Here at the End of All Things: The Big Heir Reveal!

So. That was a fun week, right?

^ What today actually feels like.

No, I didn’t think so. I would like to start off with an apology for leading this expedition to the pits of hell. Even if you aren’t as invested as I am, I’m sure I dragged you through my own anguish with those interim posts.

So please, get yourself a cup of tea, take a bubblebath, or try out my favourite guided meditation. You’ve earned it. Maybe wait until the end of this post, though, because it’s a bit of a stresser in itself.

Here’s what the pie looked like after Day One:

Heir Results Day 1

You see why I was calling it the Devil’s Heir Poll, right?


After Day Two:

Heir Results Day 2

Truly a living nightmare. There was a third day with 9/9/9, but I forgot to take a screenshot in between punching pillows and shouting at the universe.


Finally, a trend started to emerge. Let me tell you that every one of these kids held a solid lead at some point, and it wasn’t until two days ago that I could predict who would come out on top…

final heir poll results


Say hello to the masterminds of Generation Seven! Probably the two people least deserving of that word, but whatever.

Before they take their throne, I need to be totally honest about something. This was the LAST result I would have expected based on gameplay alone. Keep in mind that I hadn’t published or even captioned any chapters at that point, which just goes to show the power of reader interaction. I try to bury my biases when I’m writing, but with the voting done and no more chances to sway you, I thought it would be fun to dig them up.


Kip was my far-and-gone favourite when I took these pictures. I liked that she looked like a Langurd but also didn’t, and I want a same-sex couple in this legacy before it’s done. That’s all very surface level, but you know I’m a sucker for pretty things. (On second thought, maybe I like Kip because we’re kindred spirits.)

However, Trance felt the MOST Langurd to me—so much so that I worried he’d win out over Kip. If you’d asked me who I thought would be the favourite, I’d have readily told you Trance. My sister was adamant that he had to win, and she’s a better writer than I am, so I figured his character had the most potential.

Siesta could not have mattered less to me, and I think I was swayed to write her funny because I felt bad about that. On a superficial level she has this really bland, non-Langurd face, and I all but plucked Dusty off the street in a panic when I decided to do couple pictures. Imagine my surprise when SimsWiki informed me of the O’Connell-Mithrilen feud and a whole storyline plummeted into my lap. I got really annoyed with myself for writing her better than Kip and Trance, but dammit, it was impossible not to.


Idiot that I am, I had a whole generation theme planned out for Kip and Jada and I’m pretty bummed I’ll have to scrap it. BUT THIS IS NOT A BAD THING. Cue flashback to Gen. 3 when I wanted Lance, predicted Tomahawk, and got Katana—remember how that turned out?

As it happens, I got over it immediately when I came up with a new kickass name theme yesterday. Siesta’s gonna be great, and the other two can suck it (though I’ll probably keep them for a looooong while yet).

Next question: can I do this gen in less than a year? The oracle has no answer…

Thanks to all who voted, and Happy Simming!


P.S. Right, there’s another thing I was supposed to tell you. I have started a distraction blog and published the first chapter of my new EPIC Matriarchy, but it’s nowhere near as exciting as this so, you know, carry on as you were.


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  1. I was totally torn between Siesta and Kip, so woo! Kip because, well, she’s Kip. I love the Katana-but-not-Katana face she has going on, and I also adore Jada with my heart and soul (pleaseputherupfordownload). But I loved the weird storyline you had going for Siesta, and since Liz & Galadriel I’m a sucker for the bot skill, so I’m totally up for whatever you come up with for her!
    Oh, and Dusty totally reminds me of Radax. Is it the hair? It’s probably the hair.

    Also yay for inspiring naming themes!! I will harp on about this until my dying day, but naming themes are literally what got me started on another legacy. I once sat in my field with a notebook, picking out five male & five female names for all my different. I promptly lost that notebook and probably haven’t used half of the themes that were in it, but that’s not my point.

    I’m not going to say anything about you starting a second challenge, primarily because I’m currently running two legacies, one EPIC, and a Runaway Teen challenge. Though I haven’t even installed TS4 on my new PC, so my Hendrick legacy is somewhat dead in the water.
    Also, I guess technically three legacies, because I never truly retired the Spencers after I managed to fix their save. So, there’s that, I guess. BUT WHATEVER, good luck and enjoy your EPIC!! There are precious little of them (I think there’s a grand total of four??), and I really need to get a wriggle on with my own.

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    • OMG, *that’s* who Kip reminds me of; Katana! I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why she looked so familiar.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I will definitely put Jada up for download once she’s YA! I actually had this brief dumb thought (when things were tied) of playing out three alternative universes and picking the best one at the end… I think I’ve talked myself down to just letting all these fools have kids before they move out. Who knows, maybe we’ll pull an Arabella and keep one of them (I’m awful). But yeah, I trust Siesta to make things fun at least!
      (Dusty totally has the same hair as Radax. XD)

      “Sat in my field” is so Stardew Valley (though I know it’s real life for some people and not a novelty haha). I usually do the same when I’m waiting for heir poll results, but this time they were harder for some reason. I don’t even KNOW what I would have done with Trance!

      That is a lot of challenges indeed! The difference is you actually make progress on things, so dividing that progress by three or four doesn’t totally murder any of your projects. 😛 (I remember when Sim Salad was alive…) But hey, if I were to pull another update marathon with Gen. 7 I’d nearly catch up to the Gordons. :O (Jk not putting myself through that again.)

