6.7 Boulevard of Broken Dreams

And we’re off! Welcome to the first leg of a seven-day spirit journey. I hope you’re ready to feel closer to the Langurds than ever before (hey you in the back, I saw you swallow your vomit just now). Regrets? Absolutely not. Maybe a couple. Or twelve. Who am I kidding, guys? I’m in way over my head.

Our last instalment featured a disastrous bachelor party, a lacklustre wedding, and the birth of a Gen. 7 burrito, but not at all in that order. Don’t get me wrong—Cal and Quinn are totally traditional people who follow all the proper steps toward a conventional marriage.


Case in point—a timeless wedding ritual.

Cal: Is the cake good?


Skydancer: If I say no, does that doom you guys to infertility or something?


Followed by a honeymoon in the hot tub.

Quinn: Wow, I really am wrinkly. I can’t believe you married me.

Cal: I’ll just have to keep my eyes closed forever. What a terrible fate.


At least until the mood is shattered by VERY AUDIBLE sobs from directly beneath them.

Emily: How dare you be happy when Manny is dead!!!

I kind of enjoy the fact that Emily has been married to Cal’s cousin this whole time. It adds a new dimension to their animosity.


Yeesh, sorry…


Let’s cut to a tragically tired Crash giving Kip an educational tour of her birthplace. Every Sim house has its routing quirks, right? Well, in this one, everyone’s favourite hobby is rocking the baby to sleep in the dungeons.


Some would argue that the dungeons are where a ghost like Kip belongs, but those people are dead now and we don’t listen to them.

Gumby: Hey, ghost wife.


Gumby: Wait… ghost wife?

Frieda: That’s right, punk. I’m giving you one last chance to cough up your credit card numbers. My next option is dying and haunting the shit out of you forever.

Gumby: Oh d-d-d-dear.


And that’s when our second ghost crisis strikes.

Frieda: So… how do I go about this dying thing?


This is the part where I admit to being an idiot and no one argues with me because, well, the evidence is irrefutable.

Somewhere in the chaos of playing various occults, of installing and re-installing mods, and of working this whole Gold Digger storyline, I neglected to become aware of one crucial thing.

Playable ghosts are not supposed to be immortal.


Frieda: Well shit.

I know my rep is beyond salvaging, but let me explain. When Gumby met Tatiana, Frieda’s mother, she was still a YA despite having three grown children—and when Frieda joined the family, her bar read “days until aging up: never.” I figured it was just a ghost thing (having never played one before) and that maybe she’d go back to the Netherworld without warning when her time was up. In retrospect that makes no sense, but I’m really quite good at taking weird shit in my stride. Around this point in gameplay, it came to my attention that Frieda’s perma-youth was a result of MasterController’s default setting for ghosts, which is—you guessed it—“Aging:Off,” and that if I left her to it, she’d happily stick around forever.

TL;DR: By my calculations, Frieda is actually about 113 days old. Not only should she be a crusty hag by now, she could easily have died before Gumby if I’d had my settings right.

Which all amounts to…

tenor (2)

But not intentionally. 😥

I had decided to take the LTW point and fuck the consequences, but after doing the math, I don’t feel right about it. Feel free to offer your two cents and don’t worry about hurting my pride; I flushed that down the toilet with my common sense.


Frieda isn’t the only one affected. Cal, Rhapsody, and even Fiasco somewhere out there (bless his soul) must feel a jolt when I set their clocks to start moving.

Cal: A jolt? Really?

Rhapsody: Admit it, it’s kind of funny.


As it turns out, our heiress is creeping up on her adult birthday. Luckily, she just bought herself a few more days.

Cal: I think I feel the jolt now.


She’s not even showing and she’s already rolling wishes for “catering” again.

Cal: Hey idiot, I’m right here.

Pizza Guy: Wow, I seriously must be going crazy. She sounds so real.

Cal: Somebody’s getting one star on Yelp.


The Precious winds up in the hands of a starving gym rat. Heck, who am I to deprive a face like that?


