5.4 Accidentally on Purpose

I’ve been having a crisis lately about writing believable characters. I know — this is The Sims, and no one expects it to be an actual simulation of life. However, my ambitions do involve someday writing for a living, and I like to think that this is helping me toward that goal in some way. Is it really very helpful if I keep writing caricature morons with no emotional drive? Can anyone actually relate to this family?

Then, I started watching Arrested Development while editing my screenshots. (Kind of relevant if you consider it’s where Gobias Koffi and the Never Nude trait were born.) Gob was putting on a magic show to The Final Countdown and I thought never mind, this stuff actually sells. The Bluths could be the Langurds’ role models. It’s not like we’ve reached that level of weird, right?


Frieda: I will marry and outlive everyone until I inherit the entire earth! *thunderclap*

Okay, thanks for the reality check.


Multilevel lots make for some entertaining pictures, like this candid shot of Balboa exploring the mausoleum.


With everyone so easily amused around here, Omen is lucky to get a few moments’ attention.

Gumby: Um… are you sure you’ve got this? He’s crying pretty hard.

Frieda: Shhh, that seagull’s carrying a french fry.


Gumby: Let me explain. This here is a baby, B-A-B-E-Y. You feed it and change it and give it a hug sometimes.

Frieda: Haha, your hat blends in with your hair.


When the kid does get attention, it comes in waves.

Mandrake: Wave #2 reporting for duty!

Skydancer: What the fudge, Manny! I just got him to sleep!

Funny thing is none of them actually caters to his needs. They just switch him from the crib to the playmat like it’s some kind of game.

Buzz: My turn! My turn!


Balboa tried to jump back on the spellcasting bandwagon at the ripe age of 100, but he seems to be losing his touch.

Boa: That’s not right, darn it!


Donut: Well, somebody needs to learn to enunciate!

After that, his wand farted like seven times in a row. I was going to try something cool with an elixir, but I think it’s time to give up the gig.

Boa: Looks like I’m hitting the beans again.

Grim might actually blacklist this entire family.


Y’all are right about Isla Paradiso and the glitches, but I’m still in young love with it. Maybe one day I will realize that its quirks annoy me and our long-term goals don’t compute, but right now IT’S SO PRETTY. D’: Under that perfect blue sky, even the horses are warming up to each other.

Pokey: Hi, I’m Pokey, Gumby’s favourite.


Pokey: You don’t have to yell.



Even death scenes are gorgeous in this place.

Boa: I am dead! You killed me!

Guy: What? No I didn’t!


Guy: Shit, what do I do?

Time to change your name and flee to Mexico.

Guy: Adios, amigos!


Grim: This had better be important, I was in the middle of a Buzzfeed Qui— OH FUCK NO.

Gumby: Can you please take him for realsies this time?


Grim: You are going to a special corner of hell, Balboa Langurd.

Boa: So I’m dead now?

Grim: You’re dead when I say you’re dead!

Boa: But you just said it twi—



Boa:  Did ya miss me?

Gumby: Darn it…

Boa: Did somebody say “donut”?


But it’s Lira who wins the “losing it” award. Here she is getting naked in a stranger’s house.

Lira: This is my house.


It most certainly is not; I specifically remember stuffing seven-odd simselves into this tiny shack when I fixed up the neighbourhood. It looks like most of them are still living here and/or have returned out of solidarity for the pity party to which we were invited.

Sammy: Some dingweed is hogging the bathroom.

Nate, official Party Warden of Fun, informed Lira that she was misbehaving. But based on the fact that I have a picture of it, I’m gonna say that her shower escapade was the most exciting part of this shindig.


I suppose there was the part where Echo Weaver showed up and everyone stared at her. That was pretty exciting.

Livy: Aren’t you, like, dating Florin? *snigger*

Echo: As a matter of fact, we’re seeing other people.

florin and echo are breaking up

Good news is she’s on the rocks with Florin. Bad news is she’s taken up beekeeping in an act of rebellion.

(I promise I’ll fix the simselves’ hair and clothes when this generation is done. Adult birthdays screwed them up, and Isla Paradiso is too laggy for me to bother with many fixes.)


Manny managed to enjoy himself despite all that, watching the weather channel through the gaps in everyone’s legs.

