NYAQ: Not-Yet-Asked Questions

What is this page? Well, I wanted to make an “FAQ” page, but that would be a dirty lie because people don’t ask me questions ever, let alone frequently. So I thought I’d make a list of NYAQ’s instead (Not-Yet Asked Questions… hilarious, right?) to answer the kinds of things I want to know when I’m reading a legacy. So here is everything you never always wanted to know about my PC, my game, and little old me.


1. What expansions do you have installed?

What a fine question, kind simmer. I was a student for the first four years of this legacy, so my EP collection was a work in progress. I had everything up to Pets, and gradually filled in the gaps when I was feeling prosperous and/or stupid. As of July 2015 (Chapter 4.14) I was working with the full suite.

2. What mods do you use?

So glad you asked (or didn’t, yet). NRaas is my best friend. During this legacy I used Story Progression, Master Controller, Master Controller Cheats, Woohooer, Decensor, PortraitPanel, Overwatch, ErrorTrap, and Mover. I find MC and Overwatch the most useful in terms of correcting bugs, which is all I really use mods for anyway. SP and Woohooer are handy for freedom of gameplay.

3. Do you use any default replacements?

escand’s “Oh My Tiffany” eyes and Ephemera’s skin.

4. What are your computer specs?

“Overkill” was a custom build I did in 2012 for the very purpose of playing TS3 without lag. It featured a Nvidia Geforce GTX 560, AMD Phenom II X4 965, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB HDD. Way over-spec’d for The Sims, yet this one ran some dangerously high temps during long sessions.

In 2018 I gutted Overkill and did a full rebuild into a rig that would eventually be known as “Han”. (It was frozen in time while I lived in Korea – make sense?) Han is cool as a cucumber and bears a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, Intel Core i7 (Coffee Lake), 8GB of RAM (due for an upgrade), a 500GB SSD for its OS and the same old 1TB HDD for storage. Definitely a few years out of date now, but runs TS3, TS4, and most other games like a dream.

5. What do you do to your screenshots?

First, I take waaaaay too many and it makes my life really difficult when it comes to creating posts. I don’t love how they look fresh out of the game, plus resizing them saves WordPress storage, so I throw them all in GIMP’s batch editor. I have a resizing, colour-correcting, edge-enhancing formula that I think works well. I also manually pixelize nudity because the in-game censor tends to interfere with other parts of the picture.

6. What is your writing process?

1) Throw 100-odd pictures into Windows Live Writer.
2) Procrastinate.
3) Aimlessly rearrange pictures until they tell a story.
4) Procrastinate.
5) Scroll through and fill in the obvious jokes waiting to be made.
6) Procrastinate.
7) Scroll back to the beginning, and start pulling teeth.

8. Where do you get your CC?

Anywhere and everywhere. Honestly, I have so little discretion that I should be a cautionary tale for Internet safety. I’m in the process of tracking down the pieces used in my downloads, but it’s a whole journey. Love and thanks to the generous creators. ❤

9. Why are you so cool?*

I was born this way. There’s no mod you can download for that, sorry.

*Stats indicate that this question has a low probability of ever being asked.

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