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Golden Plumbobs & BNTM Season 11!

This post has been rotting in my drafts folder for about 84 years, but today – thanks to a reminder from DSLady – it shall enter the world at last. BE FREE, LITTLE BIRD!

You may remember a braggy little post from just over a year ago about winning Season 10 of Boolprop’s Next Top Model. Leaving no can unkicked, of course I entered Season 11 this past summer and had too much fun staging more ridiculous photoshoots. Spoiler: my hipster fool got his butt kicked, but we did make runner-up!

Feast yer eyes if ye so please (or scroll to the bottom for more filler nonsense).


Intro Round: A Day in the Life

Ceviche Palakaya
Hometown: Bridgeport
Occupation: Barista & Open Mic Host at Hemingway’s Haunt

Ceviche (not his real name, sources suggest) is full of ideas to make the world a better place.


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Tewl on the Red Carpet

I always say “late to the party” is my middle name…


But this is just the piece de resistance. Some beautiful human(s?) nominated me for three Golden Plumbob Awards over at, and I didn’t even know this was a thing until other bloggers started talking about it…? Whoever you are, thank you to infinity and beyond! ❤ I’m doing a squealy little happy dance right now. Internally, of course.

This mess of a blog is up for Best Sims 3 Legacy and Funniest Sims 3 Story! If you’re inclined to vote, please go take a gander at the nominees. You don’t necessarily have to vote for me — I’ve got some tough competition (and friendly faces) in both categories, but I thought I’d spread the word in case anyone is later to the party than I am. Or not a Boolprop member. See, that would be a valid excuse.

The third category is Most Jealousy-Inducing Graphics, but I’ve been drooling over the frontrunner’s pictures forever so I’m not going to beg for any votes there. I am my VGA card is incredibly grateful to even be mentioned.

Real update coming soon, and if you need a little light at the end of the tunnel — five chapters to the next heir poll!

Happy Simming!