Mandrake: Cloudy with a chance of… what? We’ll never know!


In an upstairs bedroom, Nadia Langurd-Crosby was trying really hard to do math.

I should hardly need to remind you which Langurd line she’s from. That line goes on, too; Nadia’s idiot daughter Nina now has an idiot daughter Charissa, whose father is not Coolio, I repeat, NOT COOLIO. Which is a relief because I’m “not cool” with incest.


A two bedroom can only hold so many people (“You think?!!” say the people living there), so a few guests chose not to go inside at all.

Gumby: We should take this time to do something couple-y and romantic for ourselves.

Frieda: You’re right, I know just the thing!


Well, I tried. Not my fault if the fire is burnt out already.


Inside, the territorial conflict over the bathroom reached its climax.


Sammy: This is my house!

Lira: I don’t think so, you senile old bat!


Lira: This will teach them a lesson.

What are you going to do? Blow up their eggplant?


Lira: You could say that.

No, you couldn’t. In what language is “eggplant” slang for “stove”?

Livy: I get the feeling I should move away from here.

Townie: Nah, we’re good.


And that was the end of Townie. (Spoiler: She’s in the living room.)


It was, however, the end of the simselves’ stove. In addition to rotating sleep schedules and bathroom use, they are now reduced to Quick Meals and salads.


nate asks lira to leave

Party Warden of Fun is on the case.


Oh, and uh, Livy was not entirely unscathed after the incident. 


But she didn’t seem too bothered by it.


Mandrake: Hahahaha, you got kicked out of the party!

Lira: So did you, Balboa.

Frieda: You guys got kicked out?

Gumby: There was a party?

simself is a spellcheck checker

My own simself didn’t make it to the party on account of having just landed her DREAM JOB. Is this a thing in real life and can someone refer me to an opening? If I could count the number of arguments I’ve had with green squiggly lines…

jeff takes in simself's cat
donte moves because neglect

By contrast, my older (deleted) simself’s family is falling apart. Her husband is dying, her son got shuffled along to a foster home, and worst of all, her cat has been taken in by a Langurd.


Balboa: Even happy beans don’t make me happy anymore.

Chris: I was a slave to your great-grandfather for half of my adult life.


Boa & Chris: Sucks to be you, man.


I’ve seen sims get in line to change a baby, but this is just something else.

Gumby: We’re playing sardines!

Wise choice of hiding place.


Here’s a riddle:

1. Everyone works really hard in this family.

2. I also work really hard on these captions, and don’t throw in screenshots just because they’re pretty.

3. Only one of these three statements is true.


Mandrake: Why are we all watching this cake?

Frieda: SOMEONE was supposed to bring the baby!

Sky: I thought Mom was getting him.

Lira: Happy Birthday, Cake!


Finally, after Frieda routefailed in the dishwasher three times and Sky had to interfere, Omen got to have his birthday.


God, I wish I’d stopped dressing him in green sooner. Maybe it’ll be overshadowed by his perfectly shaped eyebrows and DEFINITELY NOT A LANGURD nose? 😀

Omen: “Definitely not a Langurd.” I like that.

He really is a genius.


There is one downfall.

Gumby: You couldn’t have given him your hair? Your eyes? Your skin?

Frieda: No, why would I do that?


Frieda doesn’t do much in the way of giving, but she is, by pure coincidence, at Painting Level 5. This gives her no choice but to do this generation’s portraits.


Unfortunately, we lost every other generation’s portraits in the move, so these shoddy sketches will be the new ancestors! (Until I go rescue the old ones.)


Speaking of which.


Buzz: Not to worry, Ma’am. It’s my heart now.

Katana: Going going. Now she’s gonna rip your heart out.


Lira left her boyfriend at the mercy of her grandmother and disappeared to Egypt on the trail of a half-baked plan. It was the same thing Katana had done so often in her childrearing days.

Soon, Lira found herself in a familiar place.


The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut was the birthplace of many whims and fancies that had driven her adult life.


Sadly, she was no longer in a mental state to remember these things.

Lira: I’m in my living room!


Believing she was back home in the dollhouse, Lira took a wander down some stairs.

Lira: How strange, I feel as if I’ve been here before…


Yep, Katana had some good times with that rock.


Lira: Ah, silly me! It’s because I’m standing in my kitchen!


