7.20 No Content

I told you these titles were going to start sounding dumb.

But Gryff, they’ve always sounded

DO NOT FEAR! For this chapter does not actually have “no content,” just painfully little until the last few screenshots. So let’s cut to the meaningless drivel, eh?

Previously, there was a big Snowflake Day blowout (literally, the fireplace exploded) but ghost-Boa saved our butts with magic. Also, Siesta replaced Dudley’s Capacity to Love chip with Sinister Circuits—at least, I think she did. Try decoding thirty different screenshots of your sim holding a screwdriver suggestively in front of a robot, three years after playing the game and taking no notes.


At this point I’m taking complete creative license.

Dudley: Turn up?

Pete: Turn up!


Pete: Ow.


Adorable as they still are, the ship that was Pudley has effectively sunk. Now that Dudley’s feelings channel has been removed, he knows only crime.

However, it’s obvious the poor guy isn’t built for this life.

The Sims™ 3 Into the Future 2018-07-17 11_55_30 AM

He wished for this almost right after his last one was removed.

Pudley is real. </3


Pete must also have been equipped with Sinister Circuits at some point. He’s taken to stalking Dusty all over the lot.

Dusty: Wow, what a beautiful starlit—

Pete: TURN UP!


Dusty: I’ve soiled myself.

And no one is surprised.


Dudley also has a new hobby. Please nobody tell him how counterproductive this is, because I don’t have the heart to kill his joy.

Dudley: Muscle!


June appears to have been working through the night to clean up the aftermath of the party. On a scale of 1 to Best Butler Ever, ours is a fifteen.

Maid: Girl, why do you put yourself through this? Most of us scrub, like, a single dish and still get paid.

June: Not all of us are content with mediocrity.

Maid: Apparently not all of us are content with taking showers.

June: A fair point.


Ixi made a friend at school! How much do you wanna bet she’s a Langurd?

Reveal in 3… 2… 1…



This is the real pandemic.


And Dusty got himself a promotion that definitely had nothing to do with dating his boss.


Paparazzi: Y’all really make my job too easy.

Apparently not, since there has been literally no fallout from this affair so far.

The Sims™ 3 Into the Future 2018-07-17 10_30_25 AM

Level 9, baby! Someone’s letting this dude do flips in planes and that is definitely not okay!

Also, this is around the time when I started screencapping his stat panels, which means he is oooooold and walking a dangerous line between total fulfilment and dying just short of his dreams.


Dusty: Say, do you think you could hand me just one more promotion on a silver platter?

Patty: Why would I do that?

Dusty: Well, I’ve worked my whole life to become an astronaut…

Riza: Your whole life, you say?


Riza: That’s embarrassing.

A whole generation later, I still don’t understand how she’s even more alien than her mother. (And also the coolest sim in Dragon Valley.)


Sucks to not be born with a spaceship in your pocket, huh? And since Patty’s fresh out of promotion tickets, it’s the old-fashioned way for Dusty.

Dusty: This stinks. What does emptying a drain pump have to do with being an astronaut?

Idk man, but I feel you. The smell still haunts my nostrils from the last time I did mine. (Fun fact: I also found half of a former tenant’s driver’s license in there. He was Canadian too!)

The Sims™ 3 Into the Future 2018-07-18 10_41_58 PM

Would you look at that! We did one thing without cutting corners! But rest assured, we will be cutting the next corner available.

And now, in a shameless attempt to boost this chapter’s content, a brief episode of “Thank God This Isn’t an ISBI” starring Kyrii Langurd.


That concludes “Thank God This Isn’t an ISBI” starring Kyrii Langurd. Tune in next time for adventures like “how close to the toilet can I wet myself?” and “actually dying of hunger.”


Just in time for the Tokyo Olympics, a new table tennis discipline: Pete-Pong!

One might think a robot would make a formidable opponent, but please keep in mind who built this one.

Acara: Yeah no, easiest game of my life.

Pete: Ponk!


Acara: No-look shot! *ball hits the ceiling*

Pete: Ten pants to Acrola!

Acara: Can’t argue with that math.


“Argue with that math” is precisely how I imagine Tonu doing his homework. Thankfully, we found one more way to exploit June for additional labour.

Tonu: Charmander used Thunder Bolt! It’s super-effective!

June: Well now, that doesn’t sound factually correct. Let me take a look.

Kyrii: That doesn’t sound factually like homework…

Well yeah, duh. We all know he’s just trying to get closer to June.

Kyrii: Gross.


If there was any uncertainty over Ixi’s teen trait (and there was—thanks, non-existent notes!) I think we can establish from these pictures that it is, in fact, Proper.

Ixi: Chin chin cheerio, old chap!

I said Proper, not British.

Ixi: Do you even know the difference?

Barely, I must admit.


Ixi: *sips tea in silent judgment while ignoring phone calls*


How “Proper” realistically manifests itself in this legacy:

Ixi: A lady must remain composed in the face of anything.

