Disaster Has Struck

But not in a bad way! Sorry if my choice of title alarmed anyone. I see now that it could have been misconstrued. XD

What I mean to say is that the tiebreaker poll, which curiously got more votes than the original despite running for about half as long, has closed. This time, the result was clear…


…which means a new heir has officially landed!


Calamity: Ha, I knew it! And I didn’t even have to lift a finger!

You’re lifting one right now.

Calamity: Whatever. Suck it, Crash!

Crash: Hmph.

For anyone wondering – yes, I was rooting for Calamity this time around. I’m a terrible liar so you probably got that from the pros and cons, but I’d feel bad if you all voted based on what I want. I had mentally accepted Cal as heir after she held the lead for so long the first time, planning her house and her kids’ names and such, and I get emotionally attached to my ideas very quickly. Fun fact: Crash was my favourite going into the first poll, until I jumped ship to Fiasco, but by that stage Fifi had already fallen into a hole while his brother and sister blazed ahead. I could have gone for Omen at one point, but I panicked for the few hours he was in the lead, so I knew those feelings weren’t real. And a part of me was always pulling for Rhapsody (who had two votes before Crash had any, for the record). Basically, whichever kid won, I was always going to be sad for the other four.

But who has time to be sad when you’re on the verge of GENERATION SIX, BABY!? I’m still a little dazed at the idea, so I’m buying time by designing an elaborate new house and picking a world to drop it in. It’s gonna be real. In the meantime, I’m also making progress on the Boolprop round-robin legacy, so check that out if you feel like it! If you’re on the fence, note that it features a half-alien kleptomaniac cave dweller.

Thanks to everyone who voted—one time or both of the times—and Happy Simming!


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  1. YAAAAAY CALAMITY! I’m super happy about this 😀
    … Maybe even happy enough to go back to the Gordons!? 😮 I think I might start with the Evans first, they’re calmer…

    I love it when you can plan kids names and stuff before hand! It gets super exciting and fun to play, which is always nice after five/six generations of this nonsense. I already have the theme for Gens 6&7 in the Gordons :3 Yours are always fantastic though, so I’m super excited to see where this nap-tastic firefighter takes the Langurds 😀

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    • Yussssss! You already know that I’m super excited to hear this! I wish I had a “calmer” option sometimes… I guess that could have been the Maitlands, but I think I’ve already de-calmified them. 😛

      Definitely looking forward to the next Gordon themes (since I’m such a sucker for pop culture and I don’t get to use it in my legacy, ever since I dug myself into the “common nouns as baby names” hole…). I usually spend the entire generation trying to picture what name scheme/generation theme I would use for each of the kids, and in this case it was surprisingly difficult. Calamity was the only one I had good ideas for, so her winning is pretty convenient. 😀

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      • I do know, but it’s still nice to hear XD
        EPIC’s are definitely calmer, but maybe wait until you have less on your plate for that 😛

        That’s one of my favourite things about the Gordons – the references! They’re a lot of fun, but don’t bash your names either!
        I did that! I make references to stuff and think ‘which of these fits better to this gen…’ and go from there XD
        I can’t wait to see what Calamity gets 😀

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  2. Ha, I think I’m one of the people who voted in the second poll, but not the first poll! I voted for Calamity this time around, because I liked what I’d seen of her in the chapters I read (I badly need to catch up on this and virtually every other Sim story I read regularly). Looking forward to seeing what she gets up to as heir! 😀

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  3. Yay Calamity! I have high hopes for her generation. As in high hopes for mayhem..

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  4. Wooo, Calamity! Really interested to see what you come up with for both her house and naming scheme; other than Lira, I wouldn’t have guessed what you’d do with the other naming schemes, so creative and out of the box.

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    • Haha, I guess Lira’s was more “inside the box”… the toy box, that is. 😉 Thanks though, I’m glad you like the themes! I’m not 100% settled on everything for Calamity yet, but it should be interesting…


    • WTF. My comments have been disappearing into the spam can on three different blogs. I fixed it on the other two, but yours is special somehow?? Jeebus H. Christ on a pogo stick. This is annoying.


      • This could be my fault… I was doing comment stuff on my iPad last week, and my blundering thumbs may have accidentally spammed (and then immediately un-spammed) one of your comments. That couldn’t have screwed it up for all the blogs though? (If it did, I apologize. :P)


      • I’ve done that before and found all sorts of important stuff in my spam can :(.

        It think it might actually have been two problems? I see that the other two blogs were self-hosted WordPress, and yours is WordPress.com. And in retrospect, the thing I did to fix the other two had to do with third party cookies, and that shouldn’t even apply to a WordPress.com site. And even so, the thing I did has been that way since approximately the dawn of time, so why start killing my comments NOW?

        Yours seems to have been fixed by using a different email address in the comment form because…. WTF. I can’t even. I guess your spam theory is possible.


      • Awkward, I just checked my spam and found about four comments from you. Do you want me to unspam them at this point? Or is that gonna make these threads really confusing? XD


      • Heh. Considering that’s the exact same symptom I had elsewhere, I’m not going to assume it was user error. But whatever.

        I don’t suppose there’s a way to unspam AND delete? I’d love to untrain the stupid AI (I made a funny), but everything I said in there that’s not screaming should have made it to your blog already.


      • Can do! (I think.)


    • At ANY rate, since this seems to be working right now (knock on wood): Calamity looks great, has a wonderfully messed-up set of traits, and is going to be a firefighter. I think that’s my favorite active profession.

      I hope Crash gets a good run as a spare 😥

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      • I will make sure he does. 🙂 My sister and I were joking that he needs his own spin-off, and I concluded that it would have to be “more of a spin-OUT.” Because I’m hilarious.


  5. First: CRASH! I’LL MISS YOU! ;_; Second: Calamity! Woo! A sim after my own lazy heart! XD

    Greatly looking forward to generation 6! ^_^

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  6. I can relate to Calamity on so many levels, but Crash…oh the possibilities.

    Anyway, I stopped by to announce your nomination: https://bedlamisbi.wordpress.com/2016/05/12/spirit-animal-award/ Good day!

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  7. I see you’ve already been nominated for the award, but have a second one because I got one too! https://evansepicchallenge.wordpress.com/2016/05/16/animalpatronus-award/

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  8. Aww, I am so far behind that I missed this vote, but it wouldn’t have mattered. Crash was too far behind for my measly vote to matter. I dropped him into my ISBI before seeing the results here, so I hope he has fun with us over in the loony bin.

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    • Guess who’s even more behind at replying to comments! I do sometimes get sad thinking what Crash could’ve brought to this legacy (even knowing how much fun Calamity was). But YES, I’m stoked he’s made his way into your game (err, however many years ago now XD)! An ISBI seems a fitting place for him.


      • Hahaa…I’m trying to remember which ISBI he made into. I don’t even remember what I did yesterday, much less five years ago.


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