The whole adventure felt like a trip down memory lane, if only Lira had a memory.

Lira: The box is empty.

Yeah, because you already looted it.


King Raymundo Rodiekhkare: You remind me of a beautiful lady I used to know.

Lira: You’re hot. Got any beauty tips?


Katana had, in fact, charmed the loin cloths off of multiple mummies in her prime. They were the same mummies that she fought and very rarely defeated.


Lira: Mummies aren’t dangerous!

Your mother would tell you otherwise…

Screenshot-1510 Screenshot-440

Well, ain’t that a humdinger.


Lira may have been alone in the tomb (something I maybe should’ve reconsidered) but she wasn’t alone on the trip. Her two children came along, too. Gumby found a tomb with a gazillion rock piles, so that kept him busy when he wasn’t looking stupid with grapes.


Or roasting more questionable things on the fire.

Gumby: Hey, it’s coffee beans! It makes sense this time! *eats them whole*


Gumby: Can I have a really high-paying mission now? My family is having financial troubles.

Salah: Your family! Oh, I just love your sister, Skydancer! She has done wonders for my self-esteem!


Skydancer: You didn’t give him the good mission, did you?

Salah: Oh, no, I saved that one for you. I gave him “high risk of death” mission.

Skydancer: Cool, I owe you one!


And that’s why it sucks to have a sibling everyone loves.

Gumby: But I can’t really burn to death, right?

I don’t know, let’s find out.


Gumby: Let’s not!

I was in a bit of a panic here — due to the YOLO nature of the entire trip, none of these guys had any travel gear in their inventories. Tents, food, showers in cans, you name it. There also was not a dive well in the vicinity, and Gumby was waaaaay underground at this point. So I was like “haha oops” and the game was far too forgiving and said “be careful, if Gumby gets burned again while he’s like this, he may pass out!”

Oh god, PASS OUT?! D:

 Screenshot-1341 Screenshot-1615 
Screenshot-827 - Copy

Nothing that terrible would EVER happen at home.


All he got was a “singed” moodlet, and five seconds later he unlocked a bathroom. Kids have it so easy these days.


Lira: They certainly do! Not like back in my day, when I… when I… don’t remember.


After his traumatic fire experience, Gumby made a beeline for the water the minute they got home.

Gumby: I am never leaving you again, oh glorious H-2-ZERO!


I’ll tell you the truth — this is what everyone risked their lives in Egypt for.

Lira: I think I’ll call you… Doomsday.

Doomsday: Doomsday! Doomsday!

Lira: That’s right, scream your name loud and proud all over the land!


That’s not the truth. The truth is, we were two pieces short of a Sarcophagus of the Kings. We used to have a reconstructed one, but I think I sold it with the last house.


Anyway, long story short, Gumby found the 4th under a pile of rocks and Lira picked up the 5th under a staircase RIGHT before the vacation ended. I honestly didn’t think it would work out so well.


Lira: This goes here, that goes there, and— yes, one final ingredient…


Lira: Candy from a baby!

Omen: You reek of lies, Grandma.


Lira: I won’t be reeking anymore, sonny boy. With just a few sodium compounds and some resin-soaked linen…


Lira: I will preserve my youthful doll face forever!

Uh, you realize you were 89 when you went in there, right?

Lira: I WAS?!


Lira: This is all your fault!

Omen: Sounds to me like you’re just bad at math.

Lira: Well, aren’t you a smarty pants. You can really put three and three together, can’t you?


Mandrake: It’s my birthday!

Skydancer: Oh my god, who cares.


Mandrake: Am I handsome?

Seeing him in this hair gave me a midlife crisis on his behalf. You’re a failure, Manny! Your career is a flop and you don’t even have a boyfriend!

Mandrake: …So that’s a no on the handsome?


I invited Tariq over in a fit of unbridled romanticism absolute panic. Then I forgot about him, so he wandered around outside for a while, perving on Gumby’s wife.

Lira: Hey, you!


Tariq: Oh no, I wasn’t—

Lira: I just removed all my organs, including my brain!

Tariq: Well that’s… fascinating.


Lira: Thought you ought to know…


Tariq: You never mentioned your creepy aunt before.

Mandrake: I love you.


Tariq: Oh, honey. I’m not gay.

