So you have chosen…

(Using these nifty placeholder pics so that WordPress doesn’t spoil it in the preview.)


Well, this was a doozy.

First, I must apologize. I asked you not only to pick an heir, but to choose between good and evil, pink and purple, practical and theatrical, excitable and deadpan… oh, and then there was Sal.

What a crossroads for the end of the legacy!

But you did it, guys. And you did it ever so decisively…


2. Whydah

And so here is your final Queen of Langurd! I can now freely admit that I’ve been obsessed with this kid since she was born, and I can’t think of anyone better to steer this legacy into its grand finale.

Thanks everyone for voting, and I’ll see you in GENERATION NINE! :O

(Idk, sometimes it grabs the last pic instead of the first these days. I gotta cover all my bases.)

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  1. Magpie2012/Ravenangel888

    Whoot whoot!!!!

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  2. So who else finds it appropriate that the last heir of the philandering Tewl is a deadpan, no sense of humor literal vampire? XD

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  3. FYI: you can actually set a preview image nowdays!

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    • Oof, Gryffindork showing her age (or more like her technical incompetency, I don’t think I’m THAT old XD). To make things worse, the desktop preview just drops the first four images in a row if you don’t specify otherwise, which I should have remembered. At least it worked on mobile?

      I will keep this in mind for next time though, thank you for the insight! 🙂

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  4. I am at the same time excited yet TERRIFIED for the saga to end. WHAT WILL YOU DO NEXT? Can we expect a TS4 legacy maybe? Or better yet, an ISBI? Or a …. Drifter challenge? 100 Babies? Oh there are so many possibilities.

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  5. Aaaaaah yes!! I will admit that I picked her simply for the fact that she’s purple (the superior colour), because she’s SO COOL LOOKING and I’m sooo excited for Gen9

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