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Golden Plumbobs & BNTM Season 11!

This post has been rotting in my drafts folder for about 84 years, but today – thanks to a reminder from DSLady – it shall enter the world at last. BE FREE, LITTLE BIRD!

You may remember a braggy little post from just over a year ago about winning Season 10 of Boolprop’s Next Top Model. Leaving no can unkicked, of course I entered Season 11 this past summer and had too much fun staging more ridiculous photoshoots. Spoiler: my hipster fool got his butt kicked, but we did make runner-up!

Feast yer eyes if ye so please (or scroll to the bottom for more filler nonsense).


Intro Round: A Day in the Life

Ceviche Palakaya
Hometown: Bridgeport
Occupation: Barista & Open Mic Host at Hemingway’s Haunt

Ceviche (not his real name, sources suggest) is full of ideas to make the world a better place.


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Boolprop’s Next Top Model

Hellooooo! This is not a real post. It is a fake post. A shameless “I’m still here but too lazy to write the good stuff” post. But still a post! Are you proud of me?

Maybe you should be, ‘cause I just fulfilled my 13-year-old self’s grandest ambition.

Uh, what?

Many of you probably know about Boolprop and/or have been active members of the forums sometime in the decade they’ve been around. I spent a truly shocking portion of my early teenage years on there, spewing my embarrassingness all over the Internet to be immortalized in archives rather than into real social interactions. Most of my time was spent in the “Competitions” subforum, where various members hosted Sims-based creative challenges. There were a lot of them back in the day, but the one you just had to get in on was the admin-run “Boolprop’s Next Top Model.” It was a multi-round showdown with eliminations and medals and all that fancy stuff. Being a little tweenybopper idiot, I was usually too intimidated to enter. I did, once, and flunked out fantastically in the first round.

Well, at some point I drifted away from Boolprop and every time I came back after that, the site’s general activity had taken a nosedive. So imagine my surprise when I checked in mid-summer to find Boolprop reborn! My old account was gone and so were my medals, but so were my embarrassing posts so that worked out okay. AND I was just in time for the sign-up round of BNTM Season 10.

Four months of crazy fun competition later, the finale results are in and I’m way too excited to say that my model and I were crowned winners! This post isn’t supposed to be gloaty, but I wanted to share my entries with you guys in case you might enjoy them at all. There was some really impressive creative work done all around, so check out the competition thread here. Special shout-out to Heather who was runner-up and Sammy who also put in some stunning entries!

:: :: :: :: ::

Charlie Blake
Sign-Up Round

Charlie Blake is a fireball. It’s a good thing she lives on a houseboat in Isla Paradiso, where she has plenty of opportunity to cool off. When she isn’t arguing for sport, she’s arguing for body positivity and self-esteem in young women. Her friends have given up on interrupting her long, impassioned rants about the patriarchy. Charlie is a lifeguard by day and a bartender by night, alternately saving people from drowning and helping them drown their sorrows. She enjoys bonfires and barbecues but will abandon any conversation for a plate of firecracker shrimp.

(Headshot without Makeup)

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