Mandrake: But you just said “honey.”

Tariq: Oh, I guess I did. Maybe I ought to re-evaluate some things.


Mandrake: Re-levituate this.

Tariq: I’ll put my mouth on yours if it stops you trying to pronounce stuff.

So NRaaS had Tariq’s gender preference listed as straight… predictably, since the default in StoryProg is like 1% gay sims. (I changed that later.) I decided that if Tariq rejected Mandrake’s advances, he would stop pursuing him — let the sims control their own fate and all that. But I guess I gave myself pretty good odds considering they were already at Best Friend status. 😉


Lira: Let me hold my grandchild.

Gumby: No, you’ll scare him.

Omen: Yeah, it’s me who’s scared of her.


Skydancer: Hey, this looks like a fun place to sleep!

OMG NO. I can’t have both incarnations of Lira’s face covered in bandages. Time to put that thing in the family inventory.


Or not, apparently. It had to stay and witness the most convoluted make-out session of the legacy (and that’s saying something).

Buzz: Human, fairy, werewolf, mummy — you’ll always be beautiful to me.

Lira: Don’t pity me, I will always be beautiful to everyone! That’s why I did this, you idiot!


Lira: And now that I’m a mummy, I can do aaaaaaaall the things I could never do before!

In other words, all the things you SHOULD have done when you moved to this house, but you didn’t do because I forgot to make you do them…


All rise for your new (old) queen.


There, look! Stuff happened in this one!

Here’s my attempted explanation of the Lira plot: I’ve really been wanting to do something with her “I’m not a human” schtick. For some reason, she just doesn’t feel like the kind of sim who should grow old and die in an ordinary way. At first, I thought I’d turn her into a SimBot so she could be essentially an “action figure” like Buzz, but Boa couldn’t get the ingredients for an elixir to turn her. So I went to Plan B: mummification. She wasn’t supposed to get cursed – she was just supposed to find the sarcophagus fragments so she could sleep in it for however many hours to become a mummy. The sarcophagus made the process faster in the end (I found out later that sleeping in one while cursed makes the conversion immediate). However, her life was legitimately in jeopardy for a while because I wasn’t sure we would even find the remaining fragments. It was a bit of a rollercoaster but TL;DR, I think it suits her.

Anyway, I wanted to end this with a note about a little side project I’ve started, but I may just make that its own post. Stay tuned, and Happy Simming!


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  1. Of course I heartfarted Gumby. And got blown up XD

    Boa’s theme song is probably a remix of “I Will Survive” and the troll song at this point 😛

    Mummified Lyra is suitably terrifying. I’m… not at all sure what to think, though you’re right it does suit her, in a terrifying, creepy way!

    Frieda is so pretty! Omen is so cute too! Though it’s kind of a shame he took all of Gumby’s colouring, because Frieda’s is gorgeous, but no Langurd nose!? Whaaaaaat!? 😮


    • Naturally. 😛

      Hahaha, so true. In all seriousness, I bet that would make a killer mashup.
      (YouTube find of the day: a lyric video for “I Will Survive” featuring pictures of things “surviving,” like a tiny stray kitten and a spindly plant growing alone in the desert. I feel so enlightened.)

      I wasn’t sure how people would feel about it. Personally, I’m a little sad we don’t get to see her face anymore, but she was close to 90 anyway.

      It’s a shocker, I know! Gumby’s colouring seems to be EXTREMELY dominant so far, though his facial features are largely losing out to Frieda’s.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Alright, since I missed the last update I got to read two chapters in one day!

    I actually laughed so hard at Grim’s “OH FUCK” during Balboa’s latest death attempt that I scared my boyfriend. He should be used to my random laughing at Sims silliness by now, but whatever.

    I also really like Lira’s “I’m not a human” schtick. While she may have made a great Simbot, being a (senile) mummy seems to suit her. Are mummies immortal? I haven’t played around with them even though I’ve got World Adventures.

    Mandrake and Tariq make a very cute couple. Is Tariq going to join the Langurd household? It seems like he’s going to elope with Mandrake and stay far, far away from everyone.

    Great update! Can’t wait to see what the side project will be. 🙂


    • Haha, excellent! Inducing scary laughter is my goal in life, obviously.