Especially when he just maxed the gym rat skill! Next step: a life of scholarly solitude. No, pop-up, he will not be “taking a jog around the town.” I’ve had quite enough of Omen’s proverb; my Sims max skills so they can forget about them and move on with life.


Speaking of which… about that “moving on” thing.

Frieda: This stack of pancakes is more meaningful than my existence.

I seldom admit to feeling bad for Sims, but Frieda’s pressing my guilt button right now. I cheated her out of an interesting life, and now I’ve cheated her out of the one thing her boring life was dedicated to. So screw it, I’ve decided she has a few days to find a new purpose before I pull the plug.

Rhapsody: What about painting, Mom? You’re pretty good at that.

Frieda: That’s true, I am pretty good.


“That’s true, I am pretty good.” –Frieda Langurd


Based on the fact that I hung it in the mausoleum, I guess I decided this was the best we could do. I’ll be having a word with myself about this.

P.S. Don’t mind the misplaced urns. Crypt renovations and stuff.


By turns, Frieda also pulls out literal masterpieces like this one. (Super helpful since we can’t sell it.)

Cal: Mom, no one will let me parent my child!

Frieda: Why are you whining? Go take a bubblebath. Knit a scarf. Open a falafel cart. The world is brimming with possibilities.


I guess parenthood is also an option.

Cal: I shall call him “Falafel.”

And he shall fly totally under the radar in high school.


Oh hey, guess what else flew totally under the radar? Look at that black hair, trynna rain on the parade of a brand new eye colour mutation, a solid mix of facial features, and our first ever elf ears!

Kip: I’m a parade!

^ This kid, in a nutshell.


When I say “solid mix,” she’s mostly Quinn and as such promises to be a wild card as she ages up.

Quinn: WHOA whose kid is this?

Almost definitely the first time he’s held her.


Another side effect of Ghost Crisis 2.0 is that Rhapsody, Calamity, and Frieda get to graduate en masse from high school at ages 34, 51, and 114 respectively.


*Most Likely to Have Been Mediocre, and I’m sure she appreciates the salt in her wounds.


Fiasco is there too, visibly sweating from the effort of pulling off that sideways baseball cap. (What were you thinking, game?)

Quinn: Are you ready for a bedtime story, Kip?

Kip: This isn’t my bed…

Fiasco: Is this man trying to hurt you, sweetie?


Quinn: Wait. You’re my wife’s brother, aren’t you?

Fiasco: Wife? I wasn’t invited to a weddi—


Quinn: Congratulations, you’re the new babysitter.

Fiasco: Hey little nugget, wanna see some magic tricks?

Kip: Yes please!


So Uncle Fifi keeps her entertained while the rest of the family tends to very important business.

Fiasco: Behold! In the blink of an eye, I will conjure a snowball!


Fiasco: Uhhh whoops, I forgot I’m an incompetent turd.

Yeah, so SP has started cycling Fiasco through all three Showtime careers, which in my game is a sign that it gave up trying to find him a place in real society. Other symptoms: no marriage, children, or skill advancements. Precedent: Florin.


Fiasco: Tada! There it is!

Too late man, her respect for you is gone.


For Calamity, “very important business” entails chatting with the ghost Blubsy accidentally summoned the other night. Note that she opts for THIS monstrosity over a cap and gown. Note also that a visibly pregnant sim graduating high school should probably ring alarm bells in my head, but it doesn’t.


For Crash, important business is being picturesque AF while searching the heavens in shitty visibility.

Crash: *nod nod*


And disrupting the laws of astronomy just to mess with people.

(Only $40 for discovering Earth? What a sham!)


However, with Kip out of the burrito phase, Calamity is ready to step in and take credit for the important stuff. Like telling the kid her origin story (in great detail).

Cal: And so you see, there’s a good chance that your father is actually a bottom-dwelling sludge serpent.


Just look at her squishy little face trying to digest all of that.


