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3.7 Al Fresco

Great, now I’m thinking about Italian food. Garlic and tomato and cheese and pasta and ooooooh, isn’t this pretty?


I love love love World Adventures for its scenery. I often get distracted by it and go roaming over the hills, pretending to be a nature photographer while the Langurds starve to death and get in trouble with the locals.

Unfortunately, it’s all wasted on certain people.

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3.6 Les Nouveaux Riches

There’s a peculiar frame of mind I need to be in to write these chapters. Considering I just tried to drink a burning candle, mistaking it for tea, I think I’m good to go.

Last time, the Gen. 3 kids came back from university to a laggy, snow-covered Sunset Valley. Our unicorn was tragically stolen by Joanna Rodgers, curse her name. Lance and Tommy made their escape from the household, and the screwball Dax French was caught up in our web forever.

In case you missed my shameless filler post, the Langurds moved camp! I packed up the main household, Tomahawk & Gabby, Lance & Eddy, and my simself, who—go figure—happened to be living with Weston Jolina-Sekemoto, so he came along, too. Everyone else is lost to the abyss.


So here we are in Riverview, ready to start the next generation at last. THANK GOD.

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Interlude: House Tour

The Langurds have landed in…



I know, I wish it were something fancy like Dragon Valley or Aurora Skies or what have you, but I need my worlds reliable and functional or I will fly off the deep end. That and I’m cheap.


So here we are at the new house, situated on the waterfront ‘cause I need pretty things to look at. A brief overview: the architecture and decorating are loosely structured around the four elements. For the most part, the right hand side is fire-themed, the left is air, the middle of the house is water, and the yard and peripheries are earth.

Be warned, I tend to go overboard on the tacky decorations. You may want to resurface for air at some point during this post.

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