      Mummies are immortal! (Which, I suppose, is a slight flaw in my plan to get more house space.) I feel like playable mummies are a fairly unexplored aspect of WA – idiot I am, I didn’t even know it was possible until I installed Supernatural and they were listed with the life forms in CAS. They don’t seem to have many benefits… they move even more slowly than ghosts, and they give everyone the “Ew” moodlet.

      Sadly, house space put a huge damper on Mandrake and Tariq’s relationship. 😦 But I’ll get into that soon!

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  3. Aww the guy that was next to Boa when he died in the garden was my simself’s husband in my failed ISBI! He makes cute, tan babies! 😀
    I absolutely died at the shot of Lira screaming at me in the bathroom, like straight-up guffawed at the sight of it. So glad I was alone haha.
    Are Gumby and Frieda going to try for baby number two? I’d love to see if Frieda’s genetics get passed down this generation haha.
    Lira’s sub-plot was awesome, I agree on it being strange to think about her dying normally like some pathetic mortal. I can’t wait for the next chapter, keep belting them out! 😀
    (Also: Side project?! The suspense is killing me!)


    • Hahaha, really? And here I am shipping him off to Mexico. 😛 I did take a moment to appreciate his good looks though, and the fact that his shirt colour really complements his skintone.
      Honestly my favourite part of the party. She did it autonomously while I was focused on Gumby and Frieda, and then I scrolled over and was like “oh, shit.” Good thing you have a sense of humour. XD
      As soon as there’s house space, yes! Don’t worry, I was also gung-ho about the genetics mixing, so I definitely didn’t skimp out on children.
      I’m glad you agree! And will do – I’m too excited for you guys to see the other kids. 😀
      (I’m slacking on that side project post. Hopefully gonna sit down and write it later today!)


  4. Yay, simselves meeting the Langurds. Always good to scar some simselves! And of course Lira is out to scar them physically as well as mentally.

    Omen is adorable, yay for finally getting rid of the Langurd nose! Hopefully the second baby will get some of mum’s colouring…I think I remember something about many kids in an earlier post? There can never be too many kids in this family!

    Loved the flashbacks to Katana’s Egypt adventures, and a Mummified Lira is the best thing eva. Now keep her away from Boa when he catches fire!


    • I’ve never really done the simself thing in the past, but now I freaking love it. Way more fun than having your legacy sims interact with regular townies. 😛 Yours actually just showed up in-game and made my life very difficult, albeit in a hilarious way… you’ll see. 🙂

      Yep haha, I’m not good at keeping secrets. I made them have a whole bunch so that we’d have some decent selection in the heir poll. I need to write these posts faster so you guys can meet the others.

      See, I wouldn’t have even thought of the fire thing! I don’t even know how my sims stay alive with my “expertise.”

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ooh, my simself causing trouble? That’s not like her; even when the Zales married her in, she just read books and produced children.

        Know what you mean about playing ahead; I’m currently wading through 400 photos of Rourkes, right up to when the new baby is a teen. I’d like to not play so far ahead, but sometimes I just get carried away when the pixel people are being awesome 🙂


      • Well, she’s not exactly doing it on purpose. It’s more general glitchy business, but it’s still kinda funny.

        Exactly! I think my screenshot backlog is approximately 3,000… but I take a LOT of pictures and end up culling more than half in the end.


  5. OMG Balboa. I thought he was dead quite a few times already, or is it because he can’t die from jelly beans so Death sends him back to the world of the living? Or does he just have a crazy abundance of death flowers?

    As for the personalities of characters, I cant say I’ve ever wanted to die by jelly beans so I can’t always relate with the characters but I think thats what I like about some of the Sims legacies. I would keep reading if you decided to start mimicking them after real life, because like you say, it’s your goal. You are also very good with humor. There is no reason to say people like these guys don’t exist.

    You’re very good with humour but I think if you want to start challenging yourself, go for it!


    • To Autumn: Balboa has the loser trait right? Sims with the loser trait can’t die on unnatural causes because the Grim Reaper thinks their “suffering is amusing” or something like that.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you, I never understood that.