I know every cute kid looks like Boo from Monsters Inc., but does she not look a little bit like Boo from Monsters Inc.?


Based on her first official words, she may have fallen a long way from the Langurd tree.

Kip: Let’s be together FOREVER!

Cal: Omg stop, you’re too fucking adorable.


Cal: Keep this up and you’ll inherit the family fortune in no time.

Kip: *not even a little bit interested*

Hoping the next one has more of a head for business.


Heeding Rhapsody’s advice, Frieda keeps rolling painting-related wishes once the portraits are done. A few tiny canvases later, she’s maxed her first-ever skill.

Frieda: I haven’t eaten in days. I FEEL SO ALIVE.

My final decree is that she can stick around until the new baby is born.


After the first one vaguely reminds me of Omen, I commission her to do an abstract painting for each of her five children. It’s eerie how suited they actually are to the kids’ colour schemes and personalities—then again, they’re abstract so I could say that no matter what they looked like.


Of course, Frieda finishes that project in half a day and goes right back to puttering around.

Frieda: I’ve always wanted to be writer. Think I could master that in 36 hours?

Quinn: Sure, can’t imagine why some of us would dedicate our entire lives to the craft.

Cal: Lol Mom, I just realized my body gets to decide when you die.


Figures Quinn would be bitter when he’s such a dud journalist. Honestly, this career is too much for a guy with two weeks to live. He should be out seizing the day, not writing a biography of Old Man Jenkins and his prized teaspoon collection.

Quinn: But it’s my dream!

Yeah, well, consider it shattered.


Also looking increasingly unlikely: Rhapsody ever maxing four whole instruments. Who thought that was a good idea? Why am I suddenly mad at every LTW? I dunno, maybe I’m a little jaded from recent events.

Sean: I like your music, but you’re also a ghost.

Rhapsody: What a dilemma, I feel so bad for you.

Her jam sessions tend to be pretty dead for this reason alone.

Dead, get it?


But all that changes when the Fire Nation attacks the King-Langurd clan shows up. Livy, Dominique, Tam, and Unborn Sibling of Tam (surprise?!) are always ready to party.

Livy: Birthday Bash 2k15 never forget


Within minutes they’ve created a rave behind the piano. Truly magical.

Livy: Where’s the kid?

Dom: Who cares? This is my jam! Here, lady, go buy yourself a taco.


Little Kip’s got a big task ahead of her, breaking in this gargantuan nursery. Sitting awkwardly in the corner is a good start.

Kip: A ghost keeps knocking over my ducky.

And by that she means…


Calamity: Justice is served.


Remember when I told Calamity “I wouldn’t put it past you to sleep through labour”?

Folks, you are currently looking at Calamity in labour.


Still looking at it.


Yep, even now.


I’m just sitting here laughing like a fool until I realize that she’s been in the hospital for 10 hours and huh, that’s strange, why haven’t we gotten a baby pop-up yet?

*ominous thunder clap*



Meet Ghost Crisis #3, because bad things come in fucking tidal waves. Apparently, tweaking occult aging settings while an occult is pregnant is a big no-no. At least, that’s what I’ve inferred from the fact that CAL AND QUINN’S CHILD IS LITERALLY INCAPABLE OF BEING BORN.

Calamity: Um, how do I get this thing out of me then?

*throws legacy out the window*

*sets desk on fire*

*cancels self*

I’m sorry, Cal. I really didn’t want to do this, but…


Calamity: Wh… where did my baby go?

Quinn: You heartless wench.

I HAD NO CHOICE, OKAY? D’: I’ll get you a new one. Everything is going to be fine.


*happy music fades into the distance*

Fuck this shit. This is the Sims. I’m not here to feel feelings.


It’s not that big a deal, I guess. All we have to do is go to the hospital, engineer a replacement baby, and not get stuck this time. But there’s something tragic about the fact that the one Cal was pregnant with for this whole chapter will technically never exist. It could have been the Chosen Langurd, full of recessive genes and fun traits!

