Generation Five

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Gumby Langurd, Heir
Athletic, Evil, Frugal, Loves the Cold, Loves the Heat
Violet, Pumpkin Pie, Indie
LTW: The Jockey Check mark symbol
LTH: Unknown


Frieda Langurd, Spouse
Easily Impressed, Evil, Excitable, Unflirty, Unlucky
Seafoam, Fruit Parfait, Kids
LTW: Golddigger
LTH: Unknown



Mandrake Langurd, Spare
Absent-Minded, Athletic, Daredevil, Neat, Workaholic
Grey, Tri-Tip Steak, Soul
LTW: Master Acrobat X symbol
LTH: Unknown


Skydancer Langurd, Spare
Friendly, Genius, Good, Loves the Cold, Natural Cook
Red, Autumn Salad, Kids
LTW: Magic Makeover
LTH: Unknown

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