      • It’s the Unlucky trait that does it! I actually wasn’t aware of that until Sam (somebodysangel) told me. I figured Balboa got lucky that one time and could die normally the next time, but evidently I was wrong. You learn something new about this game every day. 😛

        And thanks for your words of encouragement! I don’t think I will ever change the way I write the Langurds, except that I’d like to branch out into more diverse character voices. I think my side project should be an opportunity for more realistic, narration-based storytelling. Okay, actually, that’s a lie. Maybe I’m just destined to always write ridiculous stuff…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Cheers to ridiculous stuff *clink*

        Liked by 1 person

      • I just looked it up and we’re both right! Both Loser and Unlucky sims are safe from dying of anything other than old age.


      • Neat! I actually looked it up when I read your last comment, wondering if it applied to both traits, but my sources lied to me. :/ Balboa isn’t a Loser, but guess which two notorious Langurds were… (And guess who suddenly regrets not putting Tewl and Florin in more life-threatening situations. XD)

        Liked by 1 person

      • I didn’t know it was Loser too! Fascinating. I guess I can do more awful things with my Loser than I have been ;-).


  6. Lira as a mummy – epic! Loved that shot of her on the throne. About believable characters – I don’t know, I prefer my sims unbelievably stupid! Yours are hilarious, be proud.


  7. This comment has been sitting incomplete in my web browser for two days because I suck.

    Wow. I don’t think I have EVER seen a playable mummy. Go you for being weird! Or, maybe just go Lira….

    Heh. I also have ambitions of publishing fiction. I put entirely too much thought into plot and voice on my sim blog. It makes for a good exercise in semi-directed storytelling. You do huge amount of characterization in a basically observational blog. Don’t knock it. It really is good practice. 🙂


    • I’ll take some of the weirdness credit. Not that would ever have the guts to turn myself into a mummy…

      Actually, reading your blog was part of what sparked my crisis. What you’re doing with the Samples is so much more focused and structured, and your characters have real lives and struggles that I’m way more inclined to invest in as a reader. Meanwhile, here I am just writing about jelly bean addicts and talking mimes. Anyway, most of my “serious” work is dialogue-heavy and has elements of ridiculousness, so if that’s my “real deal,” I guess I am kind of practising for it. 😛


      • Wow. I’m incredibly flattered.

        On the other hand, you have easily 3x the current reader base I do. Though I realize one does not blog video game stories for the fame and adulation, I’ve often wondered why I haven’t been able to lure more readers over there. Being plotty doesn’t seem to be a big win in Sims blogging. Being funny, OTOH, is. Being *actually* funny is not easy.


      • I would argue that your blog is also funny – plotty, yes, but there’s also a clever and understated humour there. Also, there might be something to WordPress versus Blogspot in terms of readership? I know I’ve had trouble getting my comments to go through on your blog, so you could have a lot more readers without even knowing it. But yeah… if we were aiming for 1000 views per day, we’d pick something else to blog about. 😛


      • Come to think of it, you’re like the fourth person who has mentioned having trouble getting Blogspot/Blogger to deal properly with comments. I didn’t pick Blogspot for any carefully-thought reason. The Sample blog has been up since something like 6 months after the release of Sims 3, which is approximately the time that dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Back then, Blogspot was a much more common blogging platform, and it was easier to set up than WordPress. Now, I keep it where it is because the idea of and discontinuity in my archives makes me cry.

        Perhaps I should just knuckle under and see what it would take to move. I speak as the wife of a Googler, but Google really seems to have screwed the pooch with Blogger.


      • OK, since apparently commenting on my blog is crap, what exactly are you doing and what results are you getting? Google really might not be aware that the problem with WordPress IDs is this bad, and I would like give a detailed bug report (through my husband b/c if you can’t use family, what can you do?)

        Getting my posts over to WordPress.com turns out to be easy — with comments, even, correctly attributed! I’m kind of stunned. OTOH, getting a layout I like turns out to be hard. Blogger has fewer features, but they’re NICE features, and they’re butt-simple to use. If I must choose between a layout I like and comments that work, the choice is obvious, but I reserve the right to complain.


