Happy 6th Birthday + Name My New PC!

What the fuck. Where did 2018 go? How is it July? Wasn’t it February like yesterday?

You may have noticed that time is getting away from me these days. No, that’s an understatement. Time is sprinting Bolt-speed toward the airport and hopping a plane to the next galaxy, then laughing at me while I scream “Planes can’t go to outer space!” and my aged bones crumble to dust.

Dramatic, I know. But let me tell you – shit has been going down lately that has me shaking my fist at the world. Dewey, the terrible wonderful cat who owns my soul, recently tested positive to Feline Leukemia. FeLV, while not actually a cancer in cats, is an incurable virus that gradually causes severe (and ultimately fatal) anemia. He’s three and life is unfair. Last week my vet was talking euthanasia, but then his meds seemed to kick in, and he started gaining weight between visits (my little chubber has always excelled in that), so we’re taking things one day at a time. It’s been a fucking rollercoaster and we would both appreciate any positive vibes you can send our way. ❤

*Disclaimer: Dewey is not an outdoor cat, just a fool who ran out the door without his harness and then posed pretty for a photoshoot

On top of working 40-60 hour weeks at the café, I also just finished a certification course and am applying to ESL teaching jobs overseas! It’s exciting but stressful and real decisions scare me. Please don’t ask how this news plays into the news above because that’s a whole other shitshow.

But let’s get down to what you came here for, which is not sad stories, nor career plans, but the mind-numbing idiocy of a family that is now six years old.


As per usual, I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed. On the one hand, six years is a long time to keep a blog reasonably active. On the other hand, I couldn’t write “reasonably” with a straight face just now because I literally added a year to this blog’s life by not posting even once.


As such, I don’t think this birthday really deserves a celebration the likes of 2015’s Birthday Bash, 2016’s Olympics, or – oh god don’t make me do this one again – 2017’s Update Marathon. It’s also 11:20pm and the chances of me pulling anything together in that timeframe are sliiiiim shady.


While the party might be a bust for this first-grader of a legacy, I may have unintentionally given the Langurds the greatest birthday gift of all.

Coincidentally up and running just this morning: say hello to my brand new PC!


This awful picture doesn’t show much besides new peripherals, some new case stickers, my tea collection, and the fact that I’m currently using a piano bench as my desk chair (blame Dewey). But rest assured: Overkill has been completely gutted. For anyone who didn’t know, Overkill was the PC I built six years ago (coincidence?) right before starting this legacy (yeah, definitely not a coincidence). The Langurds have lived a nice life thus far on its dusty circuits, but it was time for a few upgrades. “A few” turned into “a few more” and the next thing I knew I was tearing out everything except the optical drive and the network adapter.

This is my first true solo build (last time I borrowed my dad for five minutes; the time before, about five hours) and features some glorious hardware that I purchased while unaware of the crippling vet bills about to hit me. Now I’m crying a little at my own extravagance, but here’s what’s inside:

MSi B360 Gaming Plus Motherboard
Intel Core i7 8700
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
Crucial MX500 500GB SSD

8GB RAM (less impressive; I’ll add more when I’m not poor)

The build went off without a hitch, but I’m currently wrangling a classic TS3 reinstall (R.I.P. me) so I have no screenshots to show you.

However, my biggest dilemma lies ahead. Naming electronics is very important to me, and currently, this beautiful beast is called DESKTOP-C1F683U. This is entirely unacceptable. So I thought – in honour of the legaversary, why not open up this important task to the good people of WordPress? 😀

So let me hear it, friends! All suggestions are welcome. Serious or silly, original or borrowed – anything goes. I may pick one, combine/hyphenate, or just mash together letters from all of them. In the meantime, I’ll be upstairs, making no noise and pretending I don’t exist reluctantly cracking down on 7.1 like the good little blogger I am.

Happy Simming!


P.S. Aaaand it’s past midnight. Why am I even allowed to HAVE a blog?

P.P.S. I just found a way to fudge the post date back in time. And THAT’S why. *mic drop*

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  1. Lauren Patton

    Tewl of the Trade. And yes this is Ani-Mei I’m just not using my WordPress name for this comment.

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear about Dewey. My family is struggling with an illness in our animal family as well and it is very difficult. A day at a time is the right outlook.
    As for the good news, awesome about your certification and sending in your application! That is exciting! And the new PC makes me jealous. I am in dire need of an upgrade I cannot afford as a college student :’)


    • Thank you, and best wishes to your animal friend as well. ❤

      Gaming is an expensive addiction and will probably be the death of us all tbh. Turns out I can't afford my upgrade either, but I already had the parts before my vet bills went through the roof, so it's justified, right? *cries* It does help to be out of school and not paying rent though, so keep your chin up and one day you can be an educated deadbeat like me. XD

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  3. Sending all my love to you and Dewey!! We lost one of our cats to a rare kind of cancer back in December, and our other cat has recently started rapidly losing weight and nobody can really tell us why. It’s heartbreaking & terrifying, and I’m definitely on board with your one day at a time approach ❤ I hope you get a lot more time together ❤

    But on to happier notes, congrats on your certification & career plans!!! I'm still working part time in retail so that's suuuper impressive to me!!!!!! *pops party popper*

    OKAY! Naming tech is something I love to do, but I'm not sure if this list can be trusted, as my screens are called Charlie and Lola, and my PC is named after a literal tank. Despite that, however, I'm going to subject you to this list anyway!

    Razor 😉
    Fred 😉

    Hm. That got a little bit longer than I intended and they all got a little bit wilder towards the end, but I'm sure you can tell where I got all of my inspiration from!!


    • Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your cat. 😦 And I hope you find a miracle vet for your other baby, as I know how terrifying it is to not get the answers you want!

      I mean, I am technically *also* working part-time in retail, though my hours sometimes exceed 50 and I get to make my job sound fancier if I want to (what do you call it if you’re selling lottery tickets, cigarettes, snack foods, home decor, and pet supplies all while doing latte art, short order cooking, and advising people on cat adoptions?). But thank you! I’m super excited and nervous about it!

      I am LOVING this list. You know me too well (or we have too many common interests, but it amounts to the same). I’m drawn to the LOTR names of course but I’m also absurdly amused by Underkill for some reason. Ahh, it’s such a hard decision!

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      • LOL; sending kind thanks to my email alerts for not letting me know that you’d replied to this or any other comment of mine!

        I think we’re just going to plod along for now, he’s roughly the same in himself as he’s always been, if just a bit slower, but he’s also got to be getting on for at least 12 years old by now. And my mother’s had 7 cats while I’ve been alive, so I’m just trusting her!

        Man, that sounds like nothing my crappy job, so I’m still really impressed! 😛 I just have to put up with people who don’t know how to put stuff back, so I’m constantly finding strange things like a frozen lasagne in the cat food isle. Just why.

        I’m just mad I forgot to throw in any FMA references! But at the same time, this list was huge enough without throwing a whole other set of names into it! I threw Underkill in there as some kind of Ironic Paraody Pun to the fact that your first one was called Overkill, and this this one is more powerful… Though I guess explaining it kind of takes out the hilarity somewhat XD
        I myself am pretty partial to Shadowfax, I will admit!


  4. I’m late but so sad about Dewey. </3
    When my dog was first diagnosed with cancer, the vet immediatly proposed euthanizing her as well. I'm happy we didn't because we got a full year with her before she started being in pain. Enjoy every moment.

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