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4.16 Bop It

Twist it! Pull it! Flick it!

…The most innuendo-filled game of your childhood.

But hey, now that I’ve ruined that for you, let me… ruin lots of other things as well. Welcome back to the Langurds!


Lira: I am Mrs. Nesbitt!

We already did that.

Lira: But the readers liked it!

That doesn’t mean we get to repeat stuff.

Lira: Uh, yeah. It’s called a SEQUEL.

Okay, fine. Presenting: “Lira Drinks Tea 2: This Time with Wings.”

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I WAS a kid in a candy store…

…and now I’m being dragged out of the store, kicking and screaming and making a huge scene after being denied the sugary goodness that was so cruelly thrust under my nose.



I’m sorry, EA. I was under the impression that “through June 16” meant “up to and including the actual day of June 16.” I guess I was asleep when the meaning of “through” changed to “lol fuck you sale’s over.”

I’ve been teaching myself to think before I throw my money at things, so I decided to wait and ponder, naively trusting that I could jump in on the last day and make my purchases… and now it’s 7:35pm EST on June 16 and dat shit back to regular price. Or should I say ridiculous price? In any case, it’s a price I refuse to pay until they decide to cut it down again.

Man, I just feel cheated. And dumb. Especially after requesting all your expert opinions. Laserkatt even reminded me to act fast, and of course I didn’t.

The moral of the story is: don’t wait, just buy stuff.

Thank you for the valuable life lesson, EA. I’ll be sure to mention you in my speech when I’m rich and famous in deep, deep credit card debt.


Back to regular programming next time! XD