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  2. Yay, Siesta 😀
    While I’ve been saying how gorgeous Kip is, and Banana is too, Dusty is just awesome… I was wondering who to vote for between Kip and Siesta, then looked at their spouse and told myself I’d prefer blue babies to yellow ones, and that Dusty is a promising weirdo. Then I voted and made your day hell 😀
    I completely am on the same boat as you when it comes to trying not to have bias…Which end up making me like them all, so I hope you’re not too disappointed with Siesta.
    Plus, plumbots.
    I believe in your humour. I believe in Dusty’s genes to make the kids not so face-bland like their mother.
    I’m still glad you’ll keep the others around for a while.
    >Scurries off to your Epic Legacy


    • “A promising weirdo,” I like this. 😀 It’s true about the colouring, and we’ve had blonde babies but never blue-haired ones, so really it works out quite well!

      I may have been briefly disappointed but I actually trust you guys more than I trust myself to know what’s best for this legacy (can you imagine if LANCE had spearheaded Gen. 3??). So I’m getting pretty excited now. PLUS PLUMBOTS!


  3. I voted for Siesta, I’m sorry. In all honesty, more than anything, I was hoping to save you from another generation of playable ghost glitches!

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    • Don’t be sorry! That’s a really good thought (so of course it didn’t occur to me). I only played for like 20 minutes last night and I’m already sick of these idiots sinking into the floorboards and getting stuck in walls. XD


  4. Despite all my commentary through the chapters about how much I loved Siesta, I actually voted for Kip…mostly coz of Jada. Have to second DSLady in requesting her to be uploaded for us – I don’t think she’s a pre-made townie?

    However, super psyched about Diesta and all the fun we’re going to have in the future! And possibly kind of hoping that some of my predictions re: poses come true *hint hint* 😉


    • Ooooh, the truth comes out! 😛 Yeah, Jada’s parents are premades but she herself is just a miracle the SimGods have gifted to my game… I’ll totally upload her when she turns YA. 🙂

      We shall see, we shall see… 😉

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  5. Woo! I too was incredibly torn between Kip and Siesta. Siesta is fun to read, but her face is a bit too bland, even though I’ve been wishing for white hair since Frieda joined the gang. I voted for Kip, because, in addition to being a hipster, she’s a different kind of Langurd, but still recognizable as Langurd. Also, at the end of the day, her and Jada promised to be, ahem, photogenic. I’ll be off now. >.<


    • I see what you did there. XD The Kip/Siesta toss-up is really that one has a bland face and a fun personality, and the other has a fun face and a bland personality. But I really did have high hopes for Kip even if she wasn’t outrageously funny. Anyway, Siesta’s gonna be a blast (not literally…. hopefully we left all that behind with Lira)!

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  6. I feel like I should chime in here with my supprt for Trance, as no one else has yet D; he definitely had the most interesting set of genes. Sort of a terrifying mix of his parents and grandparents, and those yellow eyes, how can a girl resist? …ahem. Was also looking forward to him twirling around like the awkwardly coloured swan that he is, but I guess that’s for another time line. (Will have to find a way to travel to other dimensions to read that story. Will let you know if there ever is any progress, so far it seems like I’m firmly stuck right where I am Q_Q)

    Second choice would have been Siesta, because her and Dusty, OH MAN. Lol good luck with everything \o/


    • Best of luck in your search! So far I have not managed to kick him out of the house (or made any progress toward kicking him out) so that timeline may very well be this one D: Partly because my game is super crashy and therefore I’ve only played through like six days of Siesta’s reign, but also because I am weak to his charms and I want to see what his kids look like. Same goes for Kip and Jada, so honestly at this rate Siesta will be an elder before she gets to have any of her own…


  7. I have missed an entire generation. I suck like someone who truly sucks.

    I also haven’t posted in a year, I think.

    But some angel just came and posted on my blog, pulling me out of my pathetic writer’s block. So hopefully now I will read too!


    • And I suck like someone who takes a literal year (minus one day, ha!) to answer comments.

      Life is getting to all us simmers these days, it seems. But I hope you can get out of your writer’s block again! Let us know if we need to throw you a rope. 😉


  8. Omg I recently started reading the whole legacy over again and I finally caught up. It’s a shame I missed the poll, I was torn between Kip and Trance the whole time I was reading this generation, but Siesta and Dusty are going to be such a cute match that I can’t be angry that they won. I can’t wait for an update! It’s time to re-read another legacy blog, I can check the Langurds and the Zales off my catch up list haha.


    • I am waaaay behind on answering these (and that is a huge understatement) but it’s so good to see you’re still alive! XD Siesta’s victory honestly surprised me – but as it turns out, she made for a pretty exciting next generation. I hope you had fun with your re-reading!


  9. I just caught up with your legacy and I love it. Lots of good humor and fun. I really like your build styles too, not the same old boring boxy types. I find that Simmers who write legacy blogs usually have the best playable layouts as they have to navigate through them personally. I would really like to download your lots if that is at all possible, especially the latest one, its fabulous! Thanks.

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    • Suuuper late reply here but thank you so much! It’s embarrassing how much time I’ve put into building the Langurd houses. I’ll see if I can get this one up for download – it has a ton of CC and will probably be a huge and cluttered file, but maybe less so if I take out the mausoleum. 🙂 I’ll comment here again once I do!

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  10. Yaaaay!

    You did write her very funny, and the idea of some Romeo-and-Juliet thing done ala Langurd was pretty compelling.

    But really, for me it’s definitely about the cardboard box on the head.

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