It could also have been a faceclone. For the sake of all our sanity, let’s assume it was a faceclone.

Cal: Come on Quinn, let’s go buy a baby.



Jeff: Have no fear, Doctor Jeff is here!

He WOULD be the doctor on call in these trying times.


While that’s all going down, Rhapsody stumbles on another definition of “trying times.”

Fiasco: I’m a mime now, I guess.

Rhapsody: You go, Fifi! Follow your dreams!


Rhapsody: But first, go get yourself a taco. #payingitforward

Fiasco: Oh, you don’t have to tip me. I’m just collecting rainwater to drink later.

Lev: You know this town has outlawed homelessness, right?

Shut up Lev, you’re not the mayor yet!


Her husband is basically a local hero, though.

Quinn: Thanks, Doctor Jeff! You’re the best!

Cal: *dead inside*

Gumby will be so pleased! I think there’s a dead babies joke somewhere in here, but “too soon” doesn’t begin to cover it.


Here he is in the flesh: Trance Langurd, whose arrival cost us 24 hours and $5,000, is an Absent-Minded Light Sleeper who enjoys veggi rolls, island life music, and the colour green. Ironically, he’s also the first kid since Skydancer not to be born green. He has his father’s perpetual sunburn, which is actually on the pale end of the purple spectrum.

Trance: *giggles at nothing*

I guess you could call this a happy ending…


…if it weren’t for the elephant in the room.

Frieda: Who are you calling an elephant?

Come on, you know what we promised.

Frieda: Just a minute, Kip’s being cute again.

Don’t do this to me, woman!


Frieda: Pssst, you’d better grow up with Grandma’s hair, you hear?

Put the baby down, Frieda.




Frieda: Okay okay, I’m going.


Just like that, Frieda sails back to the Netherworld and makes good on her promise to Gumby.

Frieda: Hey clayboy, eternity’s looking mighty fine from over here.

Gumby: Aww dangit.


What a great chapter to kick off the party! Wow, I am so jazzed and ready to go!

(Excuse me while I sleep the hurt away and try to rally for the next one.)

Happy Simming!



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  1. I’m sorry, but I was laughing myself silly throughout this entire chapter. XD

    *breathes a bit* Okay! First, I love how Fifi is following his ancester Florin in the ancient, and dis-noble art of being unacceptable in society. Second, I personally got a good chuckle out how Crash & Rhapsody continued to parent Kip, despite all Calamity’s protests. It’s like they could see what she might do to babies if left unattended (though not directly her fault). Third, all babies named after the brilliant “nap”? Only Calamity’s spawn. XD

    Here’s to hope that all other game issues will iron themselves out. 😉


    • Well, I’m glad someone was! Writing all this sadness, I was pretty sure I had killed funny forever. 😛

      “Florin the ancient” XD Fifi and Florflor are more similar than they know – middle child of five, flamboyant clothing patterns, forever alone in Story Progression… Though I doubt they’d be friends if they met, Florin would be an ass and Fiasco would just let it happen. And glad you’re a fan of the name theme! It might be my favourite so far. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh. My. Feels.

    When did this legacy turn from “domestic shenanigans” into a heartbreaking story? Definitely not what I was expecting when I first read about “the first leg of a seven…” (and it created a pretty funny picture in my head).

    About the ectoplasmic elephant in the room: I’d say for a first play with ghosts, it wasn’t all that bad. Ghosts in TS3 are capricious bunch, it’s easy to make a mistake somewhere. I think you definitely should get a point for Frieda’s LTW, it was a fair play. As for whether or not you would then subtract a point for unintentional cheating, that’s up to you. I know I wouldn’t. She could live 113 days and outlive Gumby on her own.

    Yay for Kip’s uniqueness! I wonder whose jawline is it.

    >> Rhapsody, Calamity, and Frieda get to graduate en masse from high school at ages 34, 51, and 114 respectively.
    — well, that’s a senior student, if I ever seen one.

