Look, a Distraction!

Help me, I can’t stop blogging! (Actually, I’m more afraid that if I DO stop, it’ll be five years before I start again.) Either way, I did a thing to kill some time and stop me checking the Devil’s Heir Poll every three minutes.


Approximately ten thousand years ago, Liebster Awards were once again circulating the air ducts of WordPress and three of them landed in the Langurds’ dust trap. (Wow, my analogies need to calm the fuck down.) Thank you to Miss Wingless, FluffyMao, and misterwolfe86 for those! Here are my totally serious answers to their questions: 

::     ::     ::     ::     ::

Miss Wingless’s Questions

1. Do you read a lot? If yes, what kind of things do you read?
That I do! Mostly words, thanks for asking.
…Okay, fine. I love a good fantasy novel, biography, or comic book. Lately I’m surprising myself by delving into psychology and history—almost like I’m developing an interest in the real world??

2. Do you consider yourself a writer?
Born and bred.

3. If you could meet anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would you love to meet?
I hate the idea of meeting my heroes because I know I will make an idiot of myself and regret the interaction forever. People I wouldn’t mind watching from a dark corner: JKR, Dr. Seuss, Emilia Clarke, Harry Styles.

4. Do you have any animals?
Yeah, I have this thing. Do you want it?

5. If you got a million (in your current), what would you do with all that money? 
Check for counterfeiting. Ain’t no way I came by that legitimately.

6. What would you say is your favourite fruit?
Pineapple and raspberries. At the same time. Because I hate having skin on the inside of my mouth.

7. You have some green thumbs?
So it would seem. I forget to water my house plants, but my mom always gets me to plant her vegetables because apparently everything I touch grows.
Typically, plants only behave like this if you have boyband hair

8. Chips or fries?
These still mean the same thing in my poor, nomadic vocabulary. Let’s just say I prefer the hot kind to the bagged kind (but don’t ever quote that out of context).

9. Do you have a favourite author, and if yes, who’s that author?
Assuming Rowling and Tolkien are in a league of their own: Libba Bray and Richelle Mead for my guilty YA pleasures; Oscar Wilde and Alfred Lord Tennyson for my lit major street cred. GRRM will be back on this list when The Winds of Winter is released.

10. Do you know who Inigo Montoya is?
Yes, but I’m a truly deplorable person who saw The Princess Bride only once a very long time ago, and remembers nothing but a guy rolling down a hill yelling “as you wiiiiiiiiiish.”

11. What place in this world would you like to see the most?
Japan, hands down. Good thing I’m going in October! 😉

::     ::     ::     ::     ::

FluffyMao’s Questions

1. What’s your favorite beverage?

2. Do you write characters that share your viewpoints or clash?  In-between?
Remember Tewl? Remember him? Yeah, I’m starting to feel like this whole blog is an exercise in writing characters I would hate in real life.

3. One word: ALIENS!  What do you think?

4. To you, what is the best sounding word?  What about the worst?
I love words that sound exactly like what they are. Swindle, blunder, and trollop come to mind. On the other hand, I know it’s supposed to be cute, but I hated when “doggo” became a thing.

5. Put your rebel cap on.  What’s the worst thing you’ve done that you’ve gotten a thrill out of?
My rebel cap is a lie; I don’t even jaywalk. Even dropping punctuation for comedic effect is thrilling to me.

6. You’ve had your fun, but now the psychic police are coming!  What do you do?!
RUN! And then get caught at the first intersection waiting for a walk signal.

7. Do you know your personality type?  If so, care to share?
I’m an INFP in Myers-Briggs and an Enneagram Type 4. Pretty standard for a writer-simmer I guess, but I like to think I bring my own spin to it (which is a really INFP thing to say).

8. Blue. Red. Green.  What’s the first thing you think of?
I wanted to be original and not say Pokémon, but Pokémon.

9. What was/is your most hated school subject?  Why?
I’ve never really despised a school subject, though I dropped Chemistry and Physics after grade ten so I could take Dance and be in denial about my future. Believe it or not, I actually dreaded English class in elementary because the teacher went off at me all the time for spacing out.

10. You’ve got to leave to someplace faraway for some reason or another.  You’ve got 10 minutes to pack one bag.  What do you take?
*looks around room*
*makes eye contact with cat*
*shrugs and tosses him in bag*

11. You’re about to die and need to pass on some grain of knowledge for future generations.  What do you say?
I drop some cryptic, elaborate, thoroughly rehearsed prophecy that they can read into for the rest of their lives. Kids these days really lack direction.

::     ::     ::     ::     ::

misterwolf86’s Questions 

1. Which book or book series has had a profound effect on your life?
Let’s see… Plays quidditch, owns three wands, knits Weasley sweaters, calls every wild deer she sees “Lily and James”… I’m gonna say The Babysitter’s Club.

2. Who is the funniest person on the planet?

3: What is your favourite Symphonic Metal album? Or, if for some reason you don’t have one, your favourite album in another genre?
I know that saying Nightwish makes me the basic bitch of the symphonic metal world, but I also really love Nightwish. It’s a close tie between Imaginaerum and Dark Passion Play.

4: What is one of your favourite video games? What video game is simply the worst? *For diversity’s sake, you can’t pick any of The Sims games or spin-offs.
Damn, but how will I spread my hatred for the Sims? Alright, we’ll go with Stardew Valley, recently-discovered light of my life, for the former. Anything in the Call of Duty franchise is pretty senseless to me, except for that one time I was dared to use a DDR mat as a controller.

