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Super Special #5: Satisfaction

I am so freakin’ excited. After four years and 32 posts, I will finally be able to unpause these fools. I mean, I technically already did that when I checked on the save, but… for real! Time will move forward. New Langurds will be born. I cannot fathom how satisfying it will be.

But first, let us close out a thoroughly discombobulating chapter of our lives, here at the Finger Painting College.


Kiko can longer avoid running into her past lovers, purely because there are so many of them.

Ludo: Hey Kiko, can we talk?

Kiko: New phone, who dis?

Ludo: Can you at least tell me how to get this lipstick off my face?

Kiko: Sorry, I don’t speak English.


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Super Special #3: Inferno

This university saga is pure chaos. I have vague memories of playing it, but I no longer have the slightest idea what I was thinking.

For instance, Kiko’s life choices are beyond questionable.


Kiko: Don’t judge me.

I mean, all the power to you. But seriously… the Chams???

Kiko: I have my reasons.

Not that anyone could’ve forgotten, but Ludo is her second conquest after declaring war on the frat and then bedding Jeff in the last chapter.

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