Civil War: Generation Six Heir Poll

I’m barely awake enough to keep my fingers on the keyboard, so the pictures will have to speak for themselves. They can do that for me, after all the work I put into them.

Oh, don’t mind the missing favourites. My notes were spectacularly shoddy this generation, so I don’t have a lot of this stuff written down. But it’s not like you’re picking an heir based on their favourite food, right?







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  1. Calamity is an Athlete who Hates the Outdoors, but wants to play all the instruments? Man, she should almost be heir just because she sticks to the generation’s theme so well. And I would love to see what kind of house she would get. But then again, I also freaking love Fiasco being his own lame self and Omen with all his chess partners would be entertaining. Dammit, who to choose?


    • I know, I love Rhapsody with all her contradictions. And I feel bad for cheating her out of the screen time she could’ve had, because I bet she would have become even more awesome… but I can’t deny that some of the others have more winning personalities. I’m curious as to who you ended up picking! I don’t think there’s ever been so much indecision on this blog. 😛

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      • LOL, name fail. Good thing you know who the kids are, even if we don’t! I honestly can’t remember who I picked…pretty sure it was one of the girls, though it could also have been Fiasco (but let’s face it, he’s practically a girl anyway).

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  2. So comments are the voting? *does not know how to poll* Well then Crash all the way. I watch Fruits Basket too, I even have all of the manga that goes beyond the anime so I know how it ends. 😉


  3. Insane firefighters are pretty fun to watch. lots of opportunities for failure, death and disaster.. so I vote Calamity. A couch potato firefighter is a great combo. *eye roll* She can pretend faint in the middle of a house fire as well, with the dramatic trait. And be saved by.. herself.


  4. Such a close draw between Calamity and Crash for me. I love Crash now because he is a lot like Hatsuharu but I was thinking another female heir would be great. So hard!


    • I was thinking the same about the female thing! I like that the gender ratio has been pretty balanced so far without any real effort on my part. 😛 At this point, it wouldn’t really throw it off one way or the other (unless you count Boa as an official heir, in which case it should definitely be a female’s turn). But I do really love Crash…

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  5. Noooooooooooooo! I missed the poll. 😦 Here’s to hoping for anyone but Rhapsody. (One Sim Band seems particularly drawn-out)


  6. FUUUUUCK. Can I say that on a blog? I messed the heir poll!!! Nooooo!


  7. Nooo I missed the poll :c If I had voted, it would be a choice between Fiasco and Calamity – I think I’d go for Calamity 😛

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