NYAQ: Not-Yet-Asked Questions

What is this page? Well, I wanted to make an “FAQ” page, but that would be a dirty lie because people don’t ask me questions ever, let alone frequently. So I thought I’d make a list of NYAQ’s instead (Not-Yet Asked Questions… hilarious, right?) to answer the kinds of things I want to know when I’m reading a legacy. So here is everything you never always wanted to know about my PC, my game, and little old me.


1. What expansions do you have installed?

What a fine question, kind simmer. For the first four generations of this legacy, I was a poor student with a penchant for throwing my money out the window, exercising all the self-restraint in the world lest I fall into credit card debt. My EP collection was a work in progress. I started with everything up to Pets, and I gradually filled in the gaps during brief windows of prosperity/stupidity. Now, I can proudly say that I own them all (but am still just as poor and just as stupid).

I draw the line at SP’s though. I’ve only ever owned two, and that was back in TS2.

2. What mods do you use?

So glad you asked (or didn’t, yet). I never used mods before this legacy. Then, I got fed up with EA’s poor coding and Story Progression and met a wonderful friend called NRaas. I downloaded Twallan’s Story Progression, Master Controller, Woohooer, and Decensor, all of which are handy-dandy things. I later added PortraitPanel and Overwatch because glitches, man. Nowadays mods are like oxygen to me.

—REVISED 2022—
I also use ErrorTrap and Mover!

3. Do you use any default replacements?

Again, I never used anything before this legacy. Then I discovered the beauteous world of MODDING ALL THE THINGS and settled on escand’s “Oh My Tiffany” eyes and Ephemera’s skin.

4. What graphics card do you have?

“Overkill” is running a stalwart, superclocked Nvidia Geforce GTX 560. He was born in June of 2012 when I got really jealous of other simmers’ crisp screenshots and decided to, you guessed it, throw my money out the window. I built a rig to withstand the stuttering and the jagged edges, complete with a VGA card bigger than my hand. Several months later, I learned that the GTX series is a notoriously shitty match for TS3, which explained why Overkill was running dangerous temperatures trying to give me my beloved Edge Smoothing and Superwater. Poor baby. Two years have passed and he still hasn’t exploded (please find something wooden and touch it for me) but I still give him the occasional soothing whisper, just in case.

—REVISED 2022—
In 2018 I did a full rebuild with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB and she’s working great!

5. Other computer specs?

AMD Phenom II X4 965 Processor 3.40 GHz
8.00 GB DDR3 RAM
1TB Western Digital SATA Hard Drive

—REVISED 2022—
Intel Core i7 (8th Gen – Coffee Lake)
500GB Crucial MX500 SSD (with 1TB Western Digital SATA Hard Drive for storage)

6. What do you do to your screenshots?

1) Take waaaaaay too many shots in-game, creating a huge scavenger hunt for later.
2) Open them one by one in GIMP (batch editing? I gave on installing that plug-in after two tries).
3) Resize, sharpen, and play with colour settings like a child driving a U-Haul. It may shock you, but I actually know nothing about photo editing.

—REVISED 2022—
I figured out batch editing!

7. What is your writing process?

1) Throw 100-odd pictures into Windows Live Writer.
2) Procrastinate.
3) Aimlessly rearrange pictures until they tell a story.
4) Procrastinate.
5) Scroll through and fill in the obvious jokes waiting to be made.
6) Procrastinate.
7) Scroll back to the beginning, and start pulling teeth.

8. Where do you get your CC?

Anywhere and everywhere. Honestly, I have so little discretion that I should be a cautionary tale for Internet safety. Love and thanks to the generous creators! ❤

9. Why are you so cool?*

I was born this way. There’s no mod you can download for that, sorry.

*Stats indicate that this question has a low probability of ever being asked.

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