    Fiasco’s snowball trick is amazing! How did he do that? Or rather, how did he not do that… okay, that doesn’t sound the way it’s intended. It’s hard to express in words; good thing he’s a mime now.

    >> should probably ring alarm bells in my head, but it doesn’t.
    — rereading the capter second time to write this response… ouch, this phrase hits hard 😦

    Calamity in labour! Oh no! Is her water broke? Good thing she had those flippers on. They’re really multipurposeful.
    Also, sleeping through the quite a prolonged labor — that’s… unortodox, I guess. Maybe she didn’t want to wake up from th— okay, stop it, stop the feels.

    Poor, poor unborn Falafel ibn Quinn. That was just tragic, and it’s not anybody’s fault but the game itself, and you handled it most tactfully. Trance should help his parents to cope and pass the time. Judging by his traits, he probably will wake up during the night and then forget why.

    Frieda… For some reason that hit the most. Has she… “returned to Netherworld”? So we never see her again even as a ghostly ghost? Well, so long Frieda and thanks for all the laughs.

    So, is this how it’s going to be? From 0 to 100, from “escalated” to “quickly”, from one leg to seven legs?
    I’m not sure if I’m ready, but on the other hand I’m ready to be ready. Thank you for sharing the story with us!


    • ^ Comments like this give me life, just saying.

      This post got dark so fast, I very nearly threw a temper tantrum and replaced 40-odd screenshots with a “technical difficulties” screen and a “pardon the interruption but the Langurds have ceased to be Langurds.” I can’t have them being real people in my head, what is that all about? But yeah, I’m probably going to take the point for Frieda on account of this whole debacle costing me so much in-game time as it is. Thanks for your input!

      I believe Kip’s jaw is the same one that’s been in the family forever – there’s been some speculation as to where it started (maybe Arabella in Gen. 2?) but it’s a persistent old thing.

      The best part was Frieda rolling all of these classic YA wishes like going to uni, etc. etc… and I was like “no, lady. You die now.”

      Oh, those flippers. XD I put them on her for a laugh but never knew they’d go this far. I was so ready to concoct a plot where Cal was in labour for three days because she was just too lazy to wake up, but I threw that one in the trash for obvious reasons. Stupid game.

      “Poor, poor unborn Falafel ibn Quinn.” <– You should know I loved this so much that I started referring to his latent spirit as Falafel in chapters to come. I failed to make the connection before, but it is beautiful.

      If I'd replied to your comment in a timely manner I would've told you Frieda was gone for good, because that's what my ghost research told me at the time. But then I found a picture of her ghost (or the ghost of her ghost?) drinking coffee in a later folder, so all is well. She just can't be resurrected again. 🙂

      Indeed, the rest of this spirit journey is quite a ride. I hope you'll enjoy it – and thanks for leaving such a detailed comment!


  3. “I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known…” A road of ridiculous glitches, perhaps?
    MAN does your game seem to hate you! Honestly, I think you could take the point and just be done with it. I mean, maybe ghosts aren’t supposed to be immortal, but they’re ghosts! They’re already dead! How much more dead are they going to get?? Also, Lyra lived to about 105 by my count, which was a whole 25 days longer than the set of my lifespan. And I’m 90% sure she did that totally legit, too.

    How the freaking hell did I not notice Crash getting so damn BUFF?? It took me by surprise in every screenshot he was in. Then again, I did the same thing with Una and still do with Shakespeare, so maybe I’m not the best judge.

    Props to my simself for being down to party wherever, whenever. Who needs babies when we can bring the party!! *toots party horn*
    I also appreciate being in the same sentence as an ATLA reference.

    “a visibly pregnant sim graduating high school should probably ring alarm bells in my head, but it doesn’t.”
    lmao I know THAT feeling… especially after my last course, when 90% of the people were two years younger than me and now two of them have kids.

    Oh Fifi… there’s always one. Well, two, technically, if we’re including Florin.

