Generation Six

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Calamity Langurd, Heiress

Insane, Brave, Couch Potato, Clumsy, Dramatic
Spiceberry, ?, ?
LTW: Firefigher Superhero √
LTH: 217,145
Deceased at Age: 94

Quinn Flanagan, Spouse

Aiden O’Connell, Midlife Fling

Omen Langurd, Spare
Genius, Light Sleeper, Disciplined, Vegetarian, Dramatic
Green, Dim Sum, Kids
LTW: Chess Legend √
LTH: 67,346

Fiasco Langurd, Spare
Easily Impressed, Genius, Neurotic, Excitable, Party Animal
Violet, Shawarma, Songwriter
LTW: Bottomless Nectar Cellar (changed from Vocal Legend) √
LTH: 48,279


Crash Langurd, Spare
Insane, Athletic, Neurotic, Genius, Brooding
Spiceberry, ?, ?
LTW: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body √
LTH: 70,770


Rhapsody Langurd, Spare
Athletic, Hates the Outdoors, Unlucky, Socially Awkward, Born Saleswoman
Hot Pink, Vegetarian Grilled Salmon, Classical
LTW: One Sim Band √
LTH: Unknown

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