Generation Eight

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Note: Traits in italics are university traits, which unfortunately won’t show up on any downloaded sim.

Kau Langurd, Generation Eight Heir
Athletic, Brave, Childish, Loves the Outdoors, Sailor, Eco-Friendly
Chinese, Ceviche, Spice Brown
LTW: Grand Explorer

Mika Langurd, Generation Eight Spouse
LTW: Perfect Garden

Acara Langurd, Generation Eight Spare
Ambitious, Clumsy, Excitable, Family-Oriented, Good, Workaholic
Latin, Pumpkin Pie, Spiceberry
LTW: CEO of a Mega Corporation

Ixi Langurd, Generation Eight Spare
Friendly, Good, No Sense of Humour, Proper, Schmoozer, Snob
Pop, Fruit Parfait, Lilac
LTW: Leader of the Free World

Tonu Langurd, Generation Eight Spare
Animal Lover, Dislikes Children, Lucky, Mean-Spirited, Natural Born Performer, Unstable
Chinese, Hot Dogs, Yellow
LTW: Master Vocalist

Kiko Langurd, Generation Eight Spare
Angler, Evil, Friendly, Great Kisser, Irresistible, Rebellious
French, Stu Surprise, Irish Green
LTW: Deep Sea Diver

Kougra Langurd, Generation Eight Spare
Animal Lover, Computer Whiz, Grumpy, Loner, Night Owl, Vehicle Enthusiast
R&B, French Toast, Seafoam
LTW: Master Mixologist

Kyrii Langurd, Generation Eight Spare
Clumsy, Eccentric, Gatherer, Genius, Socially Awkward, Vegetarian
Island Vibes, Lobster Thermidor, Orange
LTW: Scientific Specialist

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