A Decade of Langurd: We’re All Langurds Here (feat. Quiz!)

Guys… it’s here. It came. It happened.

The thing I’ve always joked about is now a reality.

The Dysfunkshinul Legacy is ten years old.

Pair of dice - Hard Ten, isolated on white background. 3D render.

And what I hoped might be an exciting milestone is actually a colossal reality check. I mean, it turns out the Half-Decade Heptathlon—that idiotic time I posted every day as a countdown to the blog’s fifth birthday—was like, LATE GENERATION SIX.

The crazy thing is that I felt so unproductive for having published “only” five generations in those first five years. And then to follow that up with ONE generation in the next five! Oh, 2017 Sam, how could you have known?

Anyway! I’ve stopped beating myself up over it, and the reality is that I sold three of these past years to being an alien in Korea. This thing is getting finished at some point—it’s always just been a question of when. 😛

So even if today is laced with shame, I think it deserves a celebration!


Of course I’ve gone and done something completely ridiculous as per usual.

It occurred to me, while attempting to untangle the massive incestuous web that is Dragon Valley, that one thing is true. Sooner or later, we will all be Langurds.

In fact, each birthday celebration has brought us a little bit closer to this terrifying truth. In 2015, many of your simselves were divinely impregnated with Langurd children of their own. Why, even last year, you may have been forced to see yourself in a Langurd heir by way of personality comparison!

So why not come to terms with your fate, and find out which of these positively broken human beings you most resemble—naturally, in a Buzzfeed-style quiz of completely unrelated questions?

Just rip off the band-aid.

“Which Langurd Are You?” Quiz

(Because silly WordPress won’t let me embed it…)

I would LOVE to see your results in the comments! I will admit, the curiosity is killing me.

Of course, on a day like today I’m extra grateful to everyone who reads—or has ever read—this blog! I definitely don’t see the traffic I used to, but the sheer COMMITMENT some of you regular readers possess is worth more to me than any number of views. Whether you’re a lurker, a liker, a commenter, or a Boolprop thread follower—thank you for always coming back!

And I promise to get this thing done. Eventually.

Until then, Happy Simming!


P.S. Just as an added bit of shock value, I was 19 when I started this. I’m now 29. Reading some earlier posts is physically painful. 😛



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    Even if by some miracle I finish before you, I will still win for longest TS3 legacy. I started the Samples in 2009.

    Srsly, chick, you spent three years in Seoul, and you didn’t even have your Sims computer with you. Give yourself a break. My only excuse for running a legacy this long is that I am both unbelievably stubborn AND I have the attention span of a squirrel. I play for a while, then I go off and write a mod, then I go build a fanedit movie (did you ever see this? I’m ridiculously proud of it https://echoweaver.tumblr.com/post/185091567582/the-hobbit-back-once-again). Then I obsess over Lord of the Rings Online. Then I remember I have a Sims story.

    Actually, my other excuse is that I had a baby. Who is 11 now. SOB.

    Anyway, your quiz was comic brilliance. I’m Balboa, which just underscores how much more “magic” I need in life.

    If you ever feel unproductive for failing to finish a 10-generation story in a video game that has been out of support since 2014, remember that almost nobody ever finishes these legacies. LOL. Don’t lose heart!

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    • Wow, I need to check what’s on my clipboard before I paste because the second link was supposed to be to my quiz result. I’m not actually egotistical enough to link to my same fanedit twice. Almost, but not quite.


    • YOUR KID IS ELEVEN. Holy. If anything puts things in perspective, that does. And hey, that’s a hugely valid excuse that I can’t claim! The Langurds are my only babies. XD

      I remember you mentioning the fanedit! And as a huge Tolkien fan who was massively let down by the Hobbit trilogy, I’m really excited to check it out. Will definitely drop a comment once I’ve watched it!

      Thank you for appreciating my silly quiz. It was surprisingly painstaking to create. And hey, we could all take a leaf out of Boa’s book. 😉


    • Oh good God. It pasted the ENTIRE tumblr post into my comment? WHY? I’m not sure I should be allowed to link to things.

      There is nothing that makes you feel your age like kids. NOTHING. You turn around and they’re a new person. I’m eternally 22yo in my head, but this kid is around to tell me otherwise.

      Are you happy to be back in the Western Hemisphere? (You’re Canadian? Yes?)

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      • With the way WordPress works, I wasn’t even surprised. XD

        Even teaching kids I felt that a little bit. Kids who were babies when I started were taller than me three years later. TIME DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.

        I am! (Canadian, that is, and happy to be back.) I mean, I had a pretty exciting life over there, and they do so many things better than we do, but it’s been nice to breathe unpolluted air. And have personal space! Oh, and see family and friends again, I suppose. 😛


  2. creativemind36

    Did the quiz, got Gumby Langurd, died laughing. 10/10.