      • So the problem most of the time is that I’ll select “WordPress” from the dropdown menu, enter my url (“domesticshenanigans”), write my comment, and press submit. The page refreshes, but my comment is totally gone. (For a while I assumed it was just “awaiting moderation” or something, but I’m guessing it wasn’t.) Other times I do the same thing, but it says something like “your ID could not be verified.” I’ve noticed that when my comments DO work, I have to go through the “I’m not a robot” checkbox thing, but on the times when they DON’T work, that thing never appears. Occasionally I have to select pictures instead of just clicking the checkbox. It just seems like their verification process is really unstable. There’s also a possibility it gets confused because I do have a Blogger account that I’m (probably) always signed into, but I prefer to comment from WordPress because that’s where my sims stuff is. I hope some of this makes sense. 😛 Finding a WordPress theme you like is no mean feat, but it can be done. Maybe try sorting them by popularity?


      • Those details are hugely useful. Thanks. One last question: What browser are you using, and have you tried more than one?

        So far, I’m finding that the WordPress importer is awe inspiring, except that for some reason it drops the height/width from all my img tags, so all the images display at original size — that looks about as messed up as it sounds. No way I can fix that for 5 years of Sample posts, so I need a solution before I migrate.

        And I miss the Blogger blogroll and archive widgets, both of which have nifty features not present on a free WP account. Grumble.


      • Always Chrome, never anything else. Maybe this is expecting too much, but I would assume Google’s own browser isn’t causing the problem? 😛
        I’m impressed that the transition is that smooth! I rarely have anything but good experiences with WordPress. The screenshot thing sounds like a pain though. I just checked the original size of your screenshots and yep, that’d be problematic! There’s probably a theme that could support it, but… Actually, do you know how big your media library is on Blogger? I just realized that’s something you might want to check first. WordPress has a 3GB limit. I’m not sure how that compares to Blogger, but I know some people have hit 3 gigs before their legacy is done. I’m at 37%, but I resize all my screenshots and save them as JPEGs before I upload. Sorry if I just complicated matters more, just thought I should throw that out there.


      • Yeah, you’re the perfect test case. If anything should work, it ought to be Chrome. I’m sending this info to the husband. To offer an unsolicited editorial, I really think Google expanded into too many different products too fast. Blogger/Blogspot worked better when they didn’t own it :-/.

        Actually, I host all the images on my own server and link to them. I started waaay back using image hosting, and I ran out of the free space by Generation 2 of the Samples. That was 2010, and the space was probably way smaller than it is now, but I’m happy leaving it the way it is. I use a stupid number of images per post these days, and this means I don’t have to worry about image size or anything else. I think that’s actually WHY I had trouble…. but it turned out that the problem was just the theme I was using. Others worked. Here’s the semi-final draft of my on-hiatus Nothing Is Free Challenge: https://sims3waypoint.wordpress.com/. I think it came out pretty cool. All I’ve lost is the awesome blogroll widget.


      • Ahhh my gosh, it’s so pretty! Looks like everything transferred over really well. I do love the blogroll on your Sample blog, but I’m sure you can create a slightly less awesome version here.
        I should’ve known you’d have the picture storage thing all sorted out. And I’m glad to hear it was the theme causing trouble! That seems to be a recurring theme (subtle pun is soooo not subtle) with WordPress.


      • Well, I’ll be damned. The Blogger team took action on that bug report within maybe 4 hours of it being reported. “Must be the ‘lost comment’ bug. It might happen a lot more than we thought.”

        Um, yeah.

        Doesn’t mean it’ll get FIXED. But I’m a bit stunned that we might actually have reported something they didn’t know.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well, it’s done: http://sims3sample.illation.net. I took the liberty of doing the site makeover for Vickie’s generation a few posts early.

        It’s surprisingly emotional to convert over.

        If you have a moment, would you be willing to try posting a comment? Preferably by whatever method you usually leave comments?


      • Now I have to figure out how to get the link from my WordPress identity to point to the new blog…


      • Commented! 🙂 And it worked perfectly, except that it’s “awaiting moderation.”

        I feel like I know how to fix the link thing… I had to do it in some capacity when I switched from the Mellencamps to the Langurds. I’ll poke around a bit in case I can help.


      • I fixed it. My WordPress.com profile still had the Blogspot blog as my primary blog. I deleted them from the profile and set a new primary blog, and Bob’s your uncle.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Hey, I just caught up with your blog (spent 4 days reading through it) and I’ve got to say, it’s awesome. I seriously cracked up so many times; you’re really funny.
    I would love it if you could check out my ISBI:


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