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Super Special #3: Inferno

This university saga is pure chaos. I have vague memories of playing it, but I no longer have the slightest idea what I was thinking.

For instance, Kiko’s life choices are beyond questionable.


Kiko: Don’t judge me.

I mean, all the power to you. But seriously… the Chams???

Kiko: I have my reasons.

Not that anyone could’ve forgotten, but Ludo is her second conquest after declaring war on the frat and then bedding Jeff in the last chapter.

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Super Special #2: Vendetta

Welcome back! I’m fresh off of Part 1 and trying hard not to lose steam. Got my coffee brewed, my knuckles cracked, and my Breath of the Wild piano playlist on shuffle.

Yeah, if you’re ever curious why this blog goes from goofy to dramatic in a heartbeat, you should take a look at my Spotify library. XD

Previously, the Subversive Seven (a working title) were exiled from Dragon Valley by their mother for being too good at life.

Now here they are at the Finger Painting College (maybe?), where so far they’ve bowled, attended questionable classes, and made zero friends.


But it’s time to fix that! Kiko and Kau are off to their very first college party at the Urele-Oresha-Cham Fraternity.

Like any good frat party, people have already started taking off their clothes.

Ludo: Jeff sure knows how to throw a party.

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Super Special #1: Exiled

Why hello, and welcome to an unprecedented chunk of in-between updates chronicling the Seven Squad’s university adventures!

This whole part is really unnecessary, but a lot of stupid things happened during their time away and I have an uncontrollable need to make jokes about it.

Previously, the quads aged up into young adults and I totally left you hanging. So let me pre-emptively fill you in on their final traits: Kau rolled Childish, Kiko rolled Irresistible, Kougra rolled Night Owl, and Kyrii rolled Socially Awkward.

As for their looks, you’ll see them when you see them. Now let’s dive in!


Also of note from last chapter—the kids have sneakily been buying out businesses around town. They started big with the military/law enforcement HQ, which is now referred to as The Dump and has approximately four employees left.

This is our new acquisition: Hospitoilet. I don’t have a screencap of firing Dr. Jeff, but it’s nice to know that we could if we wanted to.


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4.9 I Love You, You Love Me, We’re a Happy Family

Isn’t that the most accurate description of the Langurds you’ve ever heard?

For the record, if I get this chapter out by Tuesday, I’ll have done seven posts in two weeks. That might just qualify as a miracle.

Where were we? Oh yeah, still at university. For this whole chapter and like half of the next one. I’m sorry, but it can’t be helped when our bright young minds are keeping so busy!


Prof. Richards: You see, a corporation is like a colony of honeybees! Everyone has a task to do, but in the end you’ll just die among the flowers or with your butt stuck in the arm of a pesky human.


I can smell the sarcasm.

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4.7 Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Party

Now that we’re acquainted with the new house, let the breaking-in commence! Or more likely just the breaking.


Weston: Gilded wainscoting, crystal chandeliers, solid gold bathtubs… This place must have cost us approximately—

A shit ton, yes, thank you Mr. Frugal. Maybe don’t check out Lira’s room because it contains $6600 worth of curtains. XD

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4.6 Makin’ Things with Light

Writing this legacy is like walking through mud. The longer it carries on, the slower it goes. This time last generation, Katana was pregnant with Balboa and making a big dent in her LTW. Before that, Razabella were middle-aged with three whelps. And before that, Tewl was… well okay, he was sleeping with his best friend’s girlfriend and being reprimanded by an infant. Maybe my analogy doesn’t work so well but THERE IS DEFINITELY MUD INVOLVED.


Balboa: So Mom, what’s new? I hear you’re a politician now, what’s that like?

Katana: Oh my what a delectable salad let’s dig in shall we

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3.4 Au Naturel


Ah, college life. You know that end-of-the-semester feeling when nothing matters and you decide to stick it out and live through the mess, and you think “Next year, NEXT YEAR I’m turning over a new leaf goddammit”?

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3.3 Aficionados


And with that I am DONE my third year of university.

Just in time for the Langurds to start their first. Dammit.

To be honest, judging by what I’d heard of the EP, I expected university to be a gigantic disappointment. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t. It didn’t meet my expectations of not having my expectations met. How does that work?

Go away, Exam Brain.

ONWARD, to move-in day!

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