Kau: That’s hardcore, sis.


I think this is legitimately the ONLY day when I got them all in the school doors together.

Well done, me.


Another pat on the back—people are actually using the random items I dropped on the community lot behind our house! The Langurds own it (and a good chunk of the town by now), so I thought I’d experiment.

It didn’t occur to me before, but this may explain the upsurge in townies walking around in beekeeper garb.


I also cleared some space for a bot emporium so that Siesta can finally (maybe?) make some money from her profession. Upon visiting for the first time, we learn two highly irrelevant things:

a) Hot Jeremy is suddenly an elder?! Unless I’m mistaken and this is his brother Derrick, who is basically identical and also married to…


Fiasco: Oh, poop. Crash and Rhapsody both died like right after you said that about them.

Sorry, bud. I don’t have any death pop-ups in the arsenal so I think you’re good—though I may also have just forgotten you.

Fiasco: Love that for me.


There’s another ghostie wandering the town, and this one is a cop. I think he must be Trance’s son Duke?

Duke: Shhhh. I sense crimes.

Oh no. That can’t mean…


Dudley: Crimes!

Please no! It’s his FIRST DAY. D:



The Sims™ 3 Into the Future 2018-07-17 12_27_50 PM

The saddest part isn’t even that he gets caught after five minutes on the job. It’s that he wants to go support the quads’ extracurriculars, but he’s in jail. </3

The Sims™ 3 Into the Future 2018-07-17 12_28_06 PM

Better than Siesta’s excuse, at least.


A badging ceremony—you know what that means! It’s almost teenifying time. :O (If you hadn’t guessed, that is the “content” we’re working toward in this chapter.)

It’s crazy to me now that I had all the quads in extracurriculars AND actually attending. Though, to be fair, their child phase wrapped a weekend, a Snow Day, and a holiday, so they probably went like twice.

Kau: Kiko, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Kiko: Me? Do extracurriculars? Haha, nice one.


Kiko: Don’t you dare tell anyone how many badges I have.

Of course not, my little closet nerd. 😉


Looks like Dusty attended, but he also stole the spotlight like the attention whore he is.

Paparazzi: Mr. Langurd! Can you elaborate on your “secret girlfriend” situation?

Dusty: I do flips in planes.

Paparazzi: Uh-huh, for sure. Is it true you ask for promotions “on a silver platter”?

If he ever does top this career, there will be absolutely no honour in doing so.


Case in point.

Dusty: I might die tomorrow. Make me an astronaut, pretty please?

The Sims™ 3 Into the Future 2018-07-17 12_21_54 PM

Okay, it’s actually insane how much dating your boss helps your job performance in no time at all.

…Should I do this with every sim career? :O


Patty: How about you convince me that you’re really in this first.

Dusty: Err, okay, tell me about yourself?

Patty: Well, aside from being your sister in law, I’m a great kisser who’s artistic but unlucky. My boyfriend is Hot Jeremy, the dude who made everyone lose it at your party. Oh, and I’m actually only a Grunt. Lol.

Dusty: WHAT?!

Patty: Oh, don’t worry. Jeremy’s totally cool with this.

Dusty: Grunt is only Level Three though?!

Patty: Uh, yep. Wow, sure is getting late huh.

The Sims™ 3 Into the Future 2018-07-18 10_52_25 PM

Damn you Patty. Damn you EA and your poorly configured hierarchies.


But never mind that, ‘cause it’s time for CONTENT!

Take your very last look at these deadpan, caught-off-guard, halfheartedly celebrating kiddos…


…and take your first look at the Quad Squad, Teen Edition!

Kau: Ooooooh, we are badass.

Kiko: We would be if someone had remembered to shower…

Kyrii: Gee, sorry I was still having my birthday while you were all prepping for the photoshoot.

Kougra: Why do we have sticks? Is this a duel?

Not yet, but I have a feeling the heir poll will be…


…because we got some damn cool kids in this generation.

Let’s start with Kau.

Kau: Arrrr, that’s Cap’n Kau to you.

My mistake. “Cap’n” Kau rolls Eco-Friendly, essentially shooting his chances of ever getting an indoor bedroom to hell.

Kau: Son of a biscuit.


Never mind that he’s basically Steve the Pirate from Dodgeball.


Kiko rolls irresistible, and a pink dip-dye job. Well, you can’t roll that but the gods commanded it.

Kiko: Lock up your sons.

You can’t say that in this town. Everyone’s son is your cousin!

Kiko: Well then lock up your fish, ‘cause I’m coming for those too.


Here’s Kougra. I’ve made a real mess of her traits. I said her third and fourth were Computer Whiz and Night Owl, but I couldn’t remember the order.

Turns out her fourth trait is actually Animal Lover, so I have no idea what the fuck is going on.

Kougra: I’m wise beyond my years?

We’ll go with that.