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  3. Hello there! Long, LONG time lurker here! I’ve been reading the blog for I think *checks notes* ALMOST 6 YEARS?? Where have the years gone?

    Anyway, the quiz! With skin raw from recent bandaid removal, I got… Katana? That surprised me at first, especially seeing as I share an MBTI type with Calamity instead, but I’m not a huge fan of the great outdoors either, so maybe we have more in common than I thought. (And as we all know, nothing reads you better than a uquiz.) But hey, anybody’s better than Tewl!

    Wow, 10 years! I have to finish my projects quickly, otherwise they just fester and die. XD How you’ve survived the Langurds all this time, the world may never know.
    Now that the blog is 10 years old, you should turn Tewl into a Child in CAS. I’m sure he’d look just as creepy as a kid as he does a toddler.

    Also, unrelated, but I think Calamity’s download is busted or something. When I click on her picture, there’s no link. 😦

    This family of nut cases never fails to make my day, and I hope to see them to the end.

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    • Omg hi! Thank you for dropping a comment! Six years is a long time indeed. It seems like Katana was a pretty popular result (I also got her when I answered honestly) but hey, she’s also pretty relatable. 😛 Also, ISFPs are great!

      I wish I could finish my projects quickly OR let them die, but I seem to be incapable of both. “Survived” is an excellent way to put it. And omg, I forgot about Toddler Tewl! I will do this ASAP. :O

      I’ll definitely check on the busted link! And thank you – I also hope to end them one day. ❤


  4. Somehow I ended up with Siesta, I thought it was hilarious

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  5. Right, leaving this comment before I take the quiz just so I can say I fully expect to get Balboa.

    Not-Really-An-Edit: I GOT FREAKIN BOA

    Also, congrats on not giving up!! I’ve started and abandoned about ten challenges in the time since finishing the Gordons (whenever that was) and you’ve stuck with your squad through Korea and covid!! Seriously, mad respect.

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    • OF FREAKING COURSE. You and Boa are just linked by destiny somehow. XD

      Ten challenges?! I clearly am not following enough of your pages – I rely too heavily on WordPress Reader to keep me informed. 😛 Thanks though, that does make me feel better! If I’m not prolific then at least I’m committed? Ironic considering the man who started this legacy…

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      • I always knew Boa was my sim-soulmate, and I’m honestly not entirely sure if I like what that says about me, but oh well here we are! XD

        Ten might be a slight exaggeration, but it’s probably not far off! XD None of them have even made it as far as being posted, but I do have something new up my sleeve (hopefully) coming soon…

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      • Hey, in this legacy, you could do much worse than Boa! XD If that’s any consolation…

        YESSS I will be waiting with bated breath :O

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  6. I’m Lyra (insert shifty eyes). I am traumatized by this.

    Happy 10 years! I congratulate you on your effort, no matter how long it takes, it is good that you are committed to the project. I have started too many challenges without getting anywhere.

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    • *Lira

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yessss, I’m so happy someone got Lira! Even if I am now officially terrified of you. 😛

      And thank you for the encouragement! There’s also something to be said for trying a lot of challenges, though. Sometimes I feel like I should branch out, but I know that if I do, I’ll never come back to finish this one. XD


  7. I got Katana, which is weirdly kind of accurate 😳😅 Congrats on hitting the ten year mark! I’ll probably be back to my lurking/liking self after this, but I’d just like to thank you for being one of the biggest inspirations for my own legacy. Your commitment always inspires me to come back to my Simmies, even if the game would rather I didn’t 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • So happy you dropped a comment!! You’re always among the first few to like a chapter, so I definitely appreciate your support. ❤ But there's absolutely no shame in lurking!

      And aww, that's so nice of you to say! I never thought this blog of fools could be inspiration to anyone, but I'm glad it's kept you motivated too. I feel you on the game being against you, though. XD

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  8. Magpie2012/Ravenangel888

    Lira over here 😁 I can live with that lol

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  9. Ended up with Calamity. Maybe you should make quizzes allllll the time. Top notch

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    • D’aww, you’re too kind! Maybe I’ll do another one when the legacy’s over…

      Heck yeah Calamity!! You’re the first one, I believe. And that means the only result no one has gotten (or confessed to getting) is Tewl. 😛


  10. Greetings again friend! And happy ten years of Langurds! XD
    I am apparently Siesta! XD Which…when you put it that way…makes way to much sense… O_o

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  11. I got Lira on the quiz, please don’t run from me haha.
    I can’t believe it’s been freaking 10 years. I’ve been re-reading the legacy to catch up and it’s still as great as always! I hope you’ve been well ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sammy!! So glad to see you back, and I hope you’ve been well too ! ❤ As one of this legacy's longest-standing readers, I think you can be forgiven for also being the most terrifying Langurd. 😛 I hope you enjoy the reread!

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