    Calamity sleeping through her labour is hands down the best and most in character glitch I think I’ve ever seen in this hellishly coded wreck of a game. Out of genuine curiosity, do you have any idea what causes that??

    Jesus christ, that baby glitch. I will never understand how this game is supposed to work, because it definitely does not work properly. I wouldn’t pin any of this disaster on you because, frankly, how are any of us supposed to know what it’s intended for us to do when the game doesn’t work properly in the first place? Yes, we screw around with mods, but that’s only because EA’s poor coding and shitty customer service makes it necessary for us to use them in order to make the game work in a sensible manner.
    BUT, you handled it like a trooper, and while it sucks, let’s just pretend that Trance is the baby that Calamity was pregnant with and none of this ever happened. Sound good? Good!

    Also? Loving the name theme.

    Ah, Friedumby, back together at last ❤ I would say that Calamity's in charge of the generation, but everyone knows that's not exactly true. Her siblings don't even deem her worthy to be in charge of her own child!


    • It truly is the only road I have ever known. 😥 I should probably accept that things will get exponentially more trying in the last third of this legacy…

      So I’m not crazy – totally agreed, it would make more sense if they DIDN’T age, especially when fairies and stuff get such an extended lifespan. I guess the point is that no life lasts for ever (a la Harry Potter’s Resurrection Stone) but I’m not here for life lessons, dammit EA. I just want what I’ve worked for… er, waited for. 😛 My most tenacious sim was Razor (117) but most of mine perish around the hundred mark, so it’s iffy. Whatever. I’m taking the point and that’s that!

      Right? It didn’t really hit me until I wrote these chapters, tbh. Can’t say I mind – the last really muscly sim I had was Razor, and he was all stringy. 😛

      “I also appreciate being in the same sentence as an ATLA reference” I thought you would approve. 😉 I’m definitely going to keep an eye on your simself’s kids. Apparently your genes mix well with Langurds or something?

      Dude I know, multiple people younger than me on my Facebook friend list popped out their third kid this year. Thanks life, I really needed that reality check.

      That glitch was so cute and fitting until it went and killed a baby. Pretty sure it’s a direct result of that circular CC bed I downloaded – not sure why exactly, but she often ends up sleeping sideways on it and I think she just gets stuck that way. I’d delete it, but it’s pretty.

      It was a rough time, but I’m glad we got Trance out of it! Not that the guy needs an ego boost – which you’ll know since you’re all caught up!

      The Friedumby ship will sail forever ❤ I like to think of this generation as a team effort… and Calamity is a real talented benchwarmer. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh gods, I know… I have generation eight babies, and yet I’m doing literally anything else except playing/writing. My goal was to have my legacy done by the end of the year. Hahahahaha no.

        Absolutely! And EA can suck it, frankly XD

        Yeah, Razor never really seemed all that beefy to me. Not like Crash beefy, anyway!

        Definitely. I definitely approve! Hahaha oh man, let’s hope Flame wasn’t a one off – I’m still not over the FMA reference there. Speaking of FMA, have you seen???

        Two of my friends are married, one of which has two daughters. I was invited to a college friend’s wedding next month (anxiety refused to let me attend), and I think another three of my friends are engaged? It’s frightening!!

        I will stay away from that bed. I’m a suckered for pretty, so I’m going to avoid it like the plague and pray that I never fall to that glitch.


  4. Uncle Fifi…Bahahahaha!
    To be honnest, until recently I wouldn’t have discussed it if someone told me playable ghosts lived forever. In your shoes, I would have cheat-completed Frieda’s LTW >.>
    Aw Crash, I love his Earth Discovery.
    I’m guessing “Force birth” or something didn’t work for Cal’s mystery baby? Again, I would have been cheap and cheated one into existence >.> I’m a terrible simmer. I also don’t count points.


    • I’ll admit I was somewhat expecting a response like “LOL you didn’t know that? EVERYONE KNOWS THAT” so this is very encouraging. I probably shouldn’t be counting points so religiously – I mean, I recently found out Dusty Old Lamp and Moodlet Manager are forbidden in legacies, and I’ve used those unashamedly. XD Ah well, cheating in sims is hardly a crime, so I’ll probably take the point.