And finally, Kyrii. She rolls Gatherer.

Kyrii: I gather you cheated away the green fumes.


Also, major shoutout to WinterChild98 for finally solving the mystery of her lobster skin! Turns out my internet sources were wrong and the Mithrilens are actually on the dark rainbow slider, not the blue one. Hence, Kyrii’s slider is Dusty’s, but her slider placement is Siesta’s! Definitely a thing I could’ve checked if I weren’t 10,581km from my computer, but thank goodness for astute readers. 😉


And there you have them, folks! About as diverse a squad as we could’ve hoped for.

Kiko: So… are we actually going to play pool, or…?

Oh, no. This was purely for the cool poses. 😉


Turns out “No Content” was very accurate in the end, because I cut almost 40 screenshots in the process of writing this. 😛 Rather than add material from the next post, I’m opting to chuck this baby out of the nest and simply hope it can fly.


And anyway, we’ve made it to a major milestone! Everyone is teenified! No more genetic surprises!

Typically I might post an heir poll at this point, but there’s a lot more to come before anyone can even think about taking over. Plus, I’m still in another country for the next seven months, so there’s definitely no hurry.

I’m thinking I’ll write them through university before taking the vote. Or, if I don’t get that far before March (hey, this is me we’re talking about) I’ll just run the poll before I fly back to Canada.

For now, let’s just hope August can be a fraction as productive as July has been!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Simming!


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  1. They ARE cool.

    Looks like Kougra has a jawline that I think goes back to Katana at least. Kiko and Kyrii have the polar opposite, kind of a receding jawline. Is that Dusty’s? I looked up earlier in this post, but I couldn’t tell with the facial hair :-D. Then Kau has something else entirely. y

    Yeah, let’s see these kids in action. As you say, no point to picking an heir yet! And I believe you said you guessed an heir and played ahead to the next baby. Might not want to miss out on that.

    BTW: I posted! It kinda sucked, but it powered through! Now I’m halfway through the next one, and what the HELL tangled mess of pictures did I lay out for myself months ago? Holy crap.

    There were some updates on your crew.

    Liked by 1 person

    • BTW: If you’re looking for tech terms for titles, you could make this one “Returns null value” 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    • I think you’re right about both jaws – Kougra’s (which I think Kau also has to some extent) goes back to Katana, who got it from Arabella, who got it from Tuesday Sears/Steele! And Kiko and Kyrii’s definitely comes from the Mithrilens. It gives Kiko a kind of comical overbite and I love it.

      I did in fact guess an heir, though as I publish more I’m increasingly doubting my choice. 😛 It’s fine though, because I have multiple versions of the save I could jump back to depending on how things go. I’m affording myself that liberty after almost ten years of ploughing through this thing.

      You’ve been posting a lot, I see! Looks like you may finish before me after all!


  2. Your legacy is hilarious and I love them. I started reading it in July when I found it and just finished catching up. The quads are lovely and unique looking.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh I have re-read the entirety of this blog again and IT’S OVER?!
    You have inspired me to start playing TS3 again, but my sims are absolutely normal and boring compared to yours. They don’t even pee on the floor, or pass out next to their bed. I’m doing a basegame Legacy, not following the official rules but having my own personal goal of completing all basegame LTW’s. Currently on Gen4.

    I love the trashy, self-deprecating humor of your blog, I wish I could write like that, but I get too serious most of the time, and get attached to my sims too much.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Not over, just… neglected? XD It sounds like you’re just too good at the game to get the kind of stupidity you see here. That sounds like a fun challenge though! I’m doing something similar now with basegame (+1 EP) TS4! These idiots are still my priority though.

      I have been known to get far too attached to sims as well, which is probably why I had to tone back the seriousness so far. But thank you for the nice comments! “Trashy” is the ultimate goal here. 😀


  4. I ran into a simblr that is blogging a lovely account of your Consort of the Kingdom challenge. I’ve been reading for a while, and I just now looked up the challenge and discovered you wrote it! Haha. I thought you might be interested in the link: https://ashubii.tumblr.com/

    (Now watch this comment get blocked as spam 😀 )

    Liked by 1 person

    • So funny story, I had to rack my brain in case I’d published a challenge ruleset and forgotten about it, but it turns out there’s another “Griffindork” (with an “i”) out there being far more productive than this one. 😛 I wish I could take credit, but it wasn’t me! Looks very cool though, I may have to try this one out myself sometime!


      • You have GOT to be kidding me. That’s not a handle I would have expected to find tons of. I’ve been reading someone on MTS (I think?) and believing it was your for a while…. I didn’t even notice the spelling difference, and I’m not sure I know hat to spell the Hogwarts house. I’m Slytherin anyway, so I guess failing to spell it correctly is in character.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I suppose it is. XD Just putting it out there that my spelling is the *correct* spelling, though the beast it’s based on can be “griffin” or “gryphon” or “griffon” so I totally get the confusion. 😛


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