I am currently on a rampage liking and replying to comments I left on read for half a decade. It feels a little dirty, like accidentally liking someone’s Insta post from five years ago while stalking them. *ahem* A reference I know only from pop culture, of course.

Consider this a pre-emptive/post-emptive apology for all the notifications!

What a dumb thing to make a whole post about, Sam.

Joke’s on me if people comment on this post and give me even more stuff to reply to.

Real post soon – Happy Simming!


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I like cats. This is a really thorough bio.

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaand I did it. Back to regular programming.

    P.S. Please feel free to keep leaving comments, obviously! Replying only becomes a chore when I decide to neglect the blog for three bajillion years.

    …Okay so I do that frequently BUT STILL.

    I love all of you and all your comments. ❤

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