Going on a bear hunt!

I’ve never had to do one of these before because my updates have never been regular enough in the first place. :O

This is just to say that I’ll be away on a camping trip from now until Thursday, so there will be no posts either here or on Sim Salad! I wish I could take some writing with me, but if I’m sitting in my campsite with a laptop then I won’t be able to judge the pansies in their million-dollar RVs. It’s a hard life.

In the meantime, assuming you’ve been keeping up with Sim Salad, please enjoy this article that may just be Squonky’s handbook to life:


Happy Simming!


P.S. I will not be hunting bears. I will, in fact, be obsessively ridding myself of campfire odours before entering the tent so that the bears don’t hunt ME. You can never be too paranoid safe.

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  1. LMAO, that article is GOLD. Thank you for making my night 😀

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  2. The article was hilarious and so fitting to poor Squonky. I hope you have fun!

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  3. Have a good time. The forced vacation from tech will do you good! Thanks for all the testing help :).


  4. Haha enjoy your camping trip! Hopefully the bears stay in the woods and not in your cooler with the foods!


    • Haha thank you, it was a great trip! The campground we go to always displays a cooler at the front gate that a bear has torn apart, just to scare everyone. I’m amazed at how much damage they can do. Thankfully, the closest I got was hearing some kids yell “Look, Dad, a bear!” a few sites over. Kinda sad I didn’t get to see it. 😛

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