The 16 Birthday Bastards

The 16 Birthday Bastards
From left to right: Frack Phyrcracker, Minorca Langurd, Blue Stephens, Billie Jean Langurd, Oxford Hudson, Aquamarine Zalesby, Java Weaver, Sassy Laserkatt, Twi’lek Lynne, Blatch Winterwolf, Gronckle Langurd, Flame King, Lutz Langurd, Polly Esther Darroch, Manic Sama.

Click on any Sim’s picture to download them!


They were supposed to be in alphabetical order by first name, but WordPress hates me and the links were borked unless I put Minorca before Lutz. This hurts me physically and I probably will never look at this page again.

  1. Woot, grabbed a bunch! Tam’s bastard isn’t linked, though, goes to Lutz.


  2. Just to let you know Lutz’s DL link goes to Minorca.


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