    Oh, and happy tying the knot to Sam & Sam. I wonder what was served at the reception… M&M’s? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know, right? How very unlike the Langurds to accomplish so much… And now that you mention it, I’m inclined to blame the moving towns thing. The other glaring issue, of course, is that Frieda herself is dead… but I’m hoping that’s not the reason, because I’d feel very stupid for ignoring it all along. Ah, well. Can’t expect to win every technical battle in ten generations!

      The bed glitch gets even better (or worse?) just wait and see. 😉

      I have half a mind to try out flippers on the treadmill sometime. I’m sure it targets some little-used muscles in the fronts of your calves – I mean, even walking in flippers is hard work. We could be onto something.

      M&M’s, brilliant. If I end up marrying someone with my same name IRL, that’s exactly the kind of punny wedding I want to have. XD


  5. Oh, Bottomless Nectar Cellar! That’s why I had Dylan hoarding all that wine I just had him consign! He finished his photography LTW a long time ago, but I was stocking up to hand that LTW to a spare for a future generation.

    I am giddy to see Cal and Finn’s babies.

    Yay! A post I’m actually reading for the first time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so relieved to find a chapter where I actually replied to (most of) the comments! This has been a journey.

      Jealous that you completed a photography LTW. I’m still scarred from the one I attempted in Gen. 7. Bottomless Nectar Cellar is a nice one, especially if you’ve been hoarding!

      Oh and congrats on catching up to your past self! Hope you enjoyed the (re?)read!


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