5: Windows or Mac? Laptop or Desktop? PC or Console (then which one?)
Sent from my Windows Desktop PC™

6: Which TV series(es) are you watching now and would you recommend it/them?
I need to take a break from k-dramas so that I have something of substance to answer these questions with. I mean, I can tell you to watch Oh My Ghostess and Ruler: Master of the Mask, but I think they’re something of an acquired taste.

7: Your friend has just ingested some oak-matured mead and falls on the ground in spasms, foaming at the mouth. It appears to be a fast-acting poison. What do you do?
Uh, find a bezoar?? Probably cry and run around in circles tbh, I am terrible in a crisis.

8: Live forever or live a short life full of happiness?
Forgive my getting deep for a second, but I believe real happiness is proportional to the number of unhappy things you’ve overcome. So if it’s a short life of ups and downs vs. a long life of monotony… Jk, I’m just getting out of here before the planet melts.

9: You are walking to the grocery store when you notice a little old lady sitting in the backseat of a parked car. It’s not warm out and the windows are closed. Do you do something?
If by “do something” you mean creep around inconspicuously to check if she’s alert, then wait in my own parked car to see if anyone comes back for her. Did I mention I’m not great in a crisis?

10: What is the least important topic of discussion? And the most?
I will answer this in the form of Buzzfeed quizzes. LEAST / MOST
(I got “The Contemplative Onion” and James Potter, for the record.)

11: What’s one thing you want to let your readers know?

::     ::     ::     ::     ::

I also received a Versatile Blogger Award from slightlycharredtoast way back in October last year, so I’m awkwardly going to tack that on and pretend I didn’t take the gestation period of a human baby to answer it. For this one, you’re supposed to share seven facts about yourself (nice try, blogosphere—I’m not telling you where my horcruxes are).

Gryffindork’s Darkest Secrets

1. I won’t sit on my bed with “outside” clothes on.

2. I burn a lot of candles and incense even though I’m low-key afraid of fire.

3. When I was five, I was street-cast for a tiny role in a Sigourney Weaver movie. I didn’t end up doing the part, but I still got paid for my time. I spent my earnings on Pound Ponies and an Easy Bake Oven.

4. I don’t have a consistent way I take my coffee. Right now I’m on a “little bit of milk” kick, but next week I could be a double-double person, and the week after I might be back to black.

5. My favourite decorating colours are purple and green.

6. When I was ten, I entered a boys’ 100m dash and won. I had a massive head cold at the time and was wearing a dress. But they didn’t want the boys to cry, so they didn’t give me the medal.

7. I’ve lost 12 toenails in my lifetime.

::     ::     ::     ::     ::

You know, I’m beginning to feel personally responsible for the deaths of these chain awards. I’m always that one branch that rots and falls off without passing anything on. So, because you’re all “been there, done that” at this point, I’m going to start a new thing. I can do that, right? :/

My nominees, generated randomly from “likes” on my last chapter…
– somebodysangel13
– earthqueenami
– FluffyMao
– DSLady
– ChazyBazzy

Gryffindork’s Memory Lane Challenge
1. Congratulations! You’ve been nominated for a totally legit award. Get a gold star and stick it on your forehead like a boss.
2. Share FIVE of your favourite moments from your legacy/challenge/story so far.
3. Nominate 3-5 blogs to do the same.

Here are mine to get us started (and to make this post even longer):

#1 – Family Planning

Because 4/5 children in these wombs wind up married to each other, and that’s totally healthy

#2 – Many Regrets

Throwback to when I thought “magical item from china” meant “hey you should light a firework under this boulder”

#3 – Look, I Made Friends!

Because someone like Lira wasn’t just going to find them on the street

#4 – Frogposal

Naveen and Tiana in the (slimy, warty) flesh

#5 – Killer Vacation

When you wonder why no one is enjoying your summer resort

Okay, have fun! And remember to vote if you haven’t—I’ll just be over here tearing my hair out for the next six days.

Happy Simming!


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  1. *double bumps chest & makes peace sign* INFP REPRESENT!

    See, now I just feel guilty for the giant awards post sitting in my drafts… I guess it’s finally time to post it, huh?
    Also, I low-key love reading these things, because I’m a nose cow and like to know things about people.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m with you on doggo. Let’s start protesting it like sims do. I mean that’s what doggie is for… What next? Dogga? Doggu?
    I like you nomination ideas 😀
    INFP >.> I think I’m that, or something close. I stopped caring when I learnt that this test has been butchered and made pointless, because it no longer means anything. It’s as important to know that than to know which melancholy vegetable matches your personnality. (I got the Pensive Broccoli. Thought you’d want to know)


    • Yes please let’s! I’ll bring the soapbox and the loudspeaker!

      Yeah, I know people who treat Myers-Briggs like hard and fast rules and I’m super reluctant to put people in boxes, but I do find that reading about the types helps me be more empathetic. But maybe that’s just the contemplative onion in me. 😉


  3. And since we all know you hate HP, I got Sirius Black. (Also, where is the best place to know what house I’m sorted in? There’s so many)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I agree with DSLady, these things are great for finding out *things* about our fellow bloggers. And I don’t hate all you Feeling people, even if I myself am a Thinker. Introverts must stick together!

    And you’re reminding me that I had a Versatile Blogger award…I think. Must go and find that thing, if just to delude myself that ppl want to know random things about me.


    • I barely know any Thinker women (though I know they’re not THAT rare) so that’s awesome! Introvert gatherings are the greatest, though.

      No deluding necessary – I know I have a stupid amount of fun both reading and writing these things!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. *INFP-highfive*

    I’ve just read so many chapters. So many. Time incredibly well spent ❤


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