      And I’m probably just dumb, but I searched the NRaas commands for a long time without finding anything like “force birth.” 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      • I had no idea the Moodlet Manager wasn’t allowed >.> Good thing I’m not counting points at all in mine hahaha.
        I can’t remember where that Force birth is, I just know I force one of my sims to give birth because I had to move my save and wanted the baby to do the trip.

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  5. LMAO, have to echo Salome, Uncle Fifi is too funny! And so, so perfect for his character – and exactly why I wanted him heir, initially 🙂

    I had the exact same issue with ghosts in my EPIC, though a resurrected one, not born – which led to triplets being born a day after their parents were due to age up to elder |( Not sure if the Gold DIgger LTW glitch was related to Frieda’s immortal-ness, or not? But I’d take the point anyway. We shall see her again, just like Gumby!

    Dayum, Crash is so picturesque all the time. Love that telescope shot. And yay for Kip skipping the Langurd genes (though I think she still has the Langurd jaw?) and (finally) a non-green child! Here’s hoping for Frieda’s hair colour as well. Hey, if you get lucky, you may even get one with her skintone, that can skip generations, too.


    • Out of all the Gen. 6 kids, I have the most flashes to a parallel universe where Fifi is heir. It’s a happy place full of butterflies and innocence. He could have brought a lot to the table, I’m sure. 🙂

      Damn ghosts, I’m sorry to hear they’re giving you trouble too! I’m definitely leaning toward taking the point at this stage, though I totally missed what you said about seeing her again! There are a lot of sources out there that say “Return to Netherworld” is forever, but I’m glad they’re wrong. I suppose we just can’t re-resurrect her? Not that we’d want to…

      I was holding out for her skintone too, but I really can’t complain about variety with this generation!


  6. I thought all ghosts aging was turned off, which shows that I haven’t played an unmodded game since…well, ever. Therefore, I call this completely legal. I would definitely take the LTW point, because that one is a bullshit LTW that doesn’t complete 85% of the time. I loaded a completely unmodded game (oh the horror) and was shocked (and more than a little horrified) that they aged. I feel like I have been cheating for YEARS now. I must needs fix this in all my saves. Just awesome.

    That baby glitch just sucks. I’m so sorry that happened to you, but it was definitely a faceclone and we will all love Trance.

    Farewell, Frieda. Enjoy the afterlife, you deserve it.


    • Well, I feel a thousand times better if a challenge expert like you didn’t know about this! Sorry to be the very unwitting bearer of bad news, though. 😦 I stand by the fact that non-aging ghosts are only logical, which I suppose is why MasterController has its settings that way, but still. I am quite ready to bury Gold Digger once and for all (haha) – bullshit LTW indeed!

      Trance would be pleased to hear you say that. I think seven chapters later, I’m finally regret-free on this whole baby business.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Miserable experiences become the best war stories. This chapter was definitely a set of unique experiences. I also feel free-floating grief when pixels die under my care.

    I’m terribly grumpy about Freida’s LTW. I think you should get credit for it. I wonder if it was munged by the fact that she was a playable ghost. I’m pretty sure that my Charles survived an asteroid on account of technically being already dead. I wonder if you’d fed her ambrosia and introduced her to her ghost husband if it would have worked. And then, I guess, moved her out to live an entirely new life in the flesh? So many possibilities.

    I had to find that setting in StoryProgression to make ghosts non-immortal too. Immortal is something I want from NO LEGACY SIM EVER.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for being grumpy on my behalf! I gave myself credit for it, because… well, I can. 😛 And I definitely think you’re onto something with the ghost thing – playable ghosts definitely throw a wrench in the system. Go Charles, though. Take that, asteroid.

      My only immortal legacy sims are Lev, Jeff, and Trance, and